While all of your bridesmaids are important to you, it’s your maid of honor that you have specially selected to be your right-hand woman during your big day. When picking out your MOH’s outfit, you can select a special piece of jewelry that only she will wear on your wedding day.
If you still want to offer your help for the holidays we’ve got some more great ideas to help you give back to the community and spread a little extra joy around this season. Jingle All the Way: You’ve seen the ubiquitous red kettles at malls, grocery stores and on just about every street corner in Manhattan. Find Your Perfect Match: We know you’re busy, which is why New York Cares makes it easy for you to find ways to help for the holidays.
Sign up to stay in the knowJoin our mailing list to receive the latest news and promotions from Manhattan Mini Storage. Essentially this post aims to provide you with a few procrastination(s) tips I usually apply  to refrain from this duck-and-dive habit . 6, Priozitize; In priotizing your work load or tasks  in a scale of  preference format should give you a sense of organization.
11, Coping Strategies;Create relaxation techniques as well as healthy eating habits or any forms of therapythat will enhance both your mental and physical well being.
I hope you have found these few procrastination tips useful ?If you do  have  more ideas please don’t forget to  share ,the more the merrier .

This lady is responsible for everything from planning the bridal shower and the bachelorette party to keeping a record of gifts, going dress shopping with you, helping pick out wedding invitations and coordinating the bridesmaids.
In order to help your MOH stand out, you can ask her to wear a slightly different shade of pink.
This could be a dramatic statement necklace with a pop of color, or a certain bracelet that holds special meaning to both of you.
It’s a simple way to set her apart from the rest of the girls without going through a whole lot of trouble.
The Salvation Army Times Square Corps is a time-honored holiday tradition that transforms donations into cheer-bringing gifts to the ailing and homeless of NYC during the holidays. Look no further than Only Make Believe, a program that allows you to organize events, dress up in fun costumes and bring smiles to the faces of children in hospitals and care facilities. Join Visions knitting circles, assisting the needle-wielding volunteers with choosing colors, materials and picking patterns while they create gifts for the blind or visually impaired.
For instance,I belief I can always do it tomorrow or I don’t have time are some of the characteristics of procrastination.
A plan like a road map will provide you with directions .This can be done mentally or  by scribbling it down .
Creating a distinctive look is all about making your MOH feel special, rather than separating her from the rest of the group.

This way, she will still appear coordinated with the rest of the girls, but will have a look all her own. You could even paint the bottom of her heels a different shade or write a special note on the sole. Give it a little sparkle by adding some glitter to it, or you could consider using a brightly colored ribbon on the card to help it stand out. With over the 1,200 opportunities listed year round, we’re sure it will be easy to find a holiday opportunity to match. If the answer you come up with is? I will do it tomorrow simply remind yourself that tomorrow never comes! It’s sometimes so difficult to get rid of this habit but with self discipline ,determination  and practice of  these few procrastination  tips  below you most certainly will see a shift.

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