Like you, my email inbox is filled with email marketing newsletters, requests for information, spammy emails that managed to make it through my filter and the urgent things I actually need to respond to.
In my role as the Director of Agency marketing for TopRank Marketing, I receive a steady influx of emails each day from sales reps at various companies trying to meet with me about how their solution will make me more effective at my job. As marketers we know that a good email marketing campaign will provide value to our audience and build credibility. I’ve selected a few of the more mild yet still ineffective sales emails that I have received recently.
We have invented a technology that targets the WiFi in a household, on a 1:1 basis with 95% accuracy.
I’d like to share a quick idea with you that has helped our client with customer retention and acquisition. Ashley – I have a few ways you can improve your growth strategy and operations over the next few months, while gaining better insight into your business. No effort was made to connect with via social networks or other means before sending out a cold email trying to convince the reciptient to give them money. If someone is on an email list, they should have had access to the company website as well as the title of the person they are reaching out to. Promising to deliver a better strategy than what is currently being executed current insults what it is that a prospect does as a professional. In order to test the legitimacy of some of these emails, it would have been nice if they would have included a hyperlinked URL to their company website in their signature or somewhere else in the email. Not one of these emails offered up a case study or any validation that they could truly help in some way, or an example of how they had helped other companies in a similar situation. Telling your prospect that you’ve sent them numerous emails before is not a good way to elicit a response.
Before reaching out cold, make an effort to network to prospects by seeing if you know someone in common on LinkedIn or have similar interests.
By putting in a few minutes of research before reaching out, you can quickly identify ways to personalize your email communication.
You may not have met your prospect personally but with a little legwork you can determine that person xyz that works at this size of company and has this job title will likely experience these pain points. Keep in mind that if you’re emailing the marketing manager, director of marketing or CMO at a company, there will be different pain points or approaches that you need to take in order to sync with their specific needs.

When you use language that indicates you’re confident that the prospect will respond or participate in your ask, it can be a major turn-off. If you’re going to make bold statements in your outreach email, you had better be able to back it up with data. The simple inclusion of a link to the company website, blog or social links can make it easy for prospects to determine the legitimacy of a company sending them a communication.
There is a clear opportunity for sales and marketing teams to collaborate and follow email marketing best practices as it relates to sales emails.
Regardless of whether your team won the Super Bowl or which commercial was your favorite, maybe you think most of the players on the field Sunday were highly-recruited, sought-after talent like Giants quarterback, Eli Manning. The New England Patriots line-up included 7 players who weren’t even drafted as rookies while the New York Giants had 8.
Center Dan Connolly was signed by the Patriots in September 2007 after he was cut by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Matt Slater, a fifth-round draft pick by New England in 2008, sees similarities between all the players who overcome being drafted in the late rounds, not being drafted or being cut by other teams. When you are strategic like Cruz, you strive for excellence as you Work Positive which means you do the best you can to break through and win in the game of business. So the next time you experience rejection or failure, just remember that half of the players on the field for the Super Bowl went through what you’re going through.
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Each day as I watch the number of unread emails grow, it takes more and more convincing for me to open the emails that do not come from people I know. Nine times out of ten, I have had no previous contact with these reps, nor have I signed up to receive emails from them. This is possible because we have mapped the IP addresses of over 160 million households, most of the major colleges throughout the USA, hotels, airports, and more.
While these aren’t the worst type of emails you could send or receive, they aren’t impactful and don’t garner a response. With this information, it should be fairly easy and quick to uncover what some of the challenges someone in that role experiences, or what it is that they actually do. Plus that’s a very bold statement when you have no insight into the performance of the current solution.

It could be a matter of reading articles they’ve published, finding out where their company is located and making mention of it in your email, the opportunities for slight personalization to have an impact are vast. If a person trying to connect with a prospect makes mention of something created by the person they are reaching out to, it is likely that they will be much more open to what is being said. Linking to examples of your work or case studies within the email are an incredibly effective way of showing proof of success and how you have helped other people like them solve similar problems.
Since we know today’s buyers are self-directed, it will also give them an opportunity to dive in and learn more about your offering  on their own. What do you think you can do to create more effective emails that provide a better experience for your sales prospects?
But if you're going to put effort into making one, you want to be sure you're getting more bang for your buck. And what can you learn from them that will help you Work Positive and be a winner in your game of business? To be a winner like Connolly, going from cut to Super Bowl starter, you choose to disregard that you come from nothing and focus on your championship goals. He led the Giants with 82 receptions for 1,536 yards and nine touchdowns in the regular season. Joey Faucette shares how all of us working together create a more positive world this week.
If the average buyer gets over 100+ emails per day, opens 23% of them and clicks on just 2%, what can you do to make sure your emails don’t fall into the 77% of emails that end up in the inbox graveyard? This can create an opportunity for recognition when you do reach out via email and provide you with insight into what types of content they share and care about. It is less invasive and allows the prospect to feel like they are in control instead of being manipulated. Almost half of each team was picked up off of waivers, after being cut by another team, or part of a trade. Other teams rejected them, but the two teams in this year’s Super Bowl gave them a chance and they succeeded.

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