The My Cloud EX4 has all the features you want in a four-bay NAS and is priced right, provided that you accept its performance deficiencies. Western Digitala€™s My Cloud network-attached storage unit earned four stars when I reviewed it in October. Because performance takes a backseat to features in this unit, Ia€™ll cover that aspect of the My Cloud EX4 later. Business users will appreciate the dual gigabit ethernet ports and the redundant power-supply features (although youa€™ll need to purchase the second power supply). One feature thata€™s sorely missing from both the My Cloud and the My Cloud EX4 is the ability to sync folders via the cloud. In our benchmarks, the four-drive My Cloud EX4 read both our 10GB collection of files and folders and our single 10GB file somewhat faster than the single-drive My Cloud, but it was significantly slower reading than the much more expensive QNAP TS-469 Pro.
The smaller My Cloud is equipped with a dual-core CPU, in contrast to the single-core CPU in the EX4. We replaced the EX4a€™s WD Red drives, which spin their platters at 5400 rpm, with four 1TB, 7200-rpm Seagate Constellation drives to see if the faster drives would improve the EX4a€™s performance. If youa€™re a consumer, you wona€™t care about the My Cloud EX4a€™s ethernet and power-failover features.
PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. Moderne Anwendungen, insbesondere im Bereich Video-und Fotobearbeitung, verlangen nach gro?em Speichervolumen und schnellen Zugriffszeiten. Das Network Attrached Storage (NAS) Gerat bietet vier Montage-Schachte fur eine individuelle Festplatten-Konfiguration.
Fur die Verwaltung und den Schutz der Daten bietet Western Digital die Wahl zwischen RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 sowie der Reihenschaltung oder einem JBOD-Modus (Just a Bunch of Disks), so dass man die Festplatten einfach zusammenfugt und, wie im Raid 0-Modus, als einen gro?en Speicher ansprechen kann. Komplett-Backups fuhrt das NAS-System auf Wunsch selbststandig durch und speichert entweder auf einer anderen My Cloud EX4 oder Clouddiensten wie Amazon S3 oder ElephantDrive.
Das Western Digital My Cloud EX4 NAS-Festplatten-System ist ab sofort im Handel oder auf der Western Digital-Webseite erhaltlich. Im Lieferumfang enthalten sind Netzteil sowie Netzkabel, Ethernet-Kabel sowie eine Schnell-Start Anleitung. Untuk kebutuhan multimedia, WD My Cloud EX4 juga dilengkapi dengan sertifikasi DLNA 1.5 dan UPnP. Jika kapasitas hard disk yang tersedia masih terasa kurang, pada sisi belakang tersedia dua buah slot USB 3.0.
Bagian belakang WD My Cloud EX4 dilengkapi dengan lubang sirkulasi untuk menjaga suhu tetap aman. Review WD is on a mission to make using NAS as easy as possible for consumers to use, from setting a unit up to accessing it remotely via a personal cloud.
It goes without saying that the business segment has been using multi-bay devices for backing up, maintaining and securing data for more years than I care to remember. If WD’s marketing research is to believed, this is a market segment with a huge potential for growth and the My Cloud EX4 is going to test that theory. Sure, that’s a lot of data but it’s still quite some outlay for a home user, so it’s no great surprise this is also being touted as a small office storage system too. Anybody expecting the same white and curved design styling of the original My Cloud is in for a disappointment. To access the drives you simple pull the door latch and the drive slides out with the door - very quick and tidy which is great for quickly hot swapping disks out should the need arise. The voice experience suggests that the addition of a little more security in the way of some form of locking device in the bays themselves would make all the difference here. The back of the unit houses two Gigabit Ethernet ports (supporting link bonding and auto failover) and two USB 3.0 ports, so you can back up to an external hard drive should the need arise.
If you trying to convince home users that NAS is the future you’d better make sure that the number one priority is that the device is easy to set up.
At the top of the screen are tabs to access setting for users, shares, Cloud access, organising back-ups, storage set up and the apps page.
Compared to the EX4’s UI, the interface for WD’s My Cloud software itself looks very basic and sparse.
I used CrystalDiskMark to give a quick snapshot of the overall performance of each of the RAID arrays I tested and then used some real life data transfers to get a better idea of how well the EX4 performs.
On the plus side, although the disk activity could be heard when it’s being pushed during benchmarking, it's not overly loud.
Easy to set up and use thanks to the well-thought-out interface, WD’s EX4 is multi-bay NAS provides support for apps such as IceCast (Internet music streaming), Wordpress and Joomla which will appeal to the home user while the more business orientated will be drawn to the security offered by the dual Ethernet and power options.
WD's My Cloud consumer orientated NAS range comes of age with this four-bay model kitted out with some pro-centric functionality. This white paper will shed more light on the integration between Veeam Backup Replication and Linux. Featuring the category leading WD Red™ line of hard drives specifically designed for home and small office NAS systems, WD My Cloud EX4 customers enjoy ultimate reliability from the trusted name in storage. Susan Chong (right), Sales Manager, Branded Products, WD Malaysia and Albert Chang, Senior Regional Marketing Manager, WD APAC Branded Marketing presents the new WD My Cloud EX4, which is now available in Malaysia.
As one of the biggest names in the storage industry, Western Digital doesn't need much of an introduction.
This past fall, Western Digital launched its My Cloud family of personal cloud storage solutions. Needless to say, this is only a taste of what WD's My Cloud personal cloud storage has to offer. While there are a few cosmetic differences, the My Cloud looks very similar to WD's My Book external desktop hard drives.
If your My Cloud is not configured, the software prompts you for your name and email address so that you can create or expand your WD My Cloud account. Once it's done setting up the My Cloud, the software gives you the option to install the WD My Cloud application which lets you access, upload, manage and share your files from home or on the road.
With the My Cloud configured, you can access its web-based dashboard by entering its IP address into your web browser's address bar. The My Cloud uses the same Dashboard user interface found on WD's other network storage products.
The Users screen displays a list of the current users and allows the administrator to view user details, create new users and grant a user access to existing shares. While lacking the advanced backup features found on the EX2 and EX4, the My Cloud lets you create a complete backup or snapshot, called a safepoint, and save it to an external location on your home network or an attached USB drive. Creating a safepoint ensures that you can easily recover your data from a specific point in time to a new WD My Cloud device in the unlikely event that your device fails.
The time it takes to create a safepoint varies based on the speed of your network and the number and size of files you have stored on your My Cloud device. To access the My Cloud, you will need to have a WDMyCloud login associated with your user account or generate an Activation Code through the web interface.
The My Cloud has one advantage over the EX2 and EX4 in that it can be accessed over the internet using a web browser. The Intel NAS Performance Toolkit (Intel NASPT) is a file system exerciser and analysis tool designed to enable performance comparisons between network attached storage (NAS) devices. The My Cloud reached some respectable speeds when streaming HD video and copying large files to and from the server. With the My Cloud, WD has made it easy for consumers to store all their files in one place and access them from anywhere in the world.

Wd cloud ios free download software reviews, From western digital corporation: save everything. Wd cloud ex2 review cnet, The wd my cloud ex2 comes with two usb 3.0 ports on the back to host more storage via external hard drives. Wd cloud ios - free download software reviews, From western digital corporation: save everything. Wd my cloud for ios - free download and software reviews - From western digital corporation: save everything.
Wd my cloud ex2 review - cnet - The wd my cloud ex2 comes with two usb 3.0 ports on the back to host more storage via external hard drives.
Copyright © 2014 Special Gift, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. The EX4 offers all of the user-friendly features of the original My Cloud, packed in a metal four-bay enclosure that boasts a number of high-end perks the My Cloud does not. Because the drives are hot-swappable, you can yank out the failed drive and replace it with a new one, and the EX4 will automatically rebuild the array without any downtime. Consumers will appreciate its friendly, dashboard-like user interface, its DLNA server and iTunes support, and its built-in torrent downloader.
The former keeps you informed as to whata€™s happening with the box without your needing to fire up a client, and you can use the latter to back up USB storage devices.
The company will soon release an SDK (software development kit) to encourage additional third-party development for its My Cloud platform.
We swapped them out for 7200-rpm Seagate Constellation drives, and saw about the same performance.
And if youa€™re a small-business owner, you wona€™t care about the My Cloud EX4a€™s DLNA server and iTunes support. Western Digital erweitert mit dem My Cloud EX4 sein Angebot an Festplatten-Systemen fur kleine Unternehmen und Arbeitsgruppen unter Verwendung der WD Red Festplatten-Modelle mit integrierter NASware-2.0 Software. Der Nutzer kann sich entweder fur den NAS-Server ohne installierte Festplatten entscheiden oder aus drei Gesamt-Speichervolumen mit 8, 12 oder 16 Terabyte wahlen, wobei die Festplatten direkt in Schubfacher beschoben werden (Easy-Slide-Drive), so dass sie schnell und ohne Werkzeug montiert sind.
Mit dieser konnen Anwender ein Gesamtbackup aller Netzwerk-Computer auf der My Cloud EX4 vornehmen.
Die Stromversorgungen sowie installierte Ethernet-Ports sind doppelt ausgelegt, so dass Ausfallsicherheit gewahrleistet ist.
Fur den mobilen Zugriff auf abgelegte Daten via iOS- oder Android-Geraten sorgt die WD Cloud App.
Als plattenlose Version kostet es rund 380 Euro, mit acht Terabyte rund 800 Euro, als 12 Terybyte-Variante rund 950 Euro und mit 16 Terabyte rund 1200 Euro. Dengan begitu, Anda dapat menikmati konten multimedia yang ada di NAS melalui smart TV, smartphone, media player, maupun konsol.
It’s not exactly a new mission, yet it has gained momentum since the company introduced its popular single bay My Cloud range. In recent years, the benefits of using multi-disk RAID arrays for keeping data safe and as secure as possible has begun to filter down to the home user. WD doesn’t force-feed you its drives either, as the enclosure is also available unpopulated for ?319, but be warned if you go down this route, the list of compatible drives not made by WD is a little on the short side. When it comes to looks, the My Cloud Ex4 leans towards the company’s Sentinel range of business NAS boxes. To the left sits the power button which glows blue under normal conditions but glows red should any problems arise. That said, you need to ensure that the door is re-latched properly or you could be in for a very, very long wait while the array re-builds.
As the ARMADA 300 only provides two SATA-II ports there is also a Marvell 88SX7042 4-port PCI-e SATA II controller on the motherboard. As standard, there are three public share folders already provided to use; Public – for storing public data, SmartWare for Windows based backups and Time Machine Backup for Mac users.
It needs some work on it to make it more user-friendly but it’s still quite early in its development and is something that WD can improve upon. In the case of the reviewed 8TB model, that meant 6TB of usable space was available, as the parity stripes run across all the disks in the group. RAID O took 10mins, RAID 1 a tadge under 15mins and both RAID 5 and RAID 10 arrays took just under 14mins to create and format.
With Easy-Slide-Drive technology,WD My Cloud EX4 allows customers to easily install or hot-swap drives in seconds, without the need for a screwdriver,toolkitor trays. Along with two and four-bay models for the professional and prosumer markets, the company introduced an easy to use, single bay NAS device. To give you an idea of what to expect, we'll take a look at the device's features and then put it through its paces to see how it performs. The front, top, back and sides of the box show the device from various angles and list many of its features. Simply connect the network cable and power cord and, once its powered up, configure the device. Once you've accepted the EULA, the software searches the network, looking for any My Cloud devices. It can also place helpful shortcuts on your desktop and configure the My Cloud so that firmware updates are automatically applied when they become available. The first thing you will probably want to do is login as the default admin account and set a password as it is blank by default.
By clicking on the icons you can manage the devices' users, shares, cloud access and safepoints. For a given amount of total data, fewer larger files replicate quicker than many smaller files.
Unlike public clouds, a personal cloud allows you to keep all of your content in one safe place on your home network. Users can easily email files, share files as a link, and print and open files with third party apps. The device was connected to the computer using CAT6 ethernet cables and a gigabit Netgear switch.
This benchmark tool measures the performance of a storage device by testing its sequential read and write speeds as well as its random read and write speeds using blocks 4KB and 512KB in size. Unfortunately, its transfer rates dropped considerably when creating content and copying directories full of small files to and from the NAS.
This good looking, single-bay NAS is ready to go out of the box and can be set up in a matter of minutes using its easy to use, web-based user interface. While WD gives you the ability to take a snapshot of the data on the device, it can only be stored on a USB drive or a share on your local network. But 3TB is the maximum capacity that WD can deliver in that product, and since ita€™s a single-bay device it cana€™t provide the reassuring redundancy of RAID.
First and foremost among them is RAID support, specifically RAID 5 if you purchase the device prepopulated with drives.
Business users will value its dual gigabit ethernet ports, with support for both link bonding (so you can pool the bandwidth of two broadband connections) and automatic failover (if one connection fails, the EX4 automatically switches to the other). You can also back up the EX4 to a USB storage device, but a more plausible scenario would be to back it up to another EX4 over your local network, or to the cloud using an Amazon S3 or Elephant Drive account. When you change a file on one computer, tablet, or smartphone, the updated file automatically goes to all your other linked devices.
The QNAP drive was more than twice as fast as both WD drives on the files-and-folders write test.

The QNAP, meanwhile, offers the best of both worlds: a dual-core processor that runs at 2GHz. Both parties, on the other hand, just might decide that the EX4a€™s low price tag and strong feature set trump its slow performance. Zusatzlich besteht die Moglichkeit, externe USB 3.0 Laufwerke uber zwei Ports an das My Cloud EX4 anzudocken. Diese integriert ebenfalls offentliche Cloudanbieter wie Dropbox, SkyDrive oder Google Drive.
Agar data aman terjaga, Anda dapat memanfaatkan software WD SmartWare Pro atau Apple Time Machine untuk pengguna Mac. Now to get over the limitations of using just a single bay, WD has pimped up the range by introducing a four-bay unit, the My Cloud EX4. In short, it’s a big, black square lump and certainly no lightweight either, weighing in at a hefty 5.8kg when stuffed full of hard disks. You’ll need to buy a second power supply to take advantage of the EX4’s ability to switch automatically from one supply to another should one unit fail. When it comes to backing-up data up the EX4 offers plenty of options with accessibility using a USB device, remotely, internally or via the Cloud. WD provides iOS and Android support to access content on the move with both My Cloud and its image gallery app, My Photo. Data and parity are arranged on different volumes for resilience should there be a single drive failure. Overall, the tests suggest that the EX4 isn’t going to set the world alight and, in particular, its Write performance is pretty weak. When it gets to the end of this process, a blood-chilling grinding noise emanates from the EX4, well it did from the review sample anyway. Perhaps this explains why, despite some useful hardware features, WD considers the EX4 should be considered for home or small office use.
Additionally, WD Red hard drives feature 3D Active Balance Plus, an enhanced balance control technology that significantly improves overall drive performance and reliability. Additionally, customers can attach compatible USB 3.0 hard drives to the USB expansion ports on the WD My Cloud EX4 to instantly expand their storage capacity. As time went on, Western Digital expanded into the PC market, adding floppy and hard disc controllers to its product lineup. Inside the box you'll find the My Cloud as well as an AC power adapter, ethernet cable, quick installation guide, warranty information and a sheet of paper advertising WD's concierge service. The reset button is also located on the back and, if you're concerned about the device being stolen, there is also a spot for a Kensington security lock. If you have a DHCP server on your network and you know what IP the NAS is using, you can skip the next few steps and connect directly to the web menu. Along with the available capacity, you can view the firmware version and overall health of the system.
You can also enable media serving which lets you stream media stored in this share to other devices. They include a record of users, data, and shares on your device; any backups created using WD SmartWare, Apple Time Machine, Windows 7 Backup, or Windows 8 File History, and any associated device configuration details. Once you've selected the target device or share, you need to enter a name for the safepoint. With the My Cloud , you can share files, stream media and access your content anywhere, from the web and from mobile devices. If not, you will need to go into the general settings and turn the Cloud Service on and, if need be, configure it so that it will work in your network environment.
You can also connect to a device manually using either your My Cloud login or an Activation Code. From here you can view your shares and open them in Explorer where they can be used like any other mapped network drive. Using your My Cloud login or an Activation Code, you can access your device to manage your files over the Internet. In this case, I used it to measure the My Cloud's sequential read and write speeds using blocks ranging from 512B to 2MB in size.
When connected to your home network, the My Cloud can be used to share files between computers and mobile devices, backup both Macs and PCs and stream music and movies to any DLNA-certified device.
This is fine if the drive fails and you need to restore your data to another My Cloud device, but it leaves you vulnerable to things like theft, fires and natural disasters. The companya€™s announcement of the My Cloud EX4 today erases those limitations and adds a raft of other features. Dual power connections deliver similar functionality: If one power supply fails, the EX4 can automatically switch to the other (though you must purchase the second one). WD includes ten WD SmartWare Pro licenses for client-PC backups in the purchase price, and the NAS supports Time Capsule for Mac backups.
Agar tidak terjadi lag saat menyajikan data, di dalamnya tertanam sebuah prosesor berkecepatan 2.0 GHz dan RAM sebesar 512 MB. Untuk mengetahui alamat IP NAS, Anda dapat melihatnya melalui panel LCD yang berada pada sisi depan. The device provides secure file sharing and flexible backup options for both Macs and PCs and can serve as a home's digital entertainment hub to stream audio and videos. This indicator lights up white when the unit is first powered on and then blue when its OS is ready. You can also enter a brief description and set it so that the safepoint is automatically updated on a schedule. Of course, if this is important to you, cloud based backups are available on WD's new 2 and 4-bay NAS devices. I just got my ASRock 990FX Extreme9 and FX8350 in the post it looks so cool, and in two weeks I can pay for my Sapphire Radeon HD7970 3GB OC Vapor-X Edition then just need a SSD and I can start my build .bigrob: is this for new boards only or what?? Active directory support enables you to connect an EX4 to your companya€™s domain, and volume encryption means the box wona€™t boot without a password. Dengan spesifikasi tersebut, streaming file multimedia pun tetap lancar meski diakses oleh lebih dari satu pengguna. Selain menampilkan alamat IP, panel LCD ini juga menampilkan informasi tentang hostname, versi firmware, temperatur, kecepatan kipas, status hard disk, dan kapasitas hard disk yang digunakan. Alas, I was only able to test the EX4 using RAID 0, 1, 5 and 10 arrays due to time constraints, but didn’t notice any major differences in configuration performance in the various modes. Since then, the company has grown to become the world's second largest manufacturer of hard drives.
It will also light up yellow when attention is required and red when there is a fault such as a disk failure. With WD's desktop and mobile apps, you can access and upload files directly to your personal cloud from nearly any internet connected device.
Western Digital currently offers a wide range of internal and external hard drives as well as a growing number of multimedia devices, SSDs and network storage solutions. Untuk Cloud Backup, Anda dapat memilih ElephantDrive atau Amazon S3 sebagai penyedia jasa penyimpanan cloud.

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