This wax really does have the scent of spring in a bar, once it's warming the smell really does make your whole room smell like a sunny day. I warmed this wax in my bedroom and it made the full room smell fresh and fruity, I really liked. Love this one, similar to 'give me passionflower' which I love, fruity and exotic - I was worried the yuzu would be too citrusy for me but it all smells great together. On smelling the cold wax, I really didn't think I'd like this one but it's now going on my 'want' list!!
I personally hate Christmas shopping and now try to do most of mine online, far less stressful for both me and my husband! So if you are a man at a complete loss as to what to get your wife or girlfriend for Christmas and want something a bit more imaginative than a bottle of perfume, something more exciting than a clothes voucher or something that shows you have put some thought behind it then look no further – Scentsy is your answer! We have a large selection of warmers, with an even larger range of fragrances so there will be something to suit every taste and decor. Fragrance is very personal to each individual, so with 80 fragrances to choose from you will be able to find something to suit the person you are buying a Scentsy warmer for. If they love the fragrance of fresh clean linen then I highly recommend Clean Breeze, Pima Cotton or Satin Sheets. It doesn’t have to stop there, do you have a son or daughter, or maybe niece or nephew where you  don’t have the first idea what to get them? Girls just want to have fun and fun is having a hot handbag and nice smelling perfume to go with it. Can’t get enough couture?Well here’s even more-for Juicy girls who want it all.Wild berries and Juicy mandarin. If this doesn't seem like an option in your opinion I added some hot handbags that every girl dreams of having and in in this world a handbag is a must just to carry those essentials around.
To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Anyhoo, Miss SY is almost 16 … just a couple of weeks away from this little milestone. How else was a girl supposed to learn about certain things you wouldn’t be caught dead discussing with your parents?
So in the spirit of the season, where she has birthday and Christmas almost rolled into one, I’m thinking a Magshop gift subscription to Dolly will be a nice addition to her ever-growing wishlist.
Ok, so should you gift your teenage daughter a Dolly subscription, listen up because there’s potentially a massive bonus in it for you.
I loved Dolly growing up and I love Magshop – I have been buying family in QLD magazine subs from Magshop for years (I resent paying postage from VIC when I could be spending that money on them!)!! So true – and I do like that they’ll remember you each month when the mag arrives in the post! OOh yes I did that too,ride my dragstar bike to the shops,and the pay phone,the good old days! Yes my kids love CASH $$$ too but I feel like I haven’t been imaginative by giving that. Simply drop your details in below and every Friday morning (plus when we have something super-special to share) you'll receive a real-girl fashion, beauty and lifestyle fix in your email inbox.

PLUS I'll also send you the Styling You manifesto - my 12 key tips for looking good, feeling confident and always having something to wear.
There are also other gift ideas for best friend when you want to give something else aside from a bobblehead. There are certain people we hold dear in our hearts and our best friends surely join the shortlist.
This entry was posted in Birthday Gift and tagged best friend gift, Birthday Gift, Unique Gift. As were her Converse shoes, albeit it in a more standard-issue colour and considered a bit hoity toity compared with the trusty Dunlop Volleys I wore on my feet. In a family of book lovers I still don’t know how that has happened but it is what it is.
If they’re into makeup and other girl stuff, think of their fave lip balms and perfume (clueless as to what teens are into? You’ll go into the draw to win an Airstream 762 “International Series” travel trailer (it is way TOO luxe to call it a caravan) and a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo.
So glad I kept my diaries from around sweet 16 as I’ve forgotten so much…but kind of scary too because in the blink of an eye my 2 little girls will be teens!
And yes I used to love Dolly – 1st issue I ever read was October 1979 with Diane Lane on the cover – showing my age I know! Last year we thought about the magazine subscription but at that price it is above our limit of $30 each ?? Yes they all have different personalities, shapes, sizes etc so one gift doesn’t fit all. With teenage boys it’s pretty simple – iTunes vouchers, a cool tee from Cotton On (good options on a budget) or cash! These adorably cute things are not only unique best friend gifts but are also entertaining. Gifts say how much you love your best friend and nothing could be more special than personalized best friend gifts.
You can make this like an album that will be the remembrance of the years you spent together. Required Field Check this box to confirm you are human.
I can easily say your girlfriend would not be disappointed if you came home with the hottest new scent by Juicy called Viva La Juicy! I know this too, and so will resist my urge and go for gender-neutral colours like green and yellow.
In my head it was only yesterday (I think that’s a sign of getting old) but in reality it was more than a lifetime ago. Things like a string of coloured lights or a new canvas print can help them to easily add a bit of personality to their room. No mag subs for them yet but they’re already showing an interest in mine as they know I love my mag time so much. I have two teenage girls to buy for and I have just added two of my 14 year olds items on her wish list.
I think one of the best gifts for the season for teenagers would have to be nail polish in the fluro colours.

They are the ones who hold our hands when we’re down and celebrate with us when we’re exultant. When you give customized bobbleheads, there might be a chance you can introduce your best friend to a new item to collect. All boldly-goldly bottled, dangled with Juicy charms and rocked in fuchsia wrap.Viva La Juicy. Have the bobblehead look like a mini version of your best friend and you have yourself one of the funniest best friend gifts. If you have great attention to detail, there is minimal chance that the bobblehead you will get will have a copy in the market. You can compile the photos and clippings and whatever memorabilia you have acquired through the years in a scrapbook. Sure the big ticket items can cost a lot of money but there are plenty of low-cost bits and pieces they will love.
They can use the bobblehead as a car accessory, and it will remind them every day of the friendship shared between the two of you.
It is the details that make customized bobbleheads one of the cutest gifts for best friends and separate it from common bobbleheads for sale in the malls. Alternately, you can give matching necklaces or bracelets with your initials as best friend gifts. You can also give a friendship ring.  This special ideas for best friend gifts need not be expensive. Sure, it will take some time to make but if you plan ahead and start early, you can certainly make a nice scrapbook. I suggest you keep it quiet from any teens in the house … and make your escape quickly! There are a lot of customizable designs for bobbleheads so you will never run out of options. You can look for jewelries made out of indigenous materials that don’t cost an arm and leg.  With this kind of gift, your only limit is your creativity. Aside from that, there are other things you have to consider like the budget you are working with and the personality of your best friend. Except, even when deep down I loved being a little girl, frilly pink things were far too uncool for this developing eight, nine and 10 year-old. If your best friend is celebrating her birthday soon and you need best friend gifts, here are some cute best friend gift ideas that truly express how much your best friend mean to you. Actually, they are great best friend gifts for any special occasion in your best friend’s life. I wanted what Alana had in the playground; a purple pencil case, or as Gemma had, a red scarf.

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