To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Clothing: This one may be a no-brainer since most women enjoy shopping, but in case you were wondering whether or not it was a good idea – yes, it’s a great one! Homemade gifts: It’s always the thought that counts, and homemade gifts more than any other involve a lot of thought and a personal touch. Household goods: Some women want useful things in their stockings, so it is OK to give her tools or appliances for her house or apartment.
The most desired present of all, gift cards were noted by 87% of female respondents as something they want. Take a peek at what she’s reading, and try to find something in that same category that you think she’ll like. In fact, the majority (64%) of our female respondents said they’d like to receive household goods. If you don’t know much about jewelry and what she would like, take some time to think about her style. Our data-driven analysis has been recognized by major news outlets across the country and has helped young adults make savvy financial and lifestyle decisions.

I know this too, and so will resist my urge and go for gender-neutral colours like green and yellow. You can get her one or two gift cards to places you know she likes to shop, or get her lots of gift cards with smaller amounts to her favorite stores so that she can spoil herself and think of you while she’s doing it. This type of gift is very likely to be a winner as 69% of women would be happy getting a homemade present. Whether you live together or not, you probably want to avoid getting her cleaning products and instead focus on areas of the kitchen she especially likes.
If she’s a digital kind of girl, go for an e-book, and you won’t even have to leave home to buy it. Maybe she has a certain food that she loves but doesn’t have the appliance to make it at home - a waffle iron, panini sandwich maker or slow cooker could be just the gift she’d covet. As long as you show you put some thought into your choice, you will win a smile on Christmas Day. Except, even when deep down I loved being a little girl, frilly pink things were far too uncool for this developing eight, nine and 10 year-old. I wanted what Alana had in the playground; a purple pencil case, or as Gemma had, a red scarf.

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