Route 15 and Berlin can clearly be seen along with the Hartford skyline from a lookout just to the north of the summit of Lamentation Mountain in Meriden. The yellow trail heads left up the hill toward Lamentation Mountain from the access road in Guiffrida Park in Meriden. The blue trail begins from the parking lot of Giuffrida Park and passes next to Crescent lake under beautiful evergreens in Meriden.
Downtown Meriden can be seen through the haze from a lookout along the blue trail just south of the summit of Lamentation Mountain in Meriden.
Lamentation Mountain rises on a trap rock ridge and has a cliff as it's western edge in Meriden. A blue blaze is spotlighted by the sun while walking on the trail down from Lamentation Mountain to Giuffrida Park in Meriden. A fallen tree was cut by trail maintainers to allow hikers to follow blue trail in Giuffrida Park in Meriden. Hikers, seen from the parking lot of Giufridda Park, take in the view from the top of Chauncey Peak next to Lamentation Mountain in Meriden. MERIDEN — Many people take the short, but steep route to quickly climb up to Chauncey Peak, but for 180 degree views to the north, west, and south, the roughly 40 foot higher summit of Lamentation Mountain in the northeast corner of Meriden is well worth the longer trip.
Legend says that the mountain was named after an episode involving an early settler who got lost in the area during the 1630s. I began my hike leaving my car in the parking lot of Giuffrida Park and set off along the blue trail that begins at a kiosk.

The yellow trail was about one mile and it brought me to the very top of Lamentation Mountain. Using Castle Craig as a reference and shifting my view down I can make out Cathole Mountain and the site where the former, unfinished natural gas power plant once stood.
I passed almost a dozen good lookout points along the blue blazed trail on my return to the parking lot.
After a short, but steep descent and a brief ramble next to Hunter Golf Course, the blue trail eventually brought me back to clearing with the bench along Crescent Lake.
I had already made up my mind to return to Lamentation Mountain as I walked under the evergreens along the water back to the parking lot.
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In the distance the ridge from West Peak is on the left and Ragged Mountain is about a third of the way from the right.
It’s unclear whether it was the lost man or the search party that lamented the time they spent there.
The blazes on the trees were faded blue and white in this area, but the trail was easy to follow. I continued to follow the yellow blazed trail mostly noticing the leaves beginning to change colors. As I emerged from the woods onto the traprock plateau at 720 feet of elevation that is the summit, beautiful vistas to the west opened to my eyes.

Exploring a little to the north there was another clearing where the Hartford skyline could be seen.
Market indices are shown in real time, except for the DJIA, which is delayed by two minutes. Careful not to trip over some of the exposed tree roots, I looked at the Meriden Land Trust map and noticed the trail marked as white. The trail eventually joined a service road, which I followed north until I came to the junction with the yellow trail roughly two tenths of a mile from the shore clearing with the bench. The map is a few years old and blue and white trails on the map are now just the blue trail along the shore of the lake. The radio towers on West Peak and Castle Craig on East Peak are easily identified through a light haze. Chicago Mercantile Association: Certain market data is the property of Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc.

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