We came up with some FAQs applicable to our wedding and we hope that our answers would address satisfactorily the matter. We don't want our wedding to be a "set of rules" for our guests but we don't also want a haphazard one. We hope that whether you are coming or not, you would inform us to give us the chance to assign your seat to another guest in our "waitlist" :). For our men guests, you can wear a linen suit or dress shirt and slacks and look appropriate. We would appreciate it if you could wear any light-coloured clothes and please refrain from wearing black, red and other dark-coloured clothes.

First things first, you are there to enjoy and share in our happiness :) The wedding program flow will be given to you before the ceremony.
We know how much everyone likes to capture moments (who wouldn't especially during weddings). If further clarification is needed, please feel free to contact us (details of which can be found in our Contact Us page). We would be sending our "Save the Date" invites to our guests in August 2012 and we would request you guys to confirm to us whether you can make it or not. Also, as the bride, I would appreciate if my women guests refrain from wearing dresses in white or off-white.

We expect a hot and sunny weather hence we suggest that you dress in breathable fabrics like linen. As our wedding requires travelling and accommodation arrangements, the earlier you can confirm, the better.
Like during ceremony (especially when Pastor Carlo is preaching), be discreet or if it's not too much to ask, refrain from taking photos as we already have the official photographer to do such.

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