Take it or leave it, this is what we said.  What you do with this information is entirely up to you. Many men leave their wives and children without the necessities of life because they quit their jobs for frivolous reasons or waste their income selfishly. Some claim that man should not exercise authority over his wife or that his authority should be limited to just certain areas. However, the husband does have the final authority, and will give account to God for his decisions.
A lot of women have been giving it up and still not getting a ring as well,just allowing men to test and test and poke and poke.Waiting has worked for a lot of women,including me!
Because I've been in some really effed up situations and I learned a lot from my journey. Any self-respecting, strong, whole, wellrounded, spiritually-grounded, educated, intelligent, intellectual, financially stable, mentally strong rooted and ground blackwomen would even look your way for 1 second.
So to me its like your trying to sneak-in through the back-door so to speak… coming in through a more subtle way. It seems the goal is set to satisfying the man and I didnt really here anything about him being pleasing, nice and loving as well. Men can open there mouths allowing the words if she don’t open her legs she will get married, But reality is that there are a lot of virgins out there and they are not married and have not found that husband. WELL, WOMEN WANTING TO KNOW WHERE THIER HUSBANDS ARE AT NEED TO TAKE THE ADVICE OF WHAT THESE MEN ARE LOOKING FOR IF AND SNCE THEY WANT ONE BAD ENOUGH. Decide where you want to do this, whether at a romantic place or a place where you both have spent a lot of time together or a place that has an emotional value to the both of you.
If you are reading this because you feel a bit jealous about a friend who is getting married, please stop feeling bad and instead check these unique wedding wishes so that you can wish the new couple a happy life together!
He wants someone who can challenge him in all kinds of ways, such as challenging him to change or be better, challenging him to keep your interest etc… This keeps him glued to you, instead of having him interested in other women.
Remember that honesty is accepted, and even if it hurts its temporary…but lies are REJECTED, and is permanent pain, because they take away his trust in you. The element of surprise in a relationship keeps him interested and gives him a reason to stick around for the long run, because it shows that you still have lots left to offer that he doesn’t even know about. We understand that not every woman we come across will have come from a perfect family situation growing up.  We totally dig that and want to do everything we can to help make you a better person, because we hope you’d do the same thing for us. But when a woman is with a man for the sole purpose of replacing the father figure that she desperately needed growing up that’s when things begin to fall apart.  We want a woman that can handle her own mind and keep her own counsel on certain things. One I know in particular is a couple where the woman will save up a few magazines for when she needs a bit of time to herself and sequester herself in their bedroom.  The guy will go into the living room and catch up on an episode or two of a television show the woman may not exactly be the biggest fan of.
If a man sees early on enough in a relationship that the woman absolutely has to be around him every second he’s awake short of when he uses the bathroom it sends a dangerous signal to him.  It tells him that if they get to the point where they do decide to get married than he is going to have no time to himself whatsoever. So even now, if you are in the early stages of a relationship and aren’t living together yet you have to make sure that things don’t get to the point where you slowly build resentment.  What you need to do is figure out a day where the two of you don’t see each other.
For the most part, the guy that you met is going to be that same damn way his whole life.  Unless he undergoes some serious personality change resulting from a sudden religious awakening, it’s a good assumption that you’re going to be stuck with him better or worse the way he is now. This is another common mistake most women are tempted to do and it is trying to change their partner to suit their needs or wishes. I nodded, understanding the importance of connecting to a tattoo because of its permanency.
This man, the one who wants the tattoo of the sun to symbolize those tender moments with his daughter, is different than the father that I know.
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IF YOU DON'T TRY IT OUT HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS GOING TO BE LIKE FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. They all have a shroud of divorce, child support and economic disparity surrounding their existence.
Feel confident that you are breaking all the clichés and this will make your man fall in love with you all over again. We all need our personal space, and it’s better if you can give that to him without him having to ask for it or beg you. This is why you should learn how to take criticism, because if you freak out every time he criticizes you, you tell him that you won’t be able to improve in the future.
But, if you disagree without feeling disappointed, you show him that you can respect his opinion, even if you don’t think its right for you.
Not only this, but if you never ask him the things you are curious about, you’ll often end up looking for answers on your own, which leads to assumptions. If there is something you dislike about him, don’t go complaining to your family and girlfriends about it, behind his back. You won’t be able to keep his interest if he knows EVERYTHING about you, and nothing changes.
Evaluate yourself regularly to ensure you are improving and are moving forward internally and externally.
Even though at first he might be flattered by all her attention and kindness, in the long term he will feel suffocated and all that attention will seem overwhelming.
Well, maybe that will work for a while and maybe some guys will even like that and will let themselves be changed because of their own insecurities, but keep in mind, ladies, most men find this type of woman quite unattractive. At 35 years old, and he at 38, we are past the recklessness of getting inked just for the sake of coolness. Many Bible examples show men employed away from the home in such occupations as shepherd, carpenter, physician, fisherman, merchant, farmer, sailor, preacher, tentmaker, etc.

He needs the courage to stand for what he is convinced is best, even when the wife or children disagree. And I've seen many a high maintenance ***** be married to some poor soul who spends his whole life trying to please her.
Guess you have to get past DATING first and any single adult (man OR woman) can say the dating game is absolute bullsh*t nowadays. Not everyone has a tolerable dysfunctional family (because everyone's family is dysfunctional in some ways, but not all are tolerable).
Those dreamy eyes, creamy complexion, serenading talks… He makes perfect sense in your life. Do you truly believe in the concept of a woman taking the lead or are you still a believer of the conventions? Getting a proposal for marriage is a big thing in any woman’s life and proposing your man is all the more special. We are here to help you identify the signs he wants to marry you by breaking down the facts. I’ve once heard a stroy about a guy who fell in love at first sight and he was so sure about his girlfriend that he proposed in 4 days. Falling in love is the first step and you have to start by identifying the signs he loves you. One of the most visible signs he wants to marry you is when all his plans have you in the picture. He doesn’t mind skipping that crazy party on a Saturday night because he has everything he needs by his side, you! Even though you are not officially a family member, he certainly acts like you already are in the inner circle of trust.
It doesn’t matter if he is arguing about what are the most popular baby names in 2015 and why you should pick one of them, the most important fact is that he wants you to be the mother of his children. When watching Game of Thrones is your favorite TV show or partying while listening to David Guetta is your idea of having fun, then your relationship is going on a whole new level. That’s one of the strongest signs he wants to marry you because your boyfriend can only think about you on his side. All of these things tell him that you are not comfortable around him, make him feel insecure, and make him QUESTION the point of marrying you. There are many examples, but the main point is that you RESPECT him, so that he can feel valued, appreciated, and upheld.
This is why it’s important to learn new things, new skills, and to create a life outside the relationship so that you have things to keep and spark his interest.
Men love a woman who knows what she wants, who makes plans that don’t necessarily involve him, who has a goal in her life and who doesn’t live only for him and for seeing him happy.
I want to marry a man who devotes time to his daughter and who knows the importance of that relationship. Yet one who neglects working, expecting his wife or other people to provide income for his family, is worse than an infidel. These things may work IN THEORY, but believe me you can be all of this and more and be just as single as they come. If he wants to take the lead and ask you to marry him, then you certainly do not want to spoil it for him. We should break the conventions and should be able to express ourselves in our relationships.
Pay attention to his behavior and you’ll find out whether your boyfriend is thinking about proposing soon. Then, you need to wait until you see different kind of signs in his behavior that shows he is ready to commit.
Whether it’s the summer holidays he is planning for next year or where is he going to spend the Christmas period, he always mentions you and ask you what do you think.
He needs you in his life and he is willing to sacrifice some things to secure your relationship. If your boyfriend has already decided that you are going to be a perfect mom, then it’s clear that you have one of the best signs he wants to marry you.
Then you better make sure you make up your mind and be clear if you want to get married and if you do, that this is the right person for you. Maintain yourself physically and health wise, to prove you are willing to be the best you can be for him. Please be sure to open and click your first newsletter so we can confirm your subscription.
So if you are deciding to propose your man then, take a deep breathe, buckle up and be your charming self. Your boyfriend finds this perfectly normal, so he doesn’t even bother to emphasize it in order to make a point. The second most obvious signs he wants to marry you is that he is prepared to have a simple and quiet life. One of the top signs he wants to marry you is that he constantly makes a real effort to bring you in the general frame. You are not married yet, but the way he talks about you and introduce you to the family matter, is like you have already tied the knot. One of the greatest signs he wants to marry you is when you find a common language that goes beyond the grant plans in life to the more day to day stuff.
Set your expectations and prepare for the wedding proposal if he books a surprise trip or a romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant.

Through our relationships with our fathers, we learn how to be loved by men, or that we are unworthy of love. You will not look as confident or as sure and in the matters like these, your surety impacts your partner’s surety.
Help him out by following our step by step guide on how to make him commit in 7 easy steps. Once you see the 10 signs he wants to marry you listed below, you should get prepared to see him kneeling while getting that shinny diamond ring out of his pocket! Bonus tip: if his family expects you in all the birthday parties and special occasions like Thanks Giving, then you have spotted another sign he wants to marry you! Marriage is all about finding common interests and being ready to live a whole life with a partner enjoying the same things. If a father is loving and available, a daughter knows she is worthy of a love that is loving and open.
Bonus tip: If you catch him making more long term plans, describing his life with you in the next five years, you have strong evidence that he will propose sooner or later.
They take it for granted you will join them and he even gets mad when you can’t make it. Your boyfriend feels like home each time he visits your place and you can see he is too comfortable like he already belongs there. When his hobbies become your team hobbies, then you have one more item checked on the list of signs he wants to marry you. He might not make breakfast for you, but he likes going to the super market together for the weekly supplies.
His throwing in Las Vegas because marriage there is considered something stupid and spontaneous.
If you are sure about this and nothing can change your mind, then you ask for what you want.
If he is the right guy for you then he would find all of this adorable and would understand how much guts it took you to step into a different role altogether. But when he factors you in his decisions, it’s an obvious sign he wants to marry you and spend the rest of his life with you. Bonus tip: if he wants to get a dog or a cat while you are staying together, he probably wants to test how you can take care of them like they were your own babies. These are hints that he is actually going ring shopping with his mate (make sure you mention how much you love jewelry from Tiffany). The conventional days are gone, when a man bore the sole responsibility of taking the relationship to next level, by asking a woman to marry him. Bonus Tip: one of the clearest signs he wants to marry you is when he is considering paying a visit to the bank to discuss a mortgage. Bonus tip: has he refused an amazing job offer that required him to relocate from the city you both live in order not to lose you?
He respects your privacy and he prefers to learn these little secrets from you rather than taking a sneak peek in your past.
They act as an early warning mechanism so that you know what to expect in your personal life. That way you say yes while remaining cool and not being seen as desperate who over reacts on something as huge as a wedding! Bonus tip: start looking for wedding dress and thinking about who should be the maid of honors who will take your of your bachelorette.
When in today’s time and era, a woman is walking shoulder to shoulder to a man in everything, then why not in emotional and personal matters as well. This is not only a huge financial step but it also shows that your partner is ready for long term commitment. In other words, he’s just making new friends with your family without having a hidden agenda. Your partner loves all you with all his heart and that means supporting you even when it’s not easy. A woman is as much capable to take the charge in a relationship and asking for what she wants, as a man. These days, men are also quite comfortable with women taking on the conventional role, in a relationship. In fact, most men prefer their partners to take the lead and be the initiator and a decision maker, in the relationship. You need to be there for him when he needs you the most, just like he did when you felt completely lost.
If you didn’t have the chance to show him that you can be trusted, make sure you express your deep gratitude for being the strong man you wanted when everything else fell apart. But you don’t have to be a manly-woman to do that or go against your usual poise and charm.
The important thing is to understand, whether you are the kind of woman who would naturally enjoy doing that or not. No matter what the trend is, you do not have to push yourself into something that does not suit your ideology. If you are the kind of girl, who would like your man to ask you to marry him, then nothing is worth in the world to deprive yourself of that pleasure, that precious moment. But if you are our girl, then remember to not lose your innate feminine charm and womanly grace, while asking the question. Let us guide you through the whole process of asking a man to marry you, because we understand that, no matter how confident you are, it can be an un-nerving experience and a little preparation will not hurt anyone.

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