If you’re dating a stoner or pothead, the best kind of gift you can get them is a bong or waterpipe. Hi Earl, we can Definitely help you out and design and make you a sick CYAN custom water pipe for your girlfriend.
Because no matter who says this sucks, I still love getting stoned, lighting a candle, and listening to Highway 61 Revisited the entire way through. Because weed is a bonding point between strangers, a strengthener for friends, and a treat for the self. Because there are those out there that are pre-qualified for a free motor scooter or power chair under Medicare and Medicaid. Because if Old Crow Medicine Show didn't do it, I'm not sure I'd respect them as much as I do.
Because weed is a bonding point between strangers, a strengthener for friends, and a treat for the self.
Thirdly, do you turn as much into a giddy secretary as I do when watching Jim and Pam be Jim and Pam?

After your Wolfpack tricked my Bulls into believing we were a decent team, it's the least you could do. Founded in 2000, PIC is a comedypublication featuring enlighteningand irreverent humor from adiverse group of awesome writers.You'll find that we are somewhatcollegiate, often sarcastic, and alwayscuriously insightful. Glass spoon pipes make great small gifts, but if you’re trying to impress your girlfriend or go that extra step to make her happy, its time to go bong shopping for the perfect bong for your girlfriend. Its my girlfriends favorite color, so its important to have as much incorporated as possible. They are as follows: Mad Men, LOST, Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, House, and The Office. I just started watching this year, and if you like the Office stoned, you'll die watching Sunny. I will seriously fucking send you some free blotter if you promise to take it 2 hours before the meeting. I know you have seen this before, but I figured when I come across them I will update this page.

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Colored glass bongs are usually more expensive than clear glass bongs, so if you’re on a budget, you can get her a cheap glass bong and a couple jars of diffuser beads for her to mix and match to make the bong more colorful and fun.
You can even get her some glow in the dark diffuser beads for night time smoking and fun in the dark. The best way to your girlfriend’s heart is to show her that you love what she loves and you want her to be happy and enjoy her mmj as much as she can.
What's gonna happen when my parent's generation, the biggest one in history, start collecting on that in substantial numbers?

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