As for the container, I had a little decorated box that I wanted to use, but as I began adding the slips into the box I realized the box wasn’t big enough. But I do love him very much and want to make sure he is reminded every day for the next year how much I love him in a very tangible way. I find that I connect my emotions to my writing more when I actually handwrite, but I wanted to have them printed so they are easy to read and save.
She enjoyed reading through them while she folded them though so she wasn’t very productive, but it definitely helped!

If you do this every year, you could have an I Love You jar for each year you’re married!
You just type your original I Love You’s into an excel document or you can handwrite them if you prefer.
I'm a semi-newlywed living in a small town outside of Nashville with my husband, Casey, our baby boy, teen niece, and hyperactive dog, Minny. Even though we weren’t able to celebrate, I did have DIY anniversary gift that I had put together for him.

I just decorated a mason jar from some alfredo sauce to put it in ?? It’s nice to have one for him to put the ones he has read in too.

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