What many may not realize, is that Shakur implicated more people in the shooting than just Biggie and Puff Daddy (now known as P Diddy). You + Me = UsWhenever trying to meet and attract girls, you want to create a connection in as little time as possible. Therefore, creating a “you and me” vibe rather than a “you versus me” vibe should be on the tip of your tongue when you start talking to girls.

You can play it humorous (“Hey, you look like my future ex-wife”), rapport generating (“Wow, I think me and you are the only two people in this bar who truly appreciate Phil Collins”), or serious (“Hi, I’m Rob.
Unless a girl is acting like a complete brat, there’s no need to drive a wedge between you. In fact, creating a “you and me” vibe preempts future bullshit because it gives you a reason to get along if she starts acting up (“Honey, why would you treat the only other soul who enjoys Phil Collins like this?

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