Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. After you have supplied your ex boyfriend some distance and time, you can start out comingup with the right arrange available on texting him again. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. You need to have one goal in mind if you are texting your ex boyfriend.Want to Know EXACTLY How Likely You Are to Get Your ExBoyfriend Back, in Only 2 Minutes? It has to be so interesting that it would be impossible for your ex boyfriend NOT to respond to it. I almost don’t want to try to explain this here because it is so complicated but I will give it my best shot.
Imagine a tide on a beach and how the tide slowly but surely pushes the waves further and further out on to the beach. Slowly but surely the more you text your ex the longer and more in-depth the conversations become. Listen to the episode then because I do a much better job of explaining it there…  ?? . In an ideal world you will start conversations with your ex 50% of the time and he will start conversations with you 50% of the time.
Once you locate the high point of a conversations through text you should end the conversation there immediately. Does it become a balance between who contacts who, or for the most part, is it initially on me? I’m looking around to see how I can improve that situation because I lose out on money when that happens.
The first thing that you need to understand when it comes to texting your ex-boyfriend is the fact that getting him back is not the priority. Once you talk to him on the phone, you can build even more attraction at a higher rate and then transition from a phone to an in-person date. The first thing I want you to understand is that getting him back with texts is not your priority, Lauren.
A lot of women fail at the first text message after the no contact rule because they don’t do enough planning or think of good text messages. As time goes on, I want it to get longer and longer until you are both texting every single day. The best way to transition from a text message to a phone call is after you’ve built up enough rapport and attraction. If you’re really itching for a way to get the phone call, this is the best way I can describe it.
My name is Chris, and I help millions of women per year improve themselves, and get back with their ex boyfriends to finally have the life they dreamed of. My ex and I have been together for almost a year and we broke up because I started to become obsessive, needy, high maintenance, all those and with added stress from uni he couldn’t handle it anymore so he broke up with me. I’ve currently just ended no contact and before no contact me and my ex had a talk about our problems and the break up.
I’ve continued to do that in text and the conversation and responses are generally very positive. My question is: is it a bad thing that I am the one to initiate text conversations the first 10 days? Sent a second text 4 days later with a positive response, then neutral, then positive regarding my license. Anyway I’m going to wait ~9 days to send another text (keep him waiting as I feel he expects it now).
Yup, I am going to keep going with the podcast and start a youtube channel and keep adding massive guides to this site. 45 days into no contact, it wasn’t easy but once I hit 30 days I kept goin as I heard that he was seeing someone.
Have you thought about writing a guide on what to do if your ex brings up the “heavy stuff” when you get back in contact with them after the NC period? What if your primary source of communication with your ex was voice-over chat like Skype or Ventrilo?
After the 30 days NC I’ve been in touch with my ex and had several messages back and forth and this led to a date which actually went really well. Chris i broke nc rule bcoz of his birthday on 26 day of nc rule should i wish him birthday and again do nc rule on him? I was wondering this for a long time, because i have been in the no contact for an astonishing (not) 3 days now, and my ex boyfriend already told me something like: “why dont u just answer me?
I know I can do NC really well again, lead up to flirty texting again and take the cake away from him, but I’m not sure if I want to do it now. At least he has his mother: This boyfriend failed to win back the affection of his one-time flame by sharing that his mother had made him a 'delicious' meatloaf out of a gift of meat from his ex before their split. Not so pukka: Handing back each others possessions can be one of the hardest parts about a break up. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
Fashion forward and beauty oriented, always interested in whatever is trendy and hot hot hot! Unfortunately, one thing that I have never done is write about what men are thinking AFTER the no contact rule. In other words, what would your ex boyfriend be thinking after you had successfully performed the no contact rule on him? Since this is my chosen profession I feel the best thing for me to do is to stay up to date with the times.
But my search came up blank…Want to Know EXACTLY How Likely You Are to Get Your ExBoyfriend Back, in Only 2 Minutes? As you know, Ex Boyfriend Recovery and the no contact rule have become very closely associated with one another. That is because getting your ex boyfriend back can sometimes rely pretty heavily on the no contact rule. So, as I explained above, this page is going to focus on what is going on in your exes mind after you implement the no contact rule.
The Assumption- That you have successfully completed a 30 day no contact rule on your ex boyfriend.
Well, a one week no contact rule isn’t going to have the same affect that a four week no contact rule will have. In other words, what a man will think after a failed no contact rule will be different than what he is going to be thinking during a successful one and since we are all positive thinkers here at Ex Boyfriend Recovery we are going to just focus on the successful no contact rule. Now, I know a lot of you reading this page probably haven’t even finished your no contact yet and that is ok. I am a man so you know for a fact that I can bring you some very valuable insight when it comes to what men are thinking before, during and after no contact.
In this section I am going to be talking about some of the thoughts that your ex boyfriend might potentially have after the no contact rule assuming that you completed a 30 day rule on him.
I have pinpointed the top five things that he will be thinking and as always I will be covering each of these things in a very in-depth manner.
When I tell women who use the no contact rule on an ex that their ex probably thinks negative thoughts about them at one point after the no contact rule they always seem to get upset. But lets take a step back and really take a look at what is going on in your exes head and probably the best way to do that is to give you a real life example. When I was in college I was friends with this guy who was literally head over heels for this girl. The more she ignored him the angrier he got and the angrier he got, the more he called her a bit*h.
Here is the funniest part though, despite calling her all those names behind her back he was very persistent in trying to win her and eventually he did. The point I am trying to make here is that if anyone is angry at you ignoring them it is because they want to talk to you. So, the fact that your ex could be calling you names because of the fact that you are ignoring him just really means he wants to be heard by you and hasn’t been given that chance yet. Your ex boyfriend is probably going to wonder why you didn’t respond to him after the no contact rule has been completed. I told you above that the no contact rule has been used on me in certain cases but never for an extended period of time like 30 days.
Of course, it’s a total mindfu** for men when a woman does respond to them after a certain amount of time. If you end up getting a response like this from your ex boyfriend after the no contact rule has been completed then I would be extremely happy.
By your ex saying that it means that he was extremely annoyed about the fact that you wouldn’t respond to him. Look, I have been ignored before by a woman and let me tell you that it is extremely annoying to want nothing more to be heard when instead you are ignored. This is what most of the women on this site who employ the no contact rule are so afraid of. Every year millions of Mustangs are made for consumers whereas only a certain amount of Lamborghinis are made.
The most expensive Mustang ever sold at an auction was a 1.3 million dollar 1967 Shelby Mustang.
Bottom line is that sometimes it isn’t a bad thing if your ex boyfriend thinks you are over him because it may mean that you have just evolved from a Mustang to a Lamborghini! Lets turn our attention to the type of man who has a brain and realizes that you are probably playing some sort of game by not contacting him. Now, I will admit that for you this is probably the worst type of ex boyfriend to have because he probably knows exactly what is going on.
We are going to stick with our example here for a moment and say that you and I dated in the past.
Yes, it absolutely would because I would hate to be ignored and it would increase your value.
Eventually though, when time takes hold of the situation, men begin to mellow out and gain some perspective on the situation.
They begin to think of all the little things they did wrong in a relationship and start to feel some extreme guilt.
Now, to your knowledge he never cheated on you or anything that extreme but the way he would communicate with other women was very alarming to you and when you brought it up to him he became very defensive which of course started a fight. In fact, this problem became so prevalent in your relationship that you two literally broke up over it. Ok, imagine for a moment that we are dating and I do the same thing to you as I described above, I flirt with other women in a very alarming manner. Now, lets say after the breakup you complete the no contact rule on me which of course is going to give me a lot of time to think.
Because if someone is willing to flirt that heavy then that means the chances are higher that they might cheat in the future.

So, by using the no contact rule on an ex boyfriend who was clearly in the wrong in your relationship with him will give him time to think and with that time can come guilt over what he has done or how he has wronged you. Oh, and I forgot to mention that this guilt isn’t entirely exclusive just to the breakup reason. That means that close to 38,000 women have read about the no contact rule and a very high percentage of those women have actually tried it out on their ex boyfriends.
Well, it means that I have seen the no contact rule used a lot on ex boyfriends and have seen just about every reaction from them in the book.
In this section I would like to talk about the five most popular reactions from an ex boyfriend after the no contact rule is implemented. I wanted to start off with this reaction because this is without a doubt one of the most common reactions that you are going to get from your ex after you use the no contact rule. Want me to let you in on a secret on how I would react if someone I cared about a lot used the no contact rule on me? During it’s use on me I would probably be extremely upset and angry with the person who used it on me. In fact, I would be so over the moon that I wouldn’t care that this person essentially ignored me for a month.
Everyone hates being ignored when they want nothing more than to be heard and that is essentially what the no contact rule does. He is going to resent that a little bit at first but eventually he is going to miss you so much it is going to trump that resenting emotion. Lets say that you and I previously dated and you broke up with me due to some stupid reason. After some self reflection by you, you realize that you made a big mistake in breaking up with me.
You become desperate to get me back so you end up going to the internet to search for advice. Yes, I miss you but I am also aware by ignoring me during the no contact rule you are playing a game and this sets off an alarm in my head. In other words, when the time finally does come for us to communicate after the no contact rule I am going to be half in and half out when I respond to you.
In my mind I am going to need something from you to prove that you still are interested in me because after all, you were the one who broke up with me and you were the one ignoring me during no contact. Now, if you follow the advice I have laid out in this site you will give your ex that special something he needs to understand that you are still interested in him.
It’s that if you find your ex responding positively after the no contact rule but you can also feel this distance in his responses then it is probably because he is looking for something more from you before he takes the risk of opening up to you. Your ex, who probably wants to talk to you, is ignored for 30 days and grows angry because he doesn’t get what he wants, to talk to you. I almost look at men who are super angry after the no contact rule like toddlers who go to the store and throw a tantrum because their mommy or daddy won’t buy them the toy they wanted. In this particular instance it is important for you to understand that the underlying reason that your ex is angry with you after no contact is because he wanted to talk to you during the freeze out period and his ego can’t take being ignored.
Now, you have been waiting a long time for this moment so most likely you are going to be extremely disappointed with that response but if you really break it down it’s not that bad of a response at all. My E-Book, The No Contact Rule Book teaches women that after the no contact rule they should actually reach out to their exes with a text message that is so interesting that is impossible for him not to respond.
Now, the question in play here is what could possibly be going on in your exes mind if he gives you this type of response?
Generally speaking, if after no contact, your ex gives you this response it means he is either holding some type of resentment or anger over either the breakup or the no contact rule. Some men are very passive aggressive and will hold their anger in over the breakup and it can come out in the form of neutral responses.
Rather than freaking out over a neutral response I would wait a day or two and then try again with another text.
You use the no contact rule on your ex boyfriend and then after NC, according to the instructions via Ex Boyfriend Recovery PRO you send a text message and your ex doesn’t respond. Of course, the world hasn’t ended yet as you wait yet another week and then try again. Well, if your ex refuses to talk to you after the no contact rule I think there are a few things that you have to take a look at. Of course, when push comes to shove and you finally do end up texting your ex after the no contact rule he usually won’t be able to resist a response. So, while it is possible that he could hold so much resentment for you ignoring him that he won’t even respond to you at all it is unlikely. What is the more likely truth is that your ex holds resentment over the breakup or the reason you broke up. For example, lets say you cheated on him with his best friend (totally not true but bear with me here.) If that happened to me, my significant other cheated on me with my best friend I would be so upset I would not be able to even talk to my significant other.
If your breakup reason hit him so hard emotionally it is entirely possible that he wont want to talk to you at all.
I dont understand him now his words i never cal u ,never msg u while i m not disturbing him and when he know the truth. And also want to be with his new girl friend but when that girl knew about me she leave my boyfriend by saying you are not loyal to that girl who lives with you then she do not want any relation with him. When he came to know that she (his first ex)make me know everthing he cut every relation from her and now he is not in her touch.
Aside from the mere need to earn him back, you will also have to system detailsout well in buy to essentially be successful. Simply, what your program has to dois confirm that you have modified and will no longer make the same exact issues as prior to.This is convinced to desire your ex boyfriend and make him curious about you again. We’re specifically looking at the text message portion of the game plan and what you need to do. The first text message that you send your ex-boyfriend after the no contact rule has to be so interesting that it will be impossible for him not to respond. I’m always asking women on the website, “What was the text message you sent exactly?” They usually give me something generic like, “Hey” or “Hi” or “What’s up?” A one-word text message that has no value at all isn’t going to compel your ex-boyfriend to respond. There are tons of examples in Ex-Boyfriend Recovery Pro, which I’ll link to for those of you who want to buy it. You text your boyfriend, “I have a confession to make…” He will say, “What?” If someone says, “I have a confession to make,” their mind wonders. This correlates to exactly how I want conversations to go as time goes on with you and your ex-boyfriend.
Then, once she had me hooked and we were texting every single day, we would be in the middle of a text conversation. As a general rule, it’s not the end of the world if he doesn’t text you first and you’re the one who has to reach out to him. Let me preface this by saying that you should never try to transition from a text message to a phone call unless you have built up enough traction. I’ll finish this on the phone.” That’s how you transition from a text message to a phone call properly.
I’ve moved up and had one phone call with him, it was very positive also but I kept it short.
I bumped into him today and he pretended not to see me then buried himself to his phone and walked swiftly past.
The most annoying thing when I am doing NC, is that thought of finally he is finally free, since we were together for 6 years, he must wants to try everything now. So me and my ex broke up a month ago due to exam stresses and it’s been put on the cards that we might try again after our exams. I never understood how is it possible to get my ex to text me first after just a few text messages but now I finally see that it doesn’t have to be so. She basically told me that most of the women who implement the no contact rule end up contacting their exes first after the no contact rule is over.
Now, I will be the first to admit that no woman has ever done a 30 day no contact rule on me but I have been on the receiving end of a half day, day and three day no contact rule and let me tell you that it drove me absolutely crazy. Well, he ended up taking this girl on one date and he thought that the date went pretty well.
So, she decided to get rid of him the only way she knew how without hurting his feelings, ignoring him. It makes you feel a little insignificant as a man and the more insignificant a man feels the more he will feel like he has to prove.
They are scared that if they use the no contact rule on their ex that he will think that they want nothing to do with him and I am not going to lie to you, some men will think that. In fact, it might even be a good thing because as I have pointed out so many times men love women who are a challenge. He probably knows that you are ignoring him on purpose so that he will miss you and ultimately want you to come back. You see, when something very emotional happens (like a break up) we tend to think very angry thoughts. I can tell you right now that I would be very upset if I found my significant other was flirting with other men in this type of alarming manner. In fact, you may learn in the future after the no contact rule that your ex was feeling guilty over some fight that you thought was insignificant. Well, one of the most beautiful things about this website is the fact that I actually get to interact with thousands of women and hear how their attempt to get their ex back goes.
However, after about a week or two I would start to calm down and think about the situation. Your internet search eventually lands you on this site and you learn about the no contact rule which you swiftly place into effect. Now, most women freak out when they get an angry response from an ex and they think their chances of winning him back are over completely. How he responds to that message is going to dictate how positively, negatively or neutrally he views you. One of podcast chris says if a man said too many times a thing then it become an action.i am afraid of this. We have a great connection & express our goal, dreams, and even have spoke about a future together.
If you get back together with your ex with nogaining knowledge of anything from the past, then you will more than likely just end upbreaking up all over once more. I am planning to send a text message to break no contact but I’m wondering, after he answers and we have a short conversation, for the next conversation, do I initiate contact or should he? Unfortunately, the payment processor I have does not branch out to certain areas of the world.
It’s a $47 value ebook and I’ll send it to your email for free because you are adding value by asking your question, which was a great question. The best way to do that is to build attraction, trust and rapport through text messages and then transition to a phone call.
Ideally, you will have built up enough attraction to where he’ll want to talk to you on the phone. After that first text message, you want to end the conversation as fast as you possibly can.

It’s almost like it happened so naturally and slowly that you didn’t even have time to see it.
Right now when you’re getting the fire started, you need to earn the right to have him text you first.
At the most important point of the conversation, when I would send a text to her and think, “I cannot wait to hear her response to this,” she wouldn’t respond.
I talked about this in an article I wrote about how to talk to your ex-boyfriend on the phone.
But because he is very stubborn, very very stubborn and introvert so it wasn’t a surprise that he didn’t try to contact me during the no contact period although he did pretty much like everything on my social media.
After that incident, he started to really take his time to reply, sometimes waiting over half the day to reply a text. Can I still try to transition to a phone call if I have been the one to initiate text convos?
After NC, i followed your instructions and had a lighthearted conversation about a funny anecdote, which i then ended quickly. I’m afraid to do NC again, because all of the attraction built during my flirting with him, makes me want him more. He called me moody because according to him I talk to him only when I want something from him (which is me doing occasional bouts of NC on him). It has been more than 6 months with his rebound, and it doesn’t look like a rebound to me anymore.
For example, lets say that you were to use the no contact rule on your ex boyfriend for 30 days. There is just one problem, this is me we are talking about here and I run a website where I teach women how to get their exes back so I pretty much know every trick in the book.
In fact, I think a case could be made that everyone who goes through a break up will think angry thoughts. Of course, in order for your ex to feel this guilt you have to give him time in the form of the no contact rule.
Eventually as the days and weeks go by I would just be hoping for any kind of reaction or response from the person using NC.
Now, the no contact has a pretty decent effect on me because it makes me miss you and I want nothing more than to have a conversation with you. So, if after no contact he is still upset for the same reason that means that the intent to talk to you is still there. However, if you try reaching out 3-5 times to your ex and he responds either negatively or neutrally each of those times it is at this point you know that his anger, resentment or disappointment runs deep and he may need more time to deal with the situation.
I even asked him if he didnt love me why one month ago he still asked me to have phone sex n so on. He sorry to me but next day he just block me again.(the situation i describe in begginning).he said to me dont tell anything to her that now i(he) know everything who did this? I was in another state before moving back to Illinois but before I moved back we were broken up.
However, since I am purchasing from Japan, none of my means of purchase are currently working. If you’ve used all of the other text messages that I recommended and your ex hasn’t responded, then use the “I have a confession” text. As time goes on, slowly and slowly, you’re getting on a basis where you’re texting every single day, more and more throughout the day.
I talked a lot about how to transition from a text to a phone call, what to say on the phone call and then how to transition from a phone call to a date.
But at the end he said there is a chance that we can start things over again but we should just let things run naturally.
He did block and unfollowed me on social media though but still answered to my texts or calls.
He called me snobbish too, because he thinks I’ve changed, I think too highly of myself and have become too overconfident now.
Be exceptionally cautious whenthinking about what to say in your text messages to guarantee that you seriously triumph atgaining your ex boyfriend again how to text your ex because of text.If you are nevertheless in ache from your separation, then you quite likely want to gainknowledge of how to text your ex boyfriend back. You need to be interesting enough to where he’ll want to transition from a text to a phone call. I will link to that article so that you can learn in a more in depth manner than what I’m explaining here. So my question is should i do nc rule again to complete my 30 days or i should increase the time period. All he wants from me is that I talk to him whenever he feels like, and have sex with me whenever I flirt with him. I think that these particular type of texting u mentioned are suitable for people who were rejected … How can i text in a way my ex can understand that i care for him and by that create an attraction ?
Well, this woman was curious as to what was going on in the mind of a man AFTER the no contact rule had already be implemented. We spoke for about 2 weeks before deciding to meet up & I actually went out to see him. I didn’t hear from him, so I waited 3 more days and sent him another text, I know that he is pretty attached to his phone, so I know that he definitely read it.
Accomplishing this can be dishearteningand cumbersome, while, most of all if the breakup was your fault to start with. Maybe instead of stopping two text messages in, I want you to go four or five text messages in.
When you reach the high point of your text conversation, when your responses are 50 to 60 words each, he sends a text message and you’re thinking, “I bet he can’t wait to hear back from me.” That’s when you end the conversation. My question is: should I keep the conversations about something other than us & emotional? He thought I was flirting with his friend and he wouldn’t talk to me for a week and then asked me to go to the bar so I could see him with another girl. He then went back to sydney and lived in his family house, for the period of three months everything was okay, we kept missing each other, he got a job, and he even begged me to visit him soon but I couldnt cuz I was studying as well. In fact, youhave in all likelihood previously experimented with just about everything in your electricpower to rekindle the connection so far. Rather than give general knowledge and then go into a game plan, I’m going to hit the game plan right now. Again, if you want the text messages, you’re going to have to check out Ex-Boyfriend Recovery Pro. I think it all had to do with her ending the conversation at the high point, which is super important. Also, could you give an insight to whether if he didn’t respond to that type of text what he could possibly be feeling? After 3 months apart things becoming more stressfull for him, he had to move out from the family house n it was difficult for him to find the house.
If you nonetheless havent succeeded, then youmust have to get individuals emotions in check out and get started imagining obviously in thepast you test to text your ex boyfriend again yet again.Frequently, talking, psychological gals are significantly increased susceptible in comparisonto girls who are thinking plainly.
Sadly, getting psychological wont assistance you text yourex boyfriend back again in any way, so never plead or beg for him to appear back again intoyour arms.
Two days later we met up at his house and talked about our problems and he said that he wanted to put the past behind us and start fresh.
Undertaking so will only make you appearance emotionally and mentally unstableand will not assist you out in the operation.Instead, what you need to do is produce some distance amongst you and your ex boyfriendfor now. Ideally, I wouldn’t accept a phone call from him until you’ve built enough attraction through text messages.
He admitted that he still had deep feelings for me and told me he wanted to make me dinner the next night.
I kept asking him what happend n cuz this is my first relationship I didnt know that it was normal for a guy to have little space when they re stress out. As brought up earlier, you want to get management of your feelings prior to whenmaking an attempt to deal with things for good quality.
Yet, after about 3 days of the break up I reached out to him, & we spoke about being friends but deep down I was not alright with that. In other phrases, you have to be incomplete command of you and your intellect previous to grabbing your cell cell phone. He was going to move out on wednesday and at the same time in the morning he wanted to go and play football with his friends, I said its better not to play for today cuz im scared he would be tired. I called him about two days later, crying over the phone about how I want to be more than his friends. His reaction took me by surprise when he said he felt the same but was hurt about me breaking up with him & felt pushed away. After moving out to a new house, it was so difficult for me to be able to talk to him freely.
Therefore, I went snooping on his Instagram (we do not not follow each other, but his page is public). This is the first time he hung up on me and after he said he wasnt happy, I was so sad and I lost my confidence. He tried texting me later on Friday night after finding out his cheating behavior, yes I consider flirting as cheating, I ignored his message & he tried again but I ignored it. One week after moving out, he called me n said he was not ready to marry me, I tried to convince him it was only a cold feet.
In that moment I decided to make my Instagram page public, posting pictures from a party I went to the other night, in hopes hat he would see them.
The next few day he said the same thing, then I told him to take it slowly if he wasnt ready. N he apologise after I got so angry, he said sorry for not able to pay enough attention and n he would try his best to pay more attention. Then my birthday came, I asked him if he prepared anything to me, he said no sorry he had no time. What are my chances of getting him to stop playing games & for him to come back around the correct way? Are we actually break up or taking a break cuz he said yes to give us chance but with annoyed tone, should I actually consider this as a break up or only giving space?
The next day I asked him if he had sent the money, he said he went home so late n he said he cudnt but he wud send it tomorrow.
Wudnt that only give him chance to cheat n make me his plan B cuz he knows i love him soo much? Then I got my period, I messaged him sooooo looonggg at that night, I said I was happy but sad at the same time cuz we were not like before. But I didn that cuz this is my first real relationship n we get too comfortable for each other..

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