I’ve been doing this for a long time and one of the most common questions I get is whether two people born under the same signs have a more compatible love match than two people born under different signs. When you pair two people of the same sign, they pretty much have an idea of what to expect from their romantic partner. The reason I say the answer is partly no is because as much as the horoscope tells us our general direction and our general tendencies, we are still creatures of choice. Believe it or not, 20% of your life is based on your personal decisions while 80% is due to your general inclination and your general direction, never underestimate that 20%. If you’re looking for a love partner that is not afraid to show his or her love for you, the Leo can definitely fit the bill. Unfortunately, when it comes to romantic relationships, including relationships between Leo and Taurus signs, common sense is the first thing that gets flushed down the toilet.
When it comes to Leo woman and Leo man love compatibility both partners need to understand that the relationship has to progress quickly beyond the passion stage. However, there are different levels of passion and the highest level of course is spiritual. One key to growing the relationship past the early stages of superficial passion and physical passion is to learn how to listen. I know this may seem pretty basic for anybody that’s been in any kind of significant relationship, but the reality is as our society progresses, people listen to each other less and less.
When you go into any negotiation or any relationship or any other situation involving other human beings, you have to know how to listen first. In other words, you have to learn how to understand and understand the other person before you can expect to be understood. The reality is that one of the common factors of Leos is that they tend to charge in any situation without knowing all the facts. I don’t think you need me to remind you that action without listening leads to disaster. If you’re going to rush into any situation, especially as emotionally-charged as a romantic relationship, you better have at least enough of the facts so you can at least conduct yourself properly. If you want Leo woman and Leo man love compatibility to lead to a positive place, you need to understand that you need to listen first and then understand and then take action.
One key aspect of the Leo personality is that all this boldness, all this brashness and perception of strength is really driven by a deep sense of insecurity.
However, it is definitely worth keeping an eye on because if you understand what drives a person to behave the way that person does you, can make serious progress in talking to each other and understanding each other in such a way that you complement each other instead of competing with each other, butting heads or otherwise dragging each other down. Make no mistake about it, Leo woman and Leo man love compatibility has worked in the past, is working now and will continue to work in the future. However, you need to keep the factors above in mind to maximize the success of your relationship. I truly believe that my gift of psychic ability and insight is a blessing to me and if I have a responsibility to use my God given gifts to help others.
When a Taurus male falls for a Leo lady they are able to grab high ranks on the compatibility charts. Taurus man and Leo woman rank high on love compatibility as each of the partner holds on to their love relation strongly. The sexual relation between a Taurus male and a Leo female is a beautiful blend of sensuality and sexuality. Taurus man and Leo woman have the talent to manage their marriage with skill and make it smooth and easy. If you want to create a remarkable impression on a Leo woman then you must pay attention to her. You need to be a little careful with your authoritative behavior because she doesn’t like to be controlled in any manner. Both Aries and Leo are the fire signs and that’s the reason why their physical chemistry is sensational and passionate.

Though Aries man knows well how to take care of his Leo lady, still some points have been mentioned here which can really help him enjoy his relation.
Just like you even she demands attention in this relation, so don’t get annoyed rather give her the attention which she wants from you and make her happy. Popular Posts:aries man leo woman marriagearies man leo womanleo woman aries manaries man and leo woman 2016leo woman aries man 2016aries man leo woman compatibility 2015leo woman aries man compatibility 2015aries man leo woman 2016leo woman and aries man love 2016as a leo girl how to attract a aries boy toward us?
Royalty free illustrated drawing of a happy sketched design mascot family man, a father and husband, hugging his wife and two children. Royalty free fishing clip art of a sporty white man wearing a hat and vest and holding a fishing pole. Royalty free cartoon vector ebook graphic of a sketched design martial arts mascot man kicking, perhaps while kickboxing. If you’re looking to have a friend that is willing to go all the way for you and defend you, you would fall in love with the level of passion a Leo has. The secret to Leo woman and Leo man love compatibility in a successful long-term relationship is to quickly grow the relationship. When both partners work with each other to quickly grow the relationship past the physical, sexual, emotional and social and other stages, they can quickly lead to a place where they can be fully matured and polished people.
This is precisely the reason why Leo woman and Leo man love compatibility can stand on rocky ground.
You cannot take action without the right kind of information otherwise you will make the wrong decision again and again. And sadly people can only take the emotional friction for so long until they decide to want to hit the exits. Their mutual understanding of each others desires, likings, needs and demands helps them satisfy each other in every respect and make their relation an example for others. She understands what he needs and showers him with love, affection, care and attention which make him feel special.
Both the sun signs are able to create an environment of love, trust and care in their relation. From romantic flirting to intimate love-making, from sweet kisses to passionate sexual expression of love; the couple enjoys every bit of togetherness in their life.
She is colorful and vibrant and you will notice her become the center of attraction in all the parties.
This is not a character hole that will doom any Leo and Leo relationship or Leo and other sign relationship for that matter. Both the partners find loyalty and devotion as important pillars of their relationship and nurture it with dedication.
Her sweet voice does the magic on him and her fragrance makes him fall for her again and again. Her admires and appreciates her and showers her with compliments along with his tender love. She loves people around her and her positive vibes infuse everything around her with lots of energy and vibrancy. Only an Aries man can deal with the hot-temper of a Leo lady and only she can bring him out of his me-zone. They perfect understand what the other partner wants from them and are able to meet each other’s expectations the best way.
Born with a kind heart and a charming personality, she is the life of every social gathering. Please note: this image is protected by copyright law and may not be used without buying a license.
They know how they perceive the world so there’s a lot in common that they can work with.
If you are in a Leo woman and Leo man relationship, you really need to wrap your mind around this concept.

The person might be opening their mouth and words might be coming out and they may be doing all sorts of things, but they need to be listened to at a certain level in a certain way. They have a lot of boldness, but it can end up with a very toxic situation where they are basically rubbing each other the wrong way all the time. The couple feels contented and secure in each other’s company which helps their relation get stronger with time.
The couple experiences deeply satisfying sexual encounters which are driven by passion and intimacy. She respects him and his traditional beliefs and proves to be his best companion who is an answer to all his needs, be it physical or emotional. He always motivates and encourages his lady in life and she also never disappoints her man.
Both the partners demand attention while making love to each other because of their strong physical needs which at times leads to some problems in their sexual life. They can spend hours in each others arms enjoying every sunset and sunrise and gazing at the stars without getting bored.
To find out more, ring Lori’s new love line on 0907 181 2948, enter your zodiac sign code and select OPTION 3. This match may face some small problems due to the stubborn nature of Taurus man and dominating attitude of Leo woman which are strong facets of their personality.
He has all the strength and intensity to make his lady feel contented and she too makes him feel special by responding to his gifts of love with affection and warmth.
To be with her, you need to entertain her so that she finds you interesting and nothing can steal the attention that you desire from her.
All in all it is a healthy and romantic sexual relationship which has the warmth of romance and passion in it. He becomes extremely caring and possessive for her Leo lady once he has fallen for her and now he doesn’t want anything else in his life. Make her feel that you notice every move she makes and she will surely get locked in your eyes.
As the time passes by, their physical relationship gets intensified and passionate with their devotion and love. He encourages and motivates her in her professional and personal life and she protects him and feels him secured.
He is a sincere lover who pampers his lady and spoils her by buying expensive gifts for her.
She also pampers her Aries man with tender love and deep affection for which he even gets ready to keep aside his ego.
To win her heart, you need to be innovative and interesting so that she doesn’t get bored too easily and too quickly. She understands his unspoken words and fulfills all his desires which he has not even mentioned to her. The loyalty, friendliness and warmth in their marriage help them attain high comfort levels in each others arms and add more sweetness and depth to their marriage. No arguments and fights can keep the couple away from each other for long as the attraction and love for each other is so strong that every fight brings them closer and strengthens their relationship. The lioness inside her makes her explore their love life and make every moment which they spend in their bed more expressive and heated. The couple may face issues because of the authoritative and stubborn attitude of the Taurus man which may affect the harmony between the couple.
Likewise, she may also sometimes get into her man’s nerves because of her innate nature to lead.

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