Fanboy fails to pay a quarter to Retchy, who vows to "get him next time", and as a result, he gets cursed almost every minute.
Fanboy and Chum Chum are walking to the Frosty Mart one day, when they are startled by a small boy named Retchy Lintpockets.
Near the end when Retchy sheds a souvenir tear, water gargling sounds are heard, but no tears actually appear in his eyes. It was heartbreaking to leave you off, but we did it to inspire you to be an even nastier villain and come back to take the top spot in 2013.

I’ve not experienced this myself, but if I recall the stories from automaton correctly these cheaters in Battlefield 3 are essentially giving themselves the power of Superman.
The forums glitched and everyone who hasn't already will have to re-upload their avatar. Retchy asks the boys to buy some candy off of him, but the boys say that he needs to improve his salesmanship first. I looked at a few other lists around the internet (top 100 comic book villains, top TV villains, etc) and most of the top movie villain lists had Torrance not only listed, but very high.

They sort of fly around, they can’t be killed, and their invulnerability makes attacking them pointless and uninteresting. Although he didn’t make our initial cut, I added him for fear of it being viewed as a major oversight.

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