December 21, 2015 by Sam Stephens, PhD 13 Comments Admit it: all that you want out of life is to find a girl who will love you.
While a lot of guys really aren’t hard to please in the girl department, the opposite can be said for girls. You might be aware of how soap operas work – by bringing the audience through emotional roller coasters, they create huge following through addictive storytelling. OK, so now you are well equipped with a couple of fractionation-based story lines up your sleeve. If you do all of these things, you will automatically eliminate any potential problems from occurring in terms of your looks and ensure that girls won’t get turned off by you because of your appearance. Remember: the only guys who refuse to make the right preparations before painting the town red are the ones who are fools. All that this really means is that you have to go to as many local parties and bars as possible. Once more people get to know you, you can start showing off your value to a girl that you like.
Before approaching a girl, it would also be important to be as confident as possible – fake it if needed.
Conversely, if you make it hard for a girl to figure out how much you really like her, she will stay interested in you for longer. Not a lot of guys have heard of the art of fractionation yet, but it has been used by great pickup artists to win girls over in less than 20 minutes. Before you learn this technique, though, you should know that fractionation is called a dark art because it uses a form of hypnosis to win girls over. Since this technique isn’t very conventional and since it is still controversial in some circles, you should use it at your own risk, knowing that it can be dangerous in the hands of the wrong man.
To learn how to use the fractionation technique on women and make them fall in love rather quickly – read this article below. Though she’s naive, stubborn and has a short fuse, I think the pros outweigh the cons, and I will stop at nothing to get her to be with me. Though the whole arabic thing might put a damper on the relationship later down the road, it’s a trial my passive-aggressive ass has to overcome.
Confusing switches in interest, managing down my expectations so far (separate lives) that guess what?

Hi Derek I just want to know if is possible to combine Fractionation And tension loops at the same time?? This website is a collection of case studies written by users of the SonicSeduction dating program developed by Derek Rake. DISCLAIMER: The techniques shared on this website are not endorsed by Derek Rake, and are not to be seen as representative of SonicSeduction. For more information on this website, or if you are a SonicSeduction user and want to share your story or experience, please get in touch with me using the details below. Will { I'm a freshmen and also not the best looking, but I want to ask out this girl I've known for about a year out. Marvin { I think I have finally found the girl of my dreams but have no idea how to approach her.
MK { Hi Derek I just want to know if is possible to combine Fractionation And tension loops at the same time??
Jon G { Human beings have speech and genitals because we are designed to communicate and form relationships. Because of this, most men end up believing that they simply don’t have what it takes to win over their dream girls. The core of the Sonic Seduction philosophy is this technique known as fractionation – a covert psychology technique which is reputed to make women fall in love rather quickly (in 15 minutes or even less). So, before hitting the town and looking for the perfect girl for you, make sure you are wearing trendy clothes, know where the hot spots are in your area and look as good as possible. Don’t be one of them and never assume that you will somehow get lucky one night, even without thinking things through first. Get to know the girls in your area, as well as the other people around you, so that you can practice your social skills and widen your social circle at the same time.
Even if you have never spoken to that girl before, just start talking to her with a smile on your face and she will find you friendly and approachable enough to carry on a conversation with. Girls happen to love talking about themselves… and this is before you pull the fractionation trick, of course. Girls love suspense and drama by nature, so you have to offer those things up to them whenever you can. Fortunately, you can learn how to use this technique yourself and pick up your own dream girl within that short time frame with ease.

It is actually considered to be quite controversial in some circles, but it is definitely one of the most effective techniques out there to seduce girls with ease.
For me, writing a note and putting it in her locker or binder when she isn't looking has worked. Now let’s get into the field to test out the secret seduction weapon that you have now.
And doing your homework on fractionation will put you ahead of 90% of the guys out there already.
After all, if you are just experimenting on how to pick up girls right now, then the best place to do so would be somewhere nearby.
Besides, girls tend to respond much more to guys who are social than to guys who don’t seem to know anybody else in the vicinity. By building up some suspense, you can actually get any girl attracted to you and get her to stay by your side like a bee to honey. If you fail to do this, then she will fall into a sea of comfort and familiarity and lose interest in you pretty quickly. Some days I feel confident and flirty with her, others I feel less confident and avoid her knowing I’m not 100% on my A-game.
While Derek Rake himself is supportive of this project, he does not endorse nor verify the accuracy of the content of this website.
Well, the good news is that you don’t need to win the lottery or look into plastic surgery to win over the perfect girl for you. Also, avoid looking desperate and clingy; this will only turn her off more than anything else. Every guy looks for the perfect girl who will fit into his life plan somehow and whether you want to admit it or not, this is the sole reason why you go out every weekend, hoping to hook up with a girl: to find your perfect match.
All you have to do is keep reading to know the dating fundamentals and you will learn the top secrets that pickup artists use to get girls to like them and actually succeed in that department yourself.

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