Louise Parker is a talented South African painter incorporating African designs, colours, and themes with gospel stories and characters. She and her husband have three daughters.
Louise studied art at Nelson Mandela Metropole University, majoring in fine art, and participated in various local and regional exhibitions, and also taught art lessons. Sharing Talents (In life and in the gospel we all have different gifts and abilities – and different personalities. The Access attribute of a group specifies how the group can be viewed, browsed, or searched.
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There are lots of pretty women, God made them to be so, but a woman who fears God is a rare find.
She felt dissatisfied with the religion she had grown up with and began to investigate different religions as a matter of interest with her Jewish friend. She spoke about her husband giving temple recommend interviews to Relief Society sisters who had walked for miles to attend the interviews.
This is what makes us an effective team when we are serving together: instead of criticising differences, combining our unique skill sets and personalities allows us to have a more effective outcome in our service.
This prayer group is designed to embrace romantic relationships developed on IMVU that have trasnformed into loving, respectful, & trusting bonds. She had known a Mormon girl at school and had admired her parents' marriage and relationship. Long after they had completed the interviews, Sister Pingree and her husband were making their long drive back and saw these two faithful sisters walking back to their village carrying temple recommends that they would never use. The parable of the five wise virgins came to my mind and I began painting the following week.

After having the missionary discussions, she became a member of the church just before her 18th birthday.
Work on the painting went very quickly and in spite of the detail, I completed the work in a few weeks–I had a day job at the time. I sent the painting in to the church worldwide art competition and was blessed with a purchase award. The painting was used to promote the art competition on the website and published in the Ensign.

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