It must be pretty cool being Maisie Williams these days. The young actress has one of the best gigs in town starring on Game of Thrones, and it was just announced (March 30) that she’s started filming her guest appearance on Doctor Who. On GOT: Friend to Stannis Baratheon, Davos Seaworth became a sailor at a young age to escape poverty. But two Berkeley alumni have set out to streamline the local job search by creating a site that connects local businesses with local applicants. The masterminds behind Localwise, which launched in January 2015, are two 2014 graduates of Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, Maya Tobias and Ben Hamlin. First, Hamlin and Tobias hit the streets to interview hundreds of local business owners about their biggest challenges. Localwise and the City of Berkeley will host a startup job fair at NextSpace in Berkeley at the end of January. In just a year, the platform has helped to fill about 2,000 local jobs and has had more than 1,000 businesses post ads. The event is filling up fast, so those interested in attending should register on the Localwise website.
The label "Christian" used to make me feel itchy deep in my soul-- like the word itself was one of those too-tight 100% wool sweaters your mother made you wear for family photos. Today I am an unabashed follower of the Way of Jesus, but I didn't get to spiritual peace without the help of other religions--30 of them, to be precise. To conquer my "Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome", I went on a journey through 30 religions before my 30th birthday--which is how I found myself in a Hindu Temple on Diwali four years ago, wearing a dazzling, bejeweled sari, asking a guy in a loincloth about God. Within two seconds of entering the Hindu Temple, I felt like I'd stepped straight through to India, minus the twenty-four-hour flight and jet lag.

I considered Shri Kyran's words as we continued greeting the gods, which I accomplished with a reverent bob of my head and slight bow.
I realized that my attitude to this God had softened enough that I could kiss my own hand in his honor and .
So it was there, in the Hindu temple, performing a Hindu ritual, that I realized it was possible to honor the God of one religion through the rituals of another. It was also at the temple that I asked myself a question my heart seemed to already know the answer to: Could it be that all religions were like these statues in the room, different representations of a God who was too vast to be contained?
As I stood there mid-thought, a tiny girl escaped her mother, bounded into the little altar room, and jumped right into the fountain. I'm not sure what I expected walking into the Hindu temple for the first time, but it certainly wasn't the reflection of a Love that is too vast to be contained--a Love that looked a lot like Jesus.. Parents can gain peace of mind knowing their childs special needs are cared for with Discovery, for the best start in life! Applicants slog through hundreds of ads online, unsure if a business is legitimate and even worth the time and effort it takes to apply. My guide, Shri Kyran, wore an outfit that resembled a white toga with an extra decorative sheet thrown over one shoulder. I tried and failed to imagine a single Christian church in India that could meet the needs of the gazillion brands of Christianity.
He explained that many people had trouble with the idea of God as a father, especially people who had endured drop-out dads or abuse.
But my hands-down, write-a-postcard ¬home favorite discovery was a little room with a fountain in the center and just enough space for us to shuffle single-file around it.

We fell in line behind them and I carefully copied the actions of the people in front of me. Could it be that the God of my childhood, this Unknown God, was another face I could learn to celebrate?
She splashed me, soaking herself and laughing gleefully, as if playing in the fountain of the Unknown God was the very reason she existed, the very reason we all exist. If we switch it around, there have been a number of actors to appear in Doctor Who and make the crossover to Game of Thrones. Employers wade through pools of applications from all over the country, and attempt to pluck out the few that seem promising amid the sludge of scams and unqualified candidates. His forehead bore white marks that looked like a more elaborate version of what Christian churches do on Ash Wednesday. I was struck by the idea of a female God; there seemed something terribly lacking about a patriarchal male God who was ever ready to smite you but also the embodiment of Love. So I’m starting with a little application on my iPad and hope that I can atleast order some food, hail a cab and get directions before we get off this ship.

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