An English art student has drawn international attention after he announced he would lose his virginity in front of a live audience as part of his art school project.
Clayton David Pettet, a student at a London University, has said that he wants to explore the abstract concept of virginity in today’s society. The concept of virginity has been a topic of intrigue since the birth of humanity – and the loss of virginity is to this day considered an important rite of passage. Although virginity itself is an abstract idea, the moment the hymen is broken is completely physical, and thus the exact moment of deflowering can be pin-pointed. The faculty at Pettet’s art school have declared that his proposal is not part of his official course work and they are encouraging his to seek alternative methods of expression.
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I was 15 (he was a few months older), it was over 15 years ago and it was right for me and I never saw it as a big deal, I was happy.. I lost mine when I was 17 and I knew somehow that it was just because I was curious and wanted it out of the way. You will always remember the first and whether you like it or not it will be your yardstick. He has said he lost his virginity "to a much older woman," whom Us Weekly later identified as his ex, Amy Byrne, who was 23 at the time. Tori Spelling's brother Randy claimed he took the heiress' virginity two months after meeting her in Palm Springs.

Celine Dion, 20According to her autobiography, it was "on that unforgettable day of April 30, 1988, the evening of the Eurovision competition." She lost it to her future husband. Benicio del Toro said he started thinking about girls when he was 3 or 4 years old and that losing his virginity was to him the fulfillment of a desire he had for a very long time.
The loss of male virginity is still more abstract – an undetectable moment in time, does male virginity really exist? Alongside our print publication we also publish stories online and through our social network platforms. I like him and I trust him, and I'm physically and mentally ready to have sex but a part of me is anxious because I've been hurt in the past.
What should I think about before committing to sleeping with him, and what should I make sure he knows about me before I take this step with him? It's obvious you are having doubts so wait and see if you get to a point where you have no doubts about him and you won't regret it. I, on the other hand, and I'm sure many others would agree, am sorry that I did not wait longer. You will know when you are really ready.And don't pay attention to the pressure you may feel from friends or peers.
She may be the fantasy of men everywhere but this Victoria's Secret model held out on having sex until she was married. The 'Graduate' star lost his virginity at a New Year's Eve party to an older woman who mistook him for his brother in a dark room.

The 'Lost' hunk told 'Playboy' magazine that he had his first time with a 14-year-old gal pal.
The 'Glee' hunk held out on losing his virginity at a young age by joining Christian groups in college at NYU.
While many people think Britney lost her virginity to Justin Timberlake, Britney's mom, Lynne Spears, revealed in a memoir that Brit lost her virginity to a football player at her high school. The reality star told the ladies at 'The View' that she felt "disgusted" after she lost her virginity at the young age of 14 to an older man. I'm with a guy who from the beginning has hinted on having sex and I'm 18 and altho I am fully capable of having sex with him I figure I've waited this long so I might as well wait until I am 100% sure he is the man I want to give my virginity to.
However, I am not sure whether I should lose my virginity to her because she is not that hot, and I actually don't like her. However, he eventually did the deed (before marriage!), which he called a "sweet" and "innocent" experience. Although he was my boyfriend for a year I realize now that it was not a relationship that was healthy and I just stayed because I lost my virginity to him.

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