Es posible que tu relacion con un chico especial vaya y venga, pero seguro ahora lo quieres de vuelta. Lee la cuarta parte de este articulo, “?Cuando debes intentarlo?”, para aprender mas acerca de si es una buena idea recuperar a tu ex. Si tu novio era fisica, emocional o verbalmente abusivo de cualquier forma, no debes tratar de volver con el. Esto no quiere decir que debas evitarlo por completo si van juntos a la escuela o tienen amigos en comun, pero evita llamarlo o salir con el por un tiempo, asi ambos tendran la oportunidad de sanar y ordenar sus pensamientos.
Si tu ex te contacta seguido, hazle saber que vas a darle un poco de tiempo para que no piense que no quieres nada con el. Si sufres de depresion o ansiedad, consulta con un profesional de salud mental para que te ayude. Incluso si no hablas sobre su relacion pasada directamente, puedes recordarle los buenos momentos que compartieron juntos de forma sutil. Asegurate de preguntarle a tu ex si todavia tiene sentimientos por ti tambien antes de empezar a hablar efusivamente sobre tu deseo por volver a estar juntos.
Dependiendo de la seriedad de su relacion, es posible que deseen acudir a sesiones de terapia de pareja para mejorar sus habilidades en la relacion.
Dependiendo de los malos habitos que esten tratando de desaparecer, podrian necesitar la ayuda de un profesional de salud mental.
Dile a tu ex por que hiciste lo que hiciste y hazle saber lo que aprendiste de la experiencia. Si le fuiste infiel porque te sentias infeliz en la relacion o porque sentias que faltaba algo, se honesta sobre lo que paso y lo que te gustaria hacer para asegurarte de que no vuelva a suceder. Si fuiste infiel porque pensaste que tenias sentimientos verdaderos hacia la otra persona, pero realmente no los tenias, hazle saber a tu exnovio lo equivocada que estabas y dile lo que aprendiste. Si eres una infiel compulsiva y no estas segura de lo que te motiva, muestrale tu compromiso de buscar asesoramiento psiquiatrico profesional. Si le fuiste infiel por venganza o para ensenarle a tu exnovio una leccion, dile que te diste cuenta de lo inmaduro que era y de que aprendiste lo importante que es enfrentar los conflictos como un adulto. Comprometete a conversar regularmente, y asegurate de ser abierta y honesta con tu pareja todo el tiempo. Complementa a tu pareja incluso en los aspectos mas simples de su vida diaria y animalo a hacer lo mismo.
Por ejemplo, si lo quieres de vuelta porque te sientes sola sin el, no es una razon suficiente para que vuelvan a estar juntos. Si lo quieres de vuelta porque sientes celos de que pueda estar con alguien mas, piensa de nuevo antes de decidirte a tratar de volver con el.
No te esfuerces demasiado si sabes que el no esta interesado en ti; solo perderas tu tiempo y, peor aun, podrias parecer tonta. Sonriele cada vez que esten juntos, asi sabra que todavia te gusta y que estas feliz de verlo. Si existe un patron de romper y volver a estar juntos, hay algo malo en la relacion que debe arreglarse.
The women in our lives are the most beautiful and mysterious of creatures on the planet and one thing that drives us guys crazy is how they can be so unpredictable and confusing.
I remember offering advice to a client whose ex-girlfriend had, “out of the blue”, declared that she wanted to break up with him. And I am sure you would be completely justified to make such a claim because these kinds of break-ups do happen.
He told me that even the night before, they had made love and talked about long range plans.
They parted that morning on great terms, but when he got back to the apartment, she was partially packed and declared she “just had to go”. He never saw this event unfolding and had every reason to believe that their future together as a couple was as solid as it could possible be.
I mean, yes, his ex-girlfriend’s behavior was odd and mysterious and completely beyond predictability as he explained. One should not let four years go right out the window, without pressing for more details and insisting she sit down and explain what had happened and why she was taking such drastic measures. You see, I was confused by what he described as a long term girlfriend suddenly bolting out the door. I asked him, “now hold it, you didn’t just let her walk out without pressing or insisting on an explanation”. Sorrowfully, he replied, “well, she has always been an independent, sensitive minded woman and I was so stunned, I just stood there as she walked out”. And this was certainly one of those occasions where the girlfriend presumably just upped and left the relationship with little explanation.
Well, let’s try to peel back a few layers and maybe we will get lucky and make a bit of sense out of what is going on and how you might want to act to counter the chaos.
And not all ex girlfriends are willing to cold drop their long term boyfriend on the spot without an explanation.
Heck,  I know some guys that are pretty darn wild and wacky and completely unreliable and unpredictable.
Now, for the women readers out there, please don’t crucify me and throw away all the points I am about to make! I am going to say some things that some of our lovely lady folks might not be happy to hear. In fact, you might want to go fetch a drink, because you are going to need it in order to re-calibrate your thinking. Indeed, the more time you spend around women, particularly if you are strongly connected and bonded with a woman, the smarter you will become.
I also think that some of those ex-girlfriends out there are hard to figure out because they want us to think they are “mysterious”. But men need to understand that sometimes these odd and confusing behaviors are manifestations of a woman who is using her “cunning skills” to outsmart or outfox you.
I think part of the reason women are such good actresses is it is a learned skill, passed down from other successful women they have modeled themselves after. Another reason for their “actress behavior” comes from simple survival and coping skills they have acquired over the years. So a tough question to ask is, “are women manipulative” when it comes to their relationships?
But I would venture to say, women are much more competent at the practice and use of manipulation.
Now just to muddy the waters even more, some of these same women are at times genuinely confused about what they may want. Their wider range of emotions may cause them to be perceived as unpredictable or mysterious. This is what makes understanding the “cause and effect” of things that happen within a relationship, a very confusing matter.
Or is the confusion and uncertainty you experience, caused by the emotional turmoil that your ex gf is experiencing. So while these guys are unable to see the reality outside the cave, the images on the cave wall gives them incomplete glimpses of the underlying reality.
Imagine that outside the entrance of the cave, the ex-girlfriends of these guys are walking, talking, and behaving in a variety of ways. The men of the cave can only see the shadow play on the walls as they try to deduce what is all means. Now with this allegory in mind, do you ever feel like a caveman, unable to fully process why your ex-girlfriend behaves in the manner she does?
I think some of the confusion stems from men failing to understand the makeup of women, as compared to themselves or other men. Part of the reason you may not understand is because she expects that you should be able to make the connection about what it is “you” should be doing or saying. Now, if you could read her mind and follow the flurry of thoughts she is having and how they connect with her behavior, then you would be a heck of a lot less confused. The confusion guys usually have about their ex-girlfriends also originates with men’s inability to understand women’s need for feeling safe and secure.
We often take our own security needs for granted and cannot fathom why our girlfriend may need special emotional support at times. All of these things I ruminate about, though culled from experience, do not necessarily apply to all women or all men.
So, please be careful in applying any blanket judgements on what might be the cause of why people behave the way they do.
Nevertheless, it is a fact that many men struggle with understanding the root cause of why women say or do things. Men struggle with why their girlfriends will invariably flip or flop on various issue of minor or major importance. One reason for this is that men and women largely adopt different styles and solutions to situations.

We tend to plow straight on down in search of the resource, pushing rocks and sediments to the side, as we close in on the prize.
Whereas if the oil rig was female, it would be a horizontal rig, capable of drilling vertically, then shifting on a horizontal axis exploring the reservoir using other drilling tactics.
Our confusion with fully understanding the opposite sex stems from the reality that men and women are designed for different purposes and operate in a different way. Do you ever feel like your romance or “the break up” is taken from the annuals of a great spy caper? Now, I am not saying that men are obsessed with the desire to have sex every waking moment of their lives. This biological attraction men have for women in general, but particularly a woman’s form, is hard-wired into their brains. Whatever the current situation is with the two of you, be assured that she will play on this natural desire you have for her.
So when you are confused about her behavior and cannot make head or tales about what she did or why she did it, it can mean two things. So she will play the mystery woman in order to allow herself time to draw closer to what she may later think she wants. The moves made at the beginning of the game, sometimes are done to disguise what the plan is for later in the match.
Your ex-girlfriend probably knows this, so she will make use of the “mystery woman card” to advance her pursuit of you.
When she plays hard to get or gives you confusing and mysterious signals, she is often actively in pursuit of you. There is treasure to be found when your ex-girlfriend is presenting herself in a mysterious fashion. She may still be very mad at you and is purposely playing coy and clever to keep you off track. But the way I see it,  this is still a component of attraction, whether she realizes it or not. Just going to the trouble to toy with you, as a means of “punishment”, helps her work though some of these less attractive emotions. Her mysterious “evil” nature, when it is aimed at “you”, is actually a reflection that she is still attracted to you at some level.
Just know that the mystery girl persona is a powerful “arrow in the quiver” for your ex-girlfriend.
If she says or does something unpredictable, it could mean she is signaling her interest in you.
It could mean she is unsure what she wants, so you will get a steady dose of conflicting signals. She may still be recovering from the myriad of emotions associated with the break up and therefor she is acting out all kinds of thoughts and emotions. Generally, if your former girlfriend or current girlfriend is demonstrating unpredictable tendencies, it very possible she is calling upon what I call the “Feminine Mystique”. By being unpredictable with her behaviors or her conversation, she may be  consciously or subconsciously trying to arouse sexual tension.
Women like laying down seeds of uncertainty and unpredictability in order to sow a little bit of chaos. If you cannot fully grasp exactly what she is thinking and if you are left guessing what she is up to, it ratchets up the sexual tension. When your ex-girlfriend clearly signals what she really wants from you, then the game is over. But all of us are creatures filled with insecurities and vulnerabilities, so we  evoke “smoke and mirrors” at times during our interactions.
Your ex-girlfriend is likely an expert in exerting her influence, thereby keeping you at bay if it serves her or pulling you in when she feels so inclined.
Your unpredictable girlfriend most likely understands you much better than you understand her.
Now, just because she may have a leg up on you when it comes to the little mind control games, does not mean she can’t miscalculate. Sometimes, putting out too much chaos and conflicting signals can work against an individual. This is where things can spin out of control if your ex girlfriend’s emotions get the best of her. When that happens, even she loses control of what she really wants or is unable to contain her behavior, thereby losing her advantage. Using another metaphor, if a guy is boxer when it comes to dealing with his ex-girlfriend; then his Ex is an UFC fighter possessing multiple martial arts skills, including boxing, wrestling, muay thai, jiu jitsu and judo. And if you and your ex-girlfriend are slowly circling each other (so to speak) in the game of recovering from the break up, be assured that she will use every language in the book. When your girlfriend is feeling close to you, she demonstrates her affections through tender touches and soft and heartfelt expressions of love. What was once this soft and purring love machine, has grown fangs and claws and there is no mistaking her rage.
Depending on how far along you are after the break up, your former girlfriend’s language of anger may still be bubbling under the surface.
When your girlfriends speaks to you in the language of sadness, you will usually hear very little from her. Sadness and the silent treatment are cousins when we are seeking to understand the languages of women. She can use and parse her words very carefully in such a way that she can summon up images in your mind.
A suggestive comment here or there, can set you off wondering if she has designs on someone else. Or she can ever so casually flirt with another guy to create this unspoken silent language, which in turn causes you to feel the pangs of jealousy. Your lovely girlfriend may also be an expert at enlisting co-conspirators to advance her agenda of jealousy.
One of her friends can be recruited to utilize the “name drop technique”  or make a casual remark about somebody or something. It is that what she says, could mean two different things or possibly the opposite of what she states. What we have going on here is a bit of a “passive aggressive” tactic coupled with “contrarian logic”.
Essentially what is happening is your ex girlfriend is doing the opposite of what you would expect. For example, you make a suggestion and it is something she really does not want to do, but she says “yes”, but “inside”, she really means “no”.
Now, since you are a guy and are not very conversant in this language we call “double speak”, you believe her when she says “yes”. But later, she tells you what she really meant is “No” and declares you should have known that is what she really wanted. Double Speak is when your ex girlfriend says she “hates you”, but she really is just very upset and annoyed with you and actually “loves you”. So as you can see, to successfully win back your ex girlfriend, you need to be conversant in a lot of languages, including  “Double Speak”! The sooner you realize that women speak many languages, the faster you will realize the errors of your ways! Now to be fair, I should point out that you really have to be female to fully grasp all of these languages. So don’t feel bad if you can’t quite figure out what is going on in your ex-girlfriend’s mind and why what she “says” is not always what she “means”. Oh, by the way, do you remember that guy we were talking about at the beginning of this post? Well, it turned out that the reason she walked was not because she didn’t love him or was “finished with him”. What happened is that she had experienced a panic attack earlier, which was triggered by the discussion they had the night before.
Do your remember me telling you that my client and his girlfriend had made love the night before their break up and stayed up late talking about long term plans? My name is Chris, and I help millions of guys per year improve themselves, and get their ex girlfriends to come running back. Hi Chris, me and my girlfriend have been having troubles for the last few months and she finally broke it off yesterday.
I did read some article that said “Woman wants to be heard, listened, and understood. I just hanging out with my friends and I saw her hanging out with some guys as well, maybe from her work.
If you are at the beginning on want to slowly work things to where eventually you are talking every day but this needs to be gradual.

Share the joy 6 1 With all the man stealing going on out there, it’s looking like nobody is safe, especially not around your own friends!!!
With all the man stealing going on out there, it’s looking like nobody is safe, especially not around your own friends!!! Sorry word is used on that time when we do some wrong and we are feeling guilty on our behavior or hurt to anyone with our attitude or words so that’s why we say sorry to remove misunderstanding and problems that creates among us.
When your words hurt the anyone and he angry to you then we say sorry to him for remove his anger and remove the misunderstanding that create among us and we say sorry to realize to other that i  feel sorry on my attitude. No es raro que una pareja vuelva a estar junta despues de tomarse un tiempo alejados el uno del otro, asi que no pierdas la esperanza.
Lo primero que necesitas hacer es echar un vistazo detallado a los factores que llevaron a la ruptura.
Es perfectamente normal que lo extranes incluso si se trataba de una relacion poco saludable, pero es importante recordar que lo puedes hacer mejor. Debido a que el final de una relacion es usualmente tumultuoso, lo mejor es que los dos se den un tiempo apartados el uno del otro antes de intentar arreglar las cosas. Es posible que te sorprendas por el impacto que puede tener un tratamiento sobre tu autoestima.
Si tienen amigos en comun o si sus amigos estan dispuesto a hablar contigo sin que tu ex lo sepa, considera preguntarles cual es la probabilidad, que segun ellos existe, de que tu ex quiera volver contigo. Cuando estes lista para comenzar a pasar tiempo con tu exnovio nuevamente, preguntale casualmente si le gustaria que hicieran algo como amigos, como beber algo, ir a un evento deportivo, jugar un juego que les guste a ambos, ver una pelicula o pasear por el centro comercial.
En su lugar, trata de pasar un buen rato con el y asegurate de que el pase un buen rato contigo. De lo contrario, espera hasta que hayan pasado tiempo juntos un par de veces y hayas tenido la oportunidad de causarle una buena impresion como amiga. Mientras pases tiempo con tu ex como amigos, dale razones para recordar todas las cosas que ama de ti. En el camino puedes soltar algunas pistas sutiles que muestren que aun estas interesada en el.
Aprovecha el tiempo juntos como amigos para demostrarle como has estado trabajando para ser mejor.
Desafortunadamente, no hay una manera precisa para saber si tu exnovio quiere volver contigo sin preguntarle.
Si tu exnovio acepta volver contigo, ambos tienen que tomar medidas para asegurarse de que los mismos problemas que causaron su ultima ruptura no interfieran en su relacion nuevamente. Ahora es el momento de examinar las actitudes que los llevaron a terminar y traten de mejorar.
Si sus personalidades son incompatibles, es probable que lo mejor sea buscar un nuevo novio que te quiera como eres. Si hiciste algo que lo lastimo, ya sea haber dicho algo que lo ofendio o no estar para el cuando lo necesitaba, es momento de pedir disculpas.
Si ustedes rompieron porque fuiste infiel, te enfrentas a la dificil tarea de convencerlo de que no le seras infiel nuevamente. Si ustedes rompieron porque no fueron capaces de lograr que su relacion a larga distancia funcione, ?no pierdas la esperanza! Es posible que te sientas temporalmente sola o incluso aburrida al andar por tu cuenta despues del final de una relacion tormentosa, pero trata de eliminar ese sentimiento en lugar de volver con tu ex. Esto le demostrara que estas interesada en el lo suficiente como para interesarte por sus gustos y disgustos, y que confias lo suficiente en el como para contarle tus cosas. Todas las parejas pelean algunas veces, pero en algun punto necesitan tomar un respiro y pensar por que sigue sucediendo.
Also where more like friends then we are a couple (intimacy or lack of sex I mean due to me working so hard I lost my sex drive has been an issue for years)Back story is we have been together 6years and we have a beautiful son aged 21months old who is my world.It has been a rocky road at some points but for the most part I know the women loved me a lot like I did for her, we are both very negative people up till now, very stubborn etc. Because she hasn’t responded my first mail, I wonder when should I send the next one. My ex and I broke up last 2 months because she was still into her ex who was trying to get back with her (which he did last month) but we stayed very close friends after 2 weeks of no contact.
So in the name of tea, TSR has come up with the 10 most scandalous celebrity friend steals of the century!!!
So in the name of tea, TSR has come up with the 10 most scandalous celebrity friend steals of the century!!! 10. Some persons have very rude behavior and think they are not doing something bad and if he does some bad then he feel ashamed to say sorry and think why I say sorry to anyone because I m not wrong. Keep your words soft and tender because tomorrow you may have to eat your own words.
Some people hurts the others and don’t say sorry because they think they are always Right and when you say sorry then it create respect in heart of hurt person and make you respectful.
Solo asegurate de analizar las razones por las que terminaron antes de intentar volver a estar juntos, ya que esto puede ayudarte a que la relacion funcione en la segunda vez. Por esta razon, es crucial pensar en los motivos que tienes para querer a tu novio de vuelta. Cuando sientas que has tenido tiempo suficiente para demostrarle la nueva y mejorada version de ti misma, ten una conversacion honesta con el y hazle saber que todavia tienes sentimientos por el. Sin embargo, si tienes algunos malos habitos que se pueden corregir, sigue adelante y trabaja en ellos. Esto te ayudara a convencerlo de que realmente pensaste las cosas por las que debes disculparte. Las relaciones a larga distancia son dificiles, pero es posible hacer que funcionen si permanecen fuertes y le das a tu pareja la atencion que necesita. Si es asi, podria valer la pena tratar de volver con el, demostrandole que todavia te importa y que crees que las cosas seran mejores esta vez. No te conviertas en esa persona que no deja en paz a su ex despues de que siguio su camino.
Las relaciones intermitentes suelen basarse en patrones poco saludables que nunca desaparecen. Es como mostrarle que has seguido adelante, por lo que, si fue el quien rompio contigo, se sentira bien de saber que seguiste adelante.
We dated for two years and before we started dating she had an extremely traumatic event happen in her life and throughout our relationship I’ve helped her with it but overall it has began to leave her just depressed and drained of all of her feelings.
Si quieres volver a estar juntos porque te sientes triste, sola o porque no te gusta estar soltera, probablemente deberias reconsiderarlo. Preparate para esto anticipadamente para evitar ser sorprendida por segunda vez por un desamor. Si tienes la oportunidad de juntarte con el, hazlo en un lugar familiar en donde solian disfrutar buenos momentos juntos. A veces, la ruptura les da tiempo a ambas personas para que se den cuenta de que, mas que nada, lo que quieren es estar juntos de nuevo.
Si el esta feliz con alguien mas, puedes terminar lastimandolo a el, a su nueva pareja y a ti misma tratando de interferir. Si pierdes los estribos y dices cosas que no quieres decir, controlate lo antes posible y disculpate sinceramente. I just worked myself to the bare bone so I could get the house, nice car and my family have money… But along the way we lost intimacy and she is a very sexual being. Sin embargo, si tienes cualquier otro motivo para querer volver con tu ex, examina nuevamente si es una buena idea tratar de reavivar la relacion. She still tells me she loves me we even still hugged and kissed last night when we broke it off. She is posting quotes on Facebook everyday and stuff like that, far as I’m aware is not seeing anyone else.
Well Leshontae set the record straight saying attending a few events together don’t make us friends hunny!7.
But isit fruitless, I would like an honest opinion because I’m sending myself crazy at the moment. Moral of the story, is don’t listen to the friend telling you not to mess with a guy because most likely it’s her trying to clear way for herself!3. Can’t even get your nails done together without somebody little sister tryna steal your man!2. Moral of the story, is don’t listen to the friend telling you not to mess with a guy because most likely it’s her trying to clear way for herself!
Chris Brown having a secret love child with a woman that both him and Karreuche partied it up with, is just the shadiest in the history shady!!! YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE THE PINK PRINT MOVIE – NICKI MINAJ – IS SHE TELLING US SOMETHING ABOUT SAFAREE?

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