I know this is an important and sensitive issue to you, but the answer couldn’t be more obvious to an objective third party: RUN! I’ve already hinted in previous blog posts about something I’ve kept to myself for a long time – I believe there are many people who don’t have the capacity to make ANYBODY happy.
So while I would be inclined to dismiss him based on his archetype: workaholic CEO type, twice divorced, I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. NOBODY has the right to tell you how to dress or who you should be friends with on Facebook. If he doesn’t like you the way you are, he’s just going to have to find a woman in a burqa who has no male friends and no Facebook account. And the fact that you didn’t dump him at the mere suggestion of this only indicates to me that you’ve lost any sense of objectivity because of how you feel about him. If one of my relationship tenets is that you can’t have a relationship with a man dependent upon him changing, the reverse equally holds true.
I hate spam as much as you do, therefore I will never sell, rent, or give away your email address. OTOH, if she looks like a streetwalker and that’s not how she wants to present herself, she might tweak a bit for her own benefit.
Encouraging a man to lose weight and look better in a positive way isn’t quite the same as grilling a woman about her sexual past, and dictating her clothing choices and who she can be friends with. My wife’s strategy has worked, because she (generally) has done a good job picking clothes that I like better than my regular clothing. Another good strategy for influencing your partner’s attire is the judicious use of compliments. About 8 or 9 months after I met one girlfriend, she invited me to join her at the graduation dinner for the school she instructs at. Should she proudly let me accompany her to the formal dinner wearing wildly inappropriate attire? Mariana’s boyfriend (original letter) is a control freak, and hopefully she ran from that relationship. If he wanted someone who dresses conservative , then he should only date women that keep it fully covered and be upfront about what he wants, and not bitch or try to play games down the line. First, Karl was responding to the comment that said he had no right to ever (ever ever) request how you dress when meeting his family, or co-workers.

The vast majority of men have to deal with how in the beginning we seem to be perfect for you. And it is correct that no  man ever ever has the right to demand or ask you to change your outfit. I wouldn’t tell a girl she had to lose weight, dress more conservatively or whatever.
I think the men are more likely or maybe let’s just say at ease just dating for fun links back to a previous post stating that women are more racist than men because they are much less likely to date outside their race.
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Oh, if you really do need to ask a question that may make you look stupid for asking, please use a fake allies and not your real name. If he can’t accept you  the way you are, then he needs to find someone he can accept. If he was taking you to meet his coworkers, it’s okay for him to request that you dress appropriately for that occasion.
Since I like the way I look in those clothes, I have purchased similar items when shopping for myself. If you tell your partner that they look great in an outfit, they’re more likely to want to wear that outfit (and similar ones) with increasing frequency. This is someone whom is making a power play, trying to control the other to meet whatever standards they have.
If he doesn’t want a woman who dresses that way then he shouldnt date her to begin with. But if those things genuinely did bother me to the point of not considering her girlfriend material, that would be the guy’s right to do so. Instead of rushing to a site such as Yahoo Answers and potentially embarrassing yourself, why not just consult the all-powerful and all-mighty Google? It’s that they’re too selfish, too insecure, and lack the communication and compromise skills necessary to make a marriage work. If you can’t accept him the way he is (for example, if you required that he work less), then you need to find someone that you can accept. It is not ok if he’s taking you to meet his parents to ask you to change how you dress.

I love that quote – but I admit I am still guilty of slipping into this mode on occasion. He wanted to know details of my sexual history (which isn’t that bad but bothered him), and said if he was in a serious relationship with someone the way I dress would need to change and Facebook cleaned out, basically things would need to “severely change”. Or did she ask him why he didn’t want to get serious with her and then he told her what bothered him?
But if she questions him why he wont take her seriously, and he gives his honest answer, why does that make him the bad guy? I'm scared that ill smell or taste bad to him whichll of course be a complete turn off. The chances are there have been people before you who were stupid enough to ask the question you were thinking.
You get so used to something that’s broken that you don’t even realize how fucked up it is. If she were to contact his ex-wives, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was their experience.
Asking a man to put his laundry in the correct spot has nothing to do with abusing and trying to control a woman’s outfit and social media, it is not the same thing.
Once we get close with a person, it is so easy to just accept their way of thinking… then you step back, take some time away from them, and ask yourself, Wait, why did I agree with him on this? But everyone is making him out to be this terrible boyfriend when he may just have been answering a question as to what is making him not want to commit. In his own foolish words, if he was in a serious relationship with someone the way I dress would need to change and Facebook cleaned out, basically things would need to “severely change”. Unless you somehow believe that its ok to make a mess and expect your partner to clean up after you like a maid instead of doing the appropriate adult thing and removing the mess. He didn’t end the relationship but asked for space for us both to think… I thought this one was different. Instead he leads her on for 3 to 4 months and then demands with, not a compromise, but shitty ultimatums?  Why because he’s an egotistical ass.

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