A couple of weeks ago, I was being interviewed by a Californian radio host about my book How To Be Alive: A Guide To The Kind of Happiness That Helps The World. I told her that actually, Bella’s mom Michelle and I remained deeply committed to each other.
That made me think about how we might choose long-term partners in these times when we all live so long and there is a good chance we won’t be with our partners for our whole lives. Wouldn’t it be better if, even if the form of the relationship changes, you could still have a relationship?
Take that as a sign that you might have a lifelong committed relationship with someone, even if it isn’t always romantic. PS If this post intrigues you, you will probably like my post The Real Thing In Relationships And Life.
PPS Don’t forget that registration for my course the How to Be Alive Master Class closes soon. The How To Be Alive Master Class with Colin Beavan AKA No Impact Man: A live, four-week teleseminar course where you discover what makes your life matter to the world, and take meaningful steps towards true happiness and security—without disrupting everything. There aren’t real strong numbers on what percentage of marriages are affected by infidelity. O’Shea specializes in this sort of marriage counseling, which routinely takes a year or more of effort. Because of this anger and mistrust, suspicion continues to linger way beyond the initial incident, including becoming upset each time the unfaithful spouse doesn’t answer the phone. I hate spam as much as you do, therefore I will never sell, rent, or give away your email address. There is Nothing, I repeat NOTHING which can return back the the way you admired, loved, trusted your spouse. I’m sorry Walt, im going through that now, and I have a 5month old I just had with this guy. If the person is really seriously remorseful and wants to work with you to make the marriage stronger, a relationship might be salvageable, but it will hurt for a long time. The real truth is he did not have an affair with the firehouse because firehouses don’t have vaginas.
If someone really wants to cheat, they can find reasons to blame you no matter what you do and you would be better off finding someone new to bless with your best self. I honestly do not believe that we are required by religion to reconcile after adultery even if the unfaithful spouse is truly repentent (Matthew 5:32).
In a way, divorcing someone who could care less about forsaking all others shows that you still value marriage as something sacred.
Many years ago, I’ve been lucky(?) to have front-row seats to a long-term affair where several people were involved, one of them my close friend at the time (as in, John sleeps with Jane, then Jane leaves John for Fred, all three of them are married and have kids, and all three work in the same office. Please, there are some things that just aren’t acceptable and cheating is on the list.
I knew a friend who had a affair for several months, he told his wife everything she took him back, he only went back for their 3 kids, but he thinks it will work out? If we can not fathom the possiblity of forgiving cheating and the process of having to rebuild trust, I think we should not get married. As I prepared myself for marriage, I made myself mentally prepared to try to forgive cheating, but I honestly do not know how I would find the energy to go through the devastation, the painful work if both want to do it, and then the fear of trusting again.
So, and just what creative excuses can they make and present to you to justify their utterly bankrupt character and total lack of morality?
Work needs to be done on the underlying cause if there is something better and healthier to be created.

Both people need to do the work on themselves and either create a new relationship with each other. If they do not do the work, the cheater will cheat again in this realtionship if they stay together or in the future relationships. And the person who was cheated on will be cheated on again with either this man or another. If someone has cheated, they have failed to create a healthy funcional emotional bond with each other, if they had this the relationship would be cheat proof. Or where they have fallen for someone else.  The problem is still the same they did not create a healthy emotional and connected bond with each other. I think people need to do everything they can to make the relationship healthy, but realize there are no guarantees. The interesting thing about needs is that they are usually very loud, and they need to be either satisfied or treated (as in therapy) in order to shut up. I’m in the same situation, only Ad much as I would like to think my husband is genuine in his remorse and I would like to take him back, I cant.
I said that our marriage had stopped working, but we continued to work through our difficulties in order to be good friends to each other and, more importantly, great co-parents to our daughter. I thought how lucky I was to have Michelle as my co-parent and how well Bella is turning out and how we really do feel like we are one reconfigured family. I also thought about what a waste it is when, after we have invested two or five or ten or twenty years in a relationship, if we stop having that relationship just because it is no longer a romantic partnership.
For the sake of the children you have together, yes, but for the sake of the people in the partnership, even if you have no children? Whether your partner believes in that rule is probably a great guide to whether you would want them in your life after your romantic partnership ends. Concludes the NYT piece, “While intense therapy may help rebuild the relationship, rarely do couples regain complete trust.
I stayed with my ex for three years after his first affair and I feel like it just left more wounds in me than if I would have left right away. It’s not even close to the same thing.  Could he have paid more attention to his wife? You know, someone who will actually lift a finger and work  on becoming their best self for you instead of repeatedly cheating and blaming you for never being good enough. They broke the sacred convenant by not forsaking all others and now we are permitted to leave. Because you believe marriage is sacred, you know that it is a solemn covenant that needs to be upheld by both parties to work, which means forsaking all others. Cheating seems to always a symptom of something bigger that needs to be addressed and processed.
In our very short marriage so far, I’ve already had to go there for a much less critical mistake he made, but one that still left me terribly disappointed and in pain. It is a good idea to try to create your best self and make the relationship as healthy as possible.
Probably, but many other women have had busy husbands and still chose not to have an affair.
When I found out my husband (now ex) was having an affair with his cop cobworker , he got angry , he blamed me and eventually left myself and our son. Hopefully the mistakes will not damage trust as badly (and often as permanently) as cheating does, but going into marriage without the willingness to at least try to forgive is a recipe for disaster. If there is no willingness from the cheater to make ammend and repair trust, it’s indeed over.

Measuring the width of a closet incorrectly is a mistake; thinking you can run your car down to fumes and still get to the gas station is a mistake. Unfortunately, you can only control yourself and the work YOU do to make the relationship healthy. Men can put up with a little crazy emotional behavior from a woman, as long as she calms down fast and admits she flew off the handle. To this day, as what Ive understood based on his behavior, he could care less with what I have to say. If someone wants to stay with a spouse that shows remorse with actions, then that is their choice. If the cheating becomes chronic or is a step towards finding another partner, then it’s also over.
He became extremely depressed over his job and nothing I did would have kept him from making the choice he did.
The pain is unbearable but the thought of being cheated in again by him or leaving myself open to it are what’s stopping me from letting him come home.
The latter is a systematic, long-term lie, which means you’re married to a systematic long-term liar.
But if it’s a symptom of dissatisfaction with the self or the relationship, there might be ways to rebuild a better marriage and repair trust. I’ve heard many stories where one partner cheated when the relationship was actually going well. Could she have found another way to solve this or feel better about herself that didn’t involve spreading her legs and almost breaking apart her family. If it’s a history of repeated behavior in the marriage then that would be (sorry stupid *smartphone *) a reason to end it. I definitely wouldn’t want someone I cannot trust, as my life partner, regardless of the ease of exit. If your spouse is truly sorry and remoresful, than perhaps this is where grace and forgiveness are needed.
I believe filing for divorce due to infidelity also makes the faithful spouse eligible for remarriage without sin.
Who knows what he’ll do behind my back next, clean out my bank accounts, take my name off the house? But, her husband has to eat the old proverbial shit sandwich so he feels like it will keep her from having another affair if he’s a good enough husband. I know catholics disagree with that, however; there is the potential for catholic annulment, which would also make remarriage okay. I am choosing to stay partly to work through my pain and get to the bottom of his infidelity.
I am probably the only poster here who enjoys Focus On The Family, but they help repair marriages that on the surface appear broken beyond repair.
If I leave, I feel as there will be a lot of unanswered questions that may drive me crazy for the rest of my life. Hopefully, they will have a happy story, but, if they do, it is only because she decided that she wanted to stop cheating. I don’t think anyone would advocate staying in a marriage where there is abuse or constant infidelity.

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