Reince has already deleted that tweet, but Ia€™m sure its replacement will be just as risible. Historically, even the 'anti-amnesty' politicians who opposed comprehensive immigration reform stressed that immigrants were welcome in America as long as they came (and stayed) legally. If you had told me a decade ago that this would happen--that a decade that saw the number of undocumented immigrants fall would nevertheless see the Republican machine fail to convince any of their voters that immigrants who play by the rules are an asset--I would simply not have believed you. From a political-economy perspective there was never much reason for native-born whites to fear immigrants from Mexico and elsewhere. Contrary to popular conception, Cruza€™s quixotic mission wasna€™t driven by ideological fervor but by ruthless ambition.
Live from Chappaqua: Remember, these are Republicans who are accusing each other of assassinating JFK--and getting the press to print it.
Unlike other forms of Google search, Google does not display advertising to book searchers, nor does it receive payment if a searcher uses Google's link to buy a copy. Once people with a strong political or ideological bent latch onto an issue, it becomes hard to have a reasonable discussion; once youa€™re in a political mode, the focus in the discussion changes. Now opinions may differ on whether this is a laudable thing to do a€“ I think ita€™s fantastic a€“ but if annoying people is what youa€™re trying to do, then you can hardly complain when annoying people is what you actually do. They have given the impression that we are global-warming deniers of the worst sort, and that our analysis of the issue is ideological and unscientific. Because of this, if youa€™re writing a contrarian piece properly, you ought to be well aware of what point it looks like youa€™re making, because the entire point is to make a defensible argument which strongly resembles a controversial one. No it doesna€™t; it feels like someone read the first two pages for the plain meaning of the words and didna€™t spot that you were actually playing a little crossword-puzzle game where the answer was a€?consensusa€™. In general, contrarians ought to have thick skins, because their entire raison da€™etre is the giving of intellectual offence to others.
Across my twitter account comes a tweet reminding me that, to the best of my knowledge, I never got any answers to the six questions I asked of Stevens Dubner and Levitt seven years ago.
I have to give her this: she never misses the opportunity to include the most obvious pop culture reference in a way that doesna€™t say anything. On some foreign policy issues, the roles are reversed for the candidates and their parties. The idea that a a€?tender egoa€™ and a€?needy temperamenta€™ (or, for that matter, a€?obsession with hand sanitizera€™) are inconsistent with masculine bluster is hilarious. The prime example of commander-in-chief judgment Trump offers is the fact that, like Obama, he thought the invasion of Iraq was a stupid idea. Trumpa€™s assertion that he opposed the Iraq War ex ante is an utter lie, and since ita€™s the sole basis for asserting that Trump is any kind of a€?dovea€™ thata€™s kind of a problem. This means that vaguely-leftish versions of neo-liberalism often have weak theories of politics, and in particular of the politics of collective action. And if it doesna€™t--democracy is never a guarantee that the voters will get it right according anyonea€™s judgement. Rather than attacking Trump as a liar, Cruz decided to instead pretend they were best friends. Trump and Marco Rubio began to hammer home the accusation that it's in fact Cruz who has an unusual propensity to lie. I think you can't do much better than to look at this 2015 poll from the Public Religion Research Institute, which reveals a huge partisan gap on a pretty basic question--is racism against white people a bigger problem than racism against racial minority groups?
If you had told me two decades ago that the Democratic Party which so feared competition from the workers of Mexico would embrace those same workers as an asset to the country if only they moved here, I would simply not have believed you.
There has to be an interest at stake--a better job gained, or a promise of eternal reward embraced--in order to actually push the train down the idea-selected track.

And who is the Hugh Miller--Harvard Law School, Lafayette Escadrille, Croix de Guerre--to drive the policy-choice and policy-drafting machine forward? In 2013, the freshman senator rallied the conservative grassroots around a plan to build his email list, disguised as a strategy for repealing the Affordable Care Act. The senator was willing to throw his party and government into chaos for the sake of attaining greater fame and power. Last October, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals -- the most publisher-friendly court in America -- ruled that the program was legal.
The whole idea of contrarianism is that youa€™re a€?attacking the conventional wisdoma€™, youa€™re a€?telling people that their most cherished beliefs are wronga€™, youa€™re a€?turning the world upside downa€™. Most gravely, we stand accused of misrepresenting the views of one of the most respected climate scientists on the scene, whom we interviewed extensively. The other point of contrarianism is that, if ita€™s well done, you assemble a whole load of points which are individually uncontroversial (or at least, solidly substantiated) and put them together to support a conclusion which is surprising and counterintuitive. So having done this intentionally, you dona€™t get to complain that people have a€?misinterpreteda€™ your piece by taking you to be saying exactly what you carefully constructed the argument to look like you were saying. In general, whatever a€?global coolinga€™ meant, it was put on the cover in full knowledge of the impression it would give to a normal reader so once more, it is not legitimate to complain that this phrase was interpreted in the way in which it was intended to be interpreted.
There is *much* too much good stuff out there--written by smart, hard-working people trying their best to inform me, many of whom have not gotten their fair chance because they did not make the right connections or flatter the right gatekeepers. There is much too much good stuff out there--written by smart, hard-working people trying their best to inform me, many of whom have not gotten their fair chance because they did not make the right connections or flatter the right gatekeepers.
One amazing thing about Dowd is how inept the Judy Miller of love is even on the only subject she actually cares about, gender stereotypes. But ita€™s a lie that fits the narrative, and thata€™s all the Pulitzer winner has ever needed.
He argues that good policies are good politics--that voters re-elect incumbents if things are going well, even if the voters opposed incumbents policies when they were implemented. Therea€™s no institutional framework that can guarantee substantively good results, not least because politics largely involves disputes over what substantively good results are. Bush, Republicans and Democrats were about equally likely to think that immigrants strengthened America. If you had told me three decades ago that affirmative action had passed its high-water mark with the Carter administration, but that in a generation two-thirds of Republicans would think that discrimination against whites would be as big a problem as discrimination against African-Americans, I would simply not have believed you. But some gutsy guy from Chiapas who wants to better himself, start a business, and is not too picky about obeying every rule and regulation of a government when the government's regulations tend to keep them down? Cruz assured the tea-party faithful that Republicans could force Barack Obama to rip up his signature legislative achievement by threatening to shut down the federal government--a notion roughly as plausible as Mexican taxpayers funding Trumpa€™s border-long monument to American xenophobia.
Clintona€™s instinct is to use hardball tactics in pursuit of what she sees as the greater good. Today, the Supreme Court settled the question forever, by declining to hear the Authors Guild's appeal. Working with major libraries like Stanford, Columbia, the University of California, and the New York Public Library, Google has scanned and made machine-readable more than 20 million books.
Sanders did far better than expected, giving him and his movement a good claim to have a big say in the Democratic agenda for 2016 and perhaps setting the movement up as the partya€™s future. Ita€™s the definition of passive-aggression and really quite unseemly, to set out to provoke people, and then when they react passionately and defensively, to criticise them for not holding to your standards of a calm and rational debate. Just as Barack Obama seemed the more feminized candidate in 2008 because of his talk-it-out management style, his antiwar platform and his delicate eating habits, always watching his figure, so now, in some ways, Trump seems less macho than Hillary. So, he argues, listen to technocrats--we will tell you how to win re-election--oh, and also serve the people, which, of course, is the reason you got into politics in the first place.

Now, I don't know if there is any theory of history such that this plan is anything other than a pipe dream.
Then in March, Trump coined the perfect rebuttal to 'TrustTED' a€” by simply deeming him 'Lyin' Ted.' It was simple, juvenile name-calling. Not all of the white voters who have switched parties are motivated by anti-Latino sentiment. They ought to have been the favored poster boys of the Republican Party as it imagines itself. But to take that position--to turn defeat in the primary into a moral victory--he would have had to accept the will of the voters with grace. Longtime Dowd watchers will note, however, that shea€™s been playing against type here, unprecedentedly arguing that Hillary Clinton is a woman.
In the background of the picture, under a purplish tumbled sky flecked with sinister white like driven foam, flanking Willie, one on each side, were two figures, Sadie Burke and a tallish, stooped, slow-spoken man with a sad, tanned face and what they call the eyes of a dreamer. How many of those colleagues found themselves in debates like the one Cruz suffered in Marion?
Every time she attacked them, she risked playing into their depiction of her as ruthless and unprincipled.
But all along, this has been part of a deliberate strategy from Cruz to position himself for the presidency.
He so reveled in calling every other Republican a liar a€” and now has been tagged as the ultimate liar himself. The man was Hugh Miller, Harvard Law School, Lafayette Escadrille, Croix de Guerre, clean hands, pure heart, and no political past. Accusing people of racism is the fastest way to shut down a conversation and ensure implacable opposition. How many tried to explain the nature of divided government to earnest constituents, only to be told, a€?You are the problem, politiciana€™?
Cruz realized that many GOP voters now deeply distrusted their party elites, and he was only too happy to cater to their preconceptions. After that, he thought, he'd be perfectly positioned to pick up 'the lion's share' of the billionaire's supporters.
He was a fellow who had sat still for years, and then somebody (Willie Stark) handed him a baseball bat and he felt his fingers close on the tape. He knew that aggressively attacking GOP leaders would both distance himself from the establishment and help brand himself as trustworthy in his own right a€” all the better to make him the nominee. So when Cruz showered praise upon Trump, it was for completely self-serving reasons a€” he was being exactly the disingenuous politician he constantly accuses his rivals of being.
At this point ita€™s as if Sanders is determined to validate everything liberal skeptics have been saying all along about his unwillingness to face reality--and all of it for, maybe, a few weeks of additional fundraising, at the expense of any future credibility and goodwill. This is the way political change has occurred (lest I seem to celebratory I think the most influential interaction of an intellectual of sorts and a politician who achieved change occurred when Arthur Laffer sketched a curve on a napkin).
Ita€™s all cliches and references and phrases that seem to take the form of humor while never, ever being funny. Even in the years since the bottom of the great recession in 2009, which should have been a time of fast catch-up growth, the economy has only grown at 2%. Last weeka€™s 0.5% GDP report is merely the latest Groundhog Day repetition of dashed hopes.

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