This type of reunion is essentially your 'second' first date, and in general it should be treated a lot like any first date would. There's lots of times I'd want to ask an ex back out, but I was afraid of starting up the same old fights again. Once you're finally sitting down with your ex-boyfriend, you'll need to understand exactly what kind of date you've been asked on. In getting back together, some guys are a little slow to pick things up exactly where the two of you left off. If your ex is fawning over you and trying to reconnect on an emotional level, reward him by opening up some of your own feelings for him. If your ex makes any attempts to apologize, gently place your fingers over his lips to shush him. Throughout the entire time you spend together, one thing you should be doing is looking for signs that your ex boyfriend is prepared to begin the reconciliation process. No matter what he says or does, there are little things he'll do that are simply beyond his control.
When it comes to fast ways to get your boyfriend back, nothing works quicker than making him jealous. Creating a situation in which your ex is envious of your position definitely has it's advantages. When it comes to instilling jealousy in an ex, the ideal method involves never letting him know you're intentionally doing such a thing.
One thing that will always make an ex boyfriend jealous: moving on with life after the break up.

To get on with things, you need to throw away any emotions of hopelessness, doubt, or self-pity. These opening moves are extremely useful in determining what to do immediately after the break up. Another huge way to make your ex jealous is to have a whole new life you never had while you were dating him. While you're out doing new things, try to stay optimistic about everything - not just about getting him back.
There's a pretty fierce debate as to whether or not you should date other guys while waiting to get back with an ex boyfriend. The truth of the matter is this: dating other people is always okay, so long as you're not doing it for the sole purpose of making your ex boyfriend jealous. There are a good many breakup repair guides geared toward getting your ex back, but the best ones are geared toward making him come to you.
When it comes to so-called "reversal techniques", two relationship guides stand out among the others. The unique approach outlined in this incredible guide has already helped tens of thousands of happy couples get back together again.
Learn the critical do's and don'ts of getting your boyfriend back with this step-by-step guide to repairing your relationship.Get started by watching author Annalynn Caras' free video, and read up on reversal techniques that will actually have your ex boyfriend calling you and knocking at your door, rather than you chasing after him. No matter what your current situation, these fast-working techniques are designed to win your boyfriend back by reversing his current emotional process. When the guy you're dating ends your relationship, it's very easy to drown yourself in bad emotions.

Very quickly you'll feel everything slip away all at once, and in the scramble to keep or save it, you might do some things you'll ultimately regret. Knowing exactly what to do in order to win back an ex boyfriend is tough, and varies from breakup to breakup. This one's hard for most women, but if you want to get your boyfriend back you need to stay strong with it.
It goes without saying that part of any attraction is physical, so the better you can make yourself look the easier it will be to get your boyfriend back. It's one of the more common moves a guy will make when he's still interested in you - trying to remain friends after the break up. Nothing good will ever come out of it, and it'll only keep him comfortably enmeshed in seeing other people while he has you right at the other end of his fingertips. This incredible audio guide has already helped thousands of happy couples all over the world get back together again. However the breakup happened, learn the fastest-working techniques for getting your ex immediately turned around!Reverse your breakup quickly and easily. Find out how to apply quick changes that will instantly reverse your exboyfriend's current thought processes.Learn what you can do today to get him interested in you again.

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