The sexy singer is being romantically pursued again by the back-up dancer following their split last October and he has been lavishing her with expensive gifts in a bid to win her over. Cheryl called time on her 14-month relationship with Tre after the pair struggled to maintain a long-distance relationship, with him based in Los Angeles and her in the UK.
The pair spent the New Year's Countdown dancing together before the 30-year-old beauty gave him a smacker on the lips.
Amy Duggar King has ripped Josh Duggar in a blog post calling him a fraud and a complete stranger. Did Johnny Manziel party in Las Vegas with a blonde wig and a fake mustache right before the Cleveland Browns week 17 game last weekend? Ever wonder what happens when you cross a humorless warrior with a Kangnam princess who doesn’t know the meaning of boundaries? Ki Chul only cares about one thing, and asks his firestarter sister Hwasuin about Choi Young’s abilities.
She reaches out to touch him and he snaps her red-gloved hand away, and then when she makes a move to approach Eun-soo, he SLAMS that police shield down so hard it’s kinda hot. Ki Chul asks flute-killer Chun Eum-ja about Choi Young’s ki-power, and his assessment is that his strength is shallow. Princess Noguk comes to see the king again, and says she has an idea for how to get Choi Young and the doctor back – he should send her, as the Yuan princess, and Ki Chul will have no choice but to listen to her request. Gongmin wonders bitterly how hard it must be for her to be the queen of such a pathetic nation as Goryeo, and asks if she honestly thinks he should send her and announce to the world that the king has no power, and needs the Yuan princess to get things done for him. Court lady Choi stops behind the others, remaining to tell Gongmin that the queen did really have a hard time, and lay down all her pride to come to him tonight.
He says he gave Ki Chul seven days to win Eun-soo’s heart (not romantically, just to win her over to his side), and says that means at least seven days she remains alive. They ask to see the patient, and Ki Chul says he was going to choose someone nearby, but changed his mind when Choi Young arrived. Court lady Choi literally shoves Jang Bin into speaking up against the idea, which he does, but Noguk isn’t willing to budge. Eun-soo and Choi Young head out for their journey ahead, and she looks at the horses with a disapproving eye—what about those carriages they took the last time?
She asks if maybe they can ride one together then, which just gets an awkward stare from him. He suddenly whirls around and pins her arms behind her, growling that she should never sneak up on someone who’s carrying a sword, or touch him without warning.
He grabs Dae-man by the collar, “Why, of all the doctors in heaven, did I happen to bring her? Ki Chul’s spy in the palace sends word that the queen is on her way to see him about the doctor and Choi Young.
Ki Chul says they have to take care of her before she arrives then, and figures she was supposed to have died before setting foot in country anyway. He says with pleading eyes for him to bring her back alive, even if he has to tie her up and drag her here. Dae-man busts through the wall to save her from getting killed, but he’s not quick enough against a dose of poison, a strange green powder that the minion blows into his face.
She says she has no interest in a bet between Ki Chul and the king, and just asks Choi Young to say he lost her. Thankfully, the Woodalchi arrive just in time, and curiously, Chun Eum-ja plays another note on his flute, and his archers shoot their own hired mercenaries.
I’m with the king on this one, because that was pointless of her to go and just make herself bait. The queen is safely back in the palace, and court lady Choi suggests she ask the king for forgiveness, swearing that he was worried sick about her. Gongmin reels even more to find out that Dae-man was poisoned and Choi Young and the doctor are in the wind. In fact he’s currently trying to get Eun-soo to get on her horse, sighing that whether she chooses to go with him or run away, doesn’t she kind of need to be on the horse to do so? She pretty much lies on top of the horse and clings for dear life, and it takes a while before she sits up.
They stop at nightfall and set up camp for the night, and he tosses a blanket at her and sits up to keep watch. She asks if they were close, and he says a king and his bodyguard aren’t really bestie material, but she guesses right away that they were, otherwise why is he taking her all the way there when no one is watching them? He tells her to sleep but she wants to talk, noting that there’s so little they know about each other.
She says she’s not married either, and that her parents are farmers in the countryside and she was living it up as a single girl in Seoul… that is until she got kidnapped. She asks him to keep another promise—to take her to heaven’s door after she treats the former king. Court lady Choi goes to see the king, worried that he hasn’t been eating or sleeping, and offers to make him a dish he liked as a child.
She complains about being made to wait so long if he knew, and makes her way over to Eun-soo. She saunters over and sits in his lap, wondering what his secret is—how does he get women to trust him so? Ki Chul goes to the see the king and says that Choi Young stormed in and kidnapped the doctor… so that she could heal Chungjeong. He asks Gongmin how long he’s known Choi Young—barely a month—and how close they could possibly be. Did Choi Young ask Gongmin once for permission before taking these actions, to go running to his former king? But he manages to say with a smile on his face like it’s a ridiculous idea: Are you trying to tell me that my Woodalchi is plotting high treason against me? Chungjeong says he heard about the divine healer and asks what heaven was like, as she examines him. But the furtive looks from Eun-soo signal bad news, and Choi Young just keeps chatting, not letting on. He says with alarm that these were given to him by his teacher… who said they once belonged to Hwata. He heads out, but only gets about three feet out the door when Ki Chul’s men attack, and Hwasuin throws fire bombs. He runs back in the house to grab Chungjeong and announces they’re making a run for it. He tells Eun-soo to stick right behind him and just keep running straight ahead, and she nods. They make a run for it and fight through the assassins… only to be stopped by royal guards. Choi Young looks back at them, completely confused—why are the men who tried to kill them now protecting them? But before he can stop anyone, they draw their swords and attack the guards, now making it look like he’s just brought an army to extract the former king from his prison… committing high treason.
Bringing in the last king is a great character moment for Choi Young, whose shades of humanity are finally starting to show more and more, ever since the big flashback to his past. Faith is my most aniticipated drama, and after watching the epicness of The King 2 Hearts, I raise my expectation bar so high that almost all new Korean drama wouldn’t able to achieve. I am also thinking about how the Eun Soo will approach the love affair given that she is money-crazy. Anyone else just noticed that high doctor’s name is the same with Yoon Eun-hye’s cameo appearance in personal taSte starred by lmh as well? Could it be that the lmh (jin-ho sshi) in personal taste, sunbae of eun soo, did feel the connection at first to eun-soo, but moved on for park gae in the heroine of the personal taste?
I dont understand something… The previous king Chungjeong is the current king’s nephew right? You convinced Selena, 20, to fly fourteen hours to meet you in Norway and the two of you have been smiling ever since. Meanwhile, she was photographed smiling and pointing at a Belieber fan’s Justin Bieber t-shirt on April 25. Finally, you publicly sealed the deal that love was once again blossoming between you by posting an Instagram picture of the two of you cuddling on April 26. So now, I have to high five you, Justin, for employing the strategy that Kristen Stewart used so successfully last summer and early fall, to convince Robert Pattinson to take her back — PERSISTENCE! When Kristen was reeling in her darkest moment after having made the terrible Rupert Sanders mistake, discovered on July 24, 2012, she resolved to not give up on her relationship with Rob.
She persisted in the face of long odds, letting Rob know that she loved him and would do anything to be back together. Do you agree, HollywoodLifers — that persistance was the winning srtragy for Justin — let me know! One of the worst possible scenarios involves being hooked on the idea that you can still fix a broken (and ended) relationship. When you don't fight your man on his decision to end things, he has nothing to argue with you about. Nothing will slow down the process of getting back together worse than staying friends with your ex after the breakup. When a guy says "let's be friends", it's very easy to make the mistake of agreeing with it.
In the first few days and even weeks after breaking up, it's always best to ignore any contact initiated by your ex. Seriously consider staying the course and steering clear of any type of exboyfriend contact for a while. This incredible audio guide has already helped thousands of happy couples all over the world get back together again. However the breakup happened, learn the fastest-working techniques for getting your ex immediately turned around!Reverse your breakup quickly and easily. Find out how to apply quick changes that will instantly reverse your exboyfriend's current thought processes.Learn what you can do today to get him interested in you again. Nora leaves the courthouse after finalizing her divorce and doesn’t look back as she walks away from Woo-chul. Nora goes home and takes out an old box of drawings, which are old notes passed between her and Grandma. Min-soo sits down next to her and tells her not to worry about him—he’s going to study hard and take responsibility for his life, so she has to live well too. Woo-chul takes his suitcase to a hotel, and the next day Yi-jin hears about him politicking his way into a rival university’s psychology department. Yoon-young is surprised to see that Nora is already packing up the house, but she says that she wants to be prepared as soon as the place gets sold.
Once the house sells, they’re each going to find smaller places to live, and the store they own will be transferred into her name.

The other directors ask when Sang-ye is going to debut, and Hyun-seok says her production will be their next project after this one.
Hyun-seok forgot his phone at home and asks Sang-ye to call Nora so she can join them for dinner, and Sang-ye’s face falls as she heads outside to make the call. Except she hasn’t—Nora is still cleaning up at the office and looking much worse than before.
When Hyun-seok gets back later that night, he finds Nora asleep on the couch and burning up from a fever.
He tries to nudge her awake to eat, but Nora calls out for Grandma over and over while crying sorrowfully.
Nora hears Grandma telling her to eat porridge so she can take her medicine, and complies like a little girl. He feeds her medicine and tells her to sleep a little more, and then it’s morning when Nora stirs awake, feeling much better.
She realizes that it wasn’t a dream after all, and it was Hyun-seok taking care of her the whole time.
He gets her on the phone just as he reaches the street and sees her getting into a taxi, and is confused when she lies that she’s already at home, and that she left at three in the morning. Hyun-seok stands in the street wondering why on earth Nora would lie about something like that. Sang-ye arrives at work in the morning and can tell from one look around that her lie totally backfired on her.
Min-soo gets called away from studying by Hye-mi, who texts that something urgent has come up. She pouts that she planned this trip because she thought he needed to relieve some stress, but he says that going would actually give him more stress. For some odd reason, Woo-chul texts Hyun-seok to meet, and tells him right away that he and Nora are divorced. Woo-chul tosses it out like a challenge, and says that they can make an actual love triangle now.
Hyun-seok smiles to himself when he sees Nora standing on the bridge outside of class, pacing like she can’t decide whether she wants to go in. She freezes up when he puts a hand on her forehead to check her temperature, and thanks him awkwardly for nursing her back to health last night. He says that everyone has those pivotal moments, and that his was a person, and looks right at Nora as he says it. Nora and her team sigh over their lack of ideas for their final project, and Soon-nam worries about managing this on top of his other finals. Hye-mi sulks about Min-soo refusing to go on their trip, and her friend says she never expected him to go.
Ha, he takes extra care to show her his broad back while doing it, because she mentioned that that’s why she fell for him. She walks away, and Woo-chul stands there willing her to look back in his direction just once. Woo-chul thinks back to their blowout fight over Grandma, after which we see that he signed the divorce papers.
Woo-chul gets an email from someone blackmailing him with that bribery photo, accusing him of staging the previous Woocheon professor’s bribe so that he could get him fired. But that turns out to be her imaginary revenge scenario, and in reality she sits there waiting and wondering why he’s not showing up.
Hyun-seok and Sang-ye are still struggling to find a title for their production, and Hyun-seok prods Nora for an idea citing all the meat she ate on their camping trip.
Nora is adorably jumpy around Hyun-seok all day, getting flustered when he leans in close to praise her. She finally pushes him out of the way, but he pulls her back to give her a book and tells her that she can read or study here because the office will be empty.
Yi-jin paces and checks her phone for the millionth time, wondering why there’s no word from Woo-chul. Min-soo drowns his sorrows in soju and hears his father’s voice reminding him that he has to be more successful than everyone else.
Nora runs to the bar where Sang-ye is many bottles in, rambling on about how she did something really petty.
But she cries that she’s been found out, and that means she broke the unwritten rule that makes it possible for her to stay by his side. Sang-ye says that all futures are unstable in their own way, so she just chose what she wanted to do, and what makes her happy today. Yi-jin has hired a background check on Woo-chul and fumes to find out that he’s already divorced and never told her.
He decides that all he has to do is make this bribery rumor go away, and meets the blackmailer that night. Nora goes back to the children’s theater to apply for the part-time position, and asks to work on weekdays as well. Hyun-seok storms in and drags her out by the wrist without a word, which seems entirely unnecessary. Nora asks if he took her there on purpose, but he tells her not to avoid the question and wants to know why she keeps wanting to quit. He tells her to cancel her request to work weekdays at the children’s theater, and she refuses, insisting that she can make up her own mind [and heart—the word is used both ways]. I fully expect Woo-chul to go down in flames thanks to Yi-jin, though I’m pissed about him selling the store that was promised to Nora. There’s a nice setup in place for Nora to look to her past to discover the future that she wants for herself in the final two episodes.
If I were in Nora’s place and he was taking care of me while I was ill, I bet my fever would have worsened. My friend and i used to identify LSY as Ha Woo Jin, even the mere mention of Liar Game’s Ha Woojin will make us cheering for him. Nora, please do not pull a noble idiocy at this point because of what Sang-ye confessed to you.
I do want Min Soo to develop some feelings for Sang Ye and just leave Hye Mi partying by herself. Well, can we make it a deep pond so the b*st*rd just drown attracted by his own reflection like his mythological conterpart?. LSY was never the hunk quality like Kim Soo Hyun or Lee Minho, glad that he is blessed with such a role that propet his career, as a true actor that can almost lift the weights of the drama upon him. I watched this episode lying in bed sick and all I could think after was where do I get my own Hyun-seok to nurse me back to health?
And perhaps because she was his nanny, he opens up to her, and says he gave the doctor over willingly, but not without a plan. She asks for her patient already, and tells Choi Young about the bet between Ki Chul and the king. But Noguk wants to go in secret, and says she’ll climb the palace wall if she has to.
He says it’s a long journey and they should think of the horses—what did they do wrong to suffer with double the load?
She runs up and asks how old he is, guessing that she’s the noona, and reaches for his arm. Minion asks what they ought to do, since they can’t exactly refuse a request from the Yuan princess.
Gongmin reels, and then asks how he knows exactly what happened—does he have an informant in the queen’s staff? Thankfully she’s guarded by some badass female warriors, who attack and give her a chance to run.
He tells Eun-soo to just wait here and eat lots of mandoo, but she in turn asks him where the door to heaven is.
She adds that she might need some getaway money, “But… you could do that for me, right?
He paces back and forth in the hall fuming, and I love the comedy of his entourage having to change formation every time he switches direction and paces back the other way. Choong-seok does his hilarious verbatim voice-intonation recounting of the queen’s disbelief that the king would be concerned about her well-being. She wants to ease into it, but he doesn’t have the patience for that, and just picks her up and gets her into the saddle. It would make sense that they were close, given that he was the king to give him his freedom. He asks her advice—is it better for the people of this nation if he give in to Ki Chul instead of waging a war? He asks for her honest opinion so she gives it—Ki Chul is only out for himself, and thinks of the people as possessions he can use to gain more power.
He starts to ask about why Ki Chul is sending them to heal the former king, but she’s more interested in their relationship.
He says that Chungjeong took the throne at the mere age of twelve, and Choi Young wasn’t just a bodyguard to him, but a teacher, and a hyung.
Choi Young tells him about all the homes built to reach the heavens and carts that ran without horses, as he listens attentively. Afterwards he asks if she can cure him, and she says she’ll try—they have to get him back to the palace for surgery immediately. He rushes into a room and digs out a case of implements and matches them, shape for shape, to Eun-soo’s.
Now we get to see a warmer, gentler father figure and teacher, which explains the way he talks to Gongmin sometimes, like he’s teaching the king how to be a king. She even wants to get engaged with a rich man only to borrow money and then cut-off the engagement after. She also reportedly agreed to work on issues that Rob may have had with the relationship — including being more publicly affectionate. Even though Selena split up with you at the end of December, you kept up your campaign of continually trying to woo her back. Instead you went to see her in LA on March 27 when you had a chance to fly back all the way from your tour for just a couple of days. You realized how much you loved Selena and how special she was to you, and you let her know. We dont know exactly what you said or promised to convince her to finally fly to meet you, but I hope it was a promise to love, respect her, and be loyal to her, just like Kristen promised her loyalty to Rob. At HollywoodLife, we wish you two all the best and hope you’ve had honest heart-to-hearts that will enable you to live happily ever after, at least for as long as you both want. Cute makes a comeback (not that it ever really left) as our heroine struggles to hide her feelings… in the most obvious way possible. She heads straight to Grandma’s ddukboki place to eat a plate quietly on her own, while Woo-chul watches solemnly as Min-soo packs a suitcase into the car.

Min-soo holds the door open for Dad and tells him not to worry about him and Mom, and Woo-chul drives away slowly while gazing at his son’s reflection in the mirror. They’re of the same type that the ddukboki recipe was drawn in, like a series of cartoons that tell a story. Yoon-young asks if Woo-chul went to his mistress, but Nora never asked about that and doesn’t care to know.
Yoon-young worries about them not doing that paperwork before the divorce, but Nora says he’s not the type of person to break that kind of promise when it involves his son. She looks equal parts excited about debuting and sad about leaving Hyun-seok once her days as an assistant are over.
He runs around to get her a pillow and blanket, and makes her some porridge so that she doesn’t take her medicine on an empty stomach. She’s shocked to find Hyun-seok asleep on the couch next to her, and then looks around at all the sick supplies. The door slams behind her, waking Hyun-seok, and he races outside wondering where Nora ran off to. She cringes as Hyun-seok comes back in, and though he ignores the issue altogether, she apologizes anyway. He asks if she had a hard time, now knowing what she went through yesterday, but she says he had it rougher because he took care of her.
Hyun-seok gives out his final group project, which is a reenactment of one moment in your life.
They notice a posting on the student website warning people to beware of a certain Professor K who didn’t rightfully earn his position at their school. In the end she does, though it’s because she remembers that Woo-chul was the reason she came to college in the first place, which gives her food for thought. Woo-chul is still frozen at his computer, reading the countless comments and theories that he’s Professor K.
But then she gets a call alerting her that Woo-chul agreed to pay the email blackmailer, and she screams in frustration.
He asks why she can’t be more understanding, while she complains about always coming last in his priorities. She gets a call from Sang-ye’s phone, and a man says that Sang-ye is drunk so he called the last number dialed. She apologizes to Nora and says that she thought she could do it—like Hyun-seok on her own. Nora sets the table with hangover soup and assures Sang-ye that she didn’t say anything much last night.
She tells herself to get it together, clearly thinking that she has no future with Hyun-seok. He makes her sign a contract and hands her a cake box with the money inside, and doesn’t notice that someone is taking photos of the exchange. It turns out to be the place that Hyun-seok’s sunbae runs (so he totally bought that suit just to get her there, ha), and he gets a call about how great Nora is for what they need.
She watched the store for the afternoon while Dong-chul went to an audition, and she cheerfully tells him that she’ll cover for him if he ever needs her again. It seems fitting that they’d get their feelings out on a playground, given their maturity level. Personally I think it’s stranger that Nora never even considered that he still likes her, but I love the comedy we get from her confusion and flushed cheeks and flustered babbling. He was the one who pushed her to dance and not to let her age stop her from doing what she wants, and there’s a nice parallel with her already having feelings for Hyun-seok, but just not believing that love is an option for her at this stage in life. But when Sir Grumpypants of the Awesome Dimples gets thrown into the mix and acts so sweetly, I think some parts of my brain forget to reason. Maybe both of them are taking the same TOEIC course and I think Seung Hyun are so much better than Hye Mi. The pouty-voice, the awkwardness…it was just too juvenile for a 38 year old woman, not matter how repressed she may have been.
They are playing it for laughs, but once the laugh dies away you really wonder if she has been in a coma for twenty years, to have so little self-knowledge.
He laughs that he was planning to strike two birds with one arrow, but now, he’s found a way to capture all three. He makes a move to help her up, but she says she needs time to prepare mentally, and he siiiiiighs. I wonder how many royal crises could have been averted without this game of he-said she-said. She asks if they’re really lovers, because Eun-soo called him a killer… but then she sleeps beside him… what’s that about? I don’t even know that he needs any supernatural abilities, given that he knows how to use the power of doubt against his opponents so well. I do always feel for him because his heart’s in the right place, but his judgment still leaves me worried. Now that a lot of the backstory is out of the way, and the foundation is made, I expect the show to pick up even more. For her to fall in love with the man who abducted and change her life, to have that helplessly unstoppable loving and caring feeling towards Choi Young, she will face so many obstacles. But then why did Chungjeong command Choi Young to bring his enemy uncle back as his last mission?
She laid low and when she went out in public, she always wore Rob’s clothes and the necklace Rob had given her.
Hyun-seok tries to get her to come out with them when their production crew heads out for drinks, but Nora says she’s just tired and plans head home after cleaning up. She tentatively reaches out a hand to sweep his hair out of his eyes, and he smiles at her touch, though he seems to be asleep. He tells her that he has to focus on his studies right now, which he thought she’d understand since he told her about his parents.
Hyun-seok scoffs that love isn’t a game, but Woo-chul is convinced that Hyun-seok is scared now. He tells them to think of a moment that changed the course of your life, that you might regret or just want to relive.
He tells her to call if she needs light bulbs changed or anything like that, though she points out that he doesn’t know how to change them either. He gives her the divorce as his self-proclaimed penance, and sighs at the necklace he bought but couldn’t give her. She tells him that she’s throwing him away this time so Nora can have him, and Woo-chul begs on his knees. She knew that he didn’t think of her that way, but she thought she could just like him and hold onto her feelings. She tries to get Sang-ye to wake up when Hyun-seok calls, but Sang-ye turns off her phone and says he’s not worried about her in the way that Nora thinks.
Min-soo joins them, also hungover from last night, and is very interested in why Sang-ye chose to become a theater director when it’s such an unstable future. He’s surprised that she asked to work all week long though, and calls her to ask where she is. And now that he sees that 1) She is no longer married 2) She may also like him in return (that brushing the hair away from the forehead scene though), the guy is not holding back. It would have been a real credit to her character development to just have her confused and pensive rather than this juvenile reaction. Really, even a somewhat sheltered 38-year-old housewife should be able to recognize growing affection and sexual attraction.
Noguk tells them she doesn’t know how to wait like they do, and insists on going anyway. I just love that upside-down power dynamic, of a little king who calls the big warrior by first name and the big warrior who bows to the young boy, but teaches him the ways of the world. BUT, soon after the flower of unstoppable loving feeling start to growing in his heart for Eun Soo, he will step by step manage to put all together those small scattered parts that once, has made him losing interest in life it self. You smartly realized that if your friends publicly dissed her, it would only drive a wedge further between you. She also gets some amazing support from the people around her when she really needs it, as she faces an unknown future and a new chapter in her life.
He never tries to change what it is that she wants—he gives her the confidence to go for it, be it dance, marriage, divorce, or otherwise. He’s spent his whole life thinking that in order to succeed he has to be certain way.
I like that everyone is pretty smart in this show, except the guy with the Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
We finally get the couple to spend a length of time together onscreen, and it leads to lots of adorable bickering, and even some moments of sincerity.
I bet his love for her will be so great that he would experience the same power just like when he lost it before, but this time is in reverse. The fact that the story also describe that she is indeed older than Choi Young, I like that. It was nice to see him offering genuine support and rooting for Mom to focus on her own life. I suppose he could be jumping the gun in assuming that, but c’mon, she was a goner the second he spoon-fed her and nursed her back to health, right? I hope it never gets cleared up, ’cause I could pretty much watch him be exasperated with her all day. For a powerful warrior like CY, eventhough with his amazing Khi or Chi power, LOVE will take over and reign his heart, mind, body and soul.
I was grateful for their journey if only to give them more screentime together, because for a supposedly epic love story, we’ve been getting very little time with them in the same frame. The results were immediate, Williams going on to win Wimbledon, two Olympic gold medals, the U.S. But I’m glad that she gets to witness the side of him that only Chungjeong knew before. He told CNN of that meeting in Paris: "What surprised me at that point was the motivation she had. Maybe now he’ll seem somewhat less of a psycho… and more like a nice, cuddly warrior bear… who sometimes kidnaps people?

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