In the chaos amongst the ContentID takedowns we talked about recently, Forums user Twilight unearthed that you can, in fact, buy episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic on Youtube itself.
The recent addition of MLP: FiM to Google Play probably has something to do with this, as Youtube is owned by Google, and the pricing is similar. My Little Pony, Friendship Is Magic, and associated character names are trademarks of Hasbro, Inc.

It is broadcast on The Hub as their original series, but Hasbro was not involved in the production, and Dan’s international sales is handed separately by Starz Media. Die Videotutorials zeigen praktische Anwendungen aus dem Unterrichtsalltag und Hilfen bei den unterschiedlichen Anforderungen an die entsprechende Software des jeweiligen interaktiven Whiteboards.
Nach und nach sollen fA?r die wichtigsten Whiteboard-Typen interessante und oft nachgefragte Themen aufgearbeitet und als Trainingsvideo zur VerfA?gung stehen.

The episodes also appear to be region-limited to the US, as our Canadian and other international members were unable to purchase due to the content being blocked in their countries.

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