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When you select two to four products we'll show you a side-by-side detailed comparison so you can choose the best piece of jewelry you're looking for. I found something I really like on the Kay Jewelers website, and I want to share it with you.
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These stylish Diamond Fascination™ hoop earrings are the perfect addition to any outfit. Ship to any Kay Jewelers LocationChoose to have your order shipped to the Kay Jewelers nearest you, and we'll pay the shipping charges.
I found something I really like on the Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry website, and I want to share it with you.

Click the icon to the left for additional information regarding total payments and the time to repay your obligation for this purchase. If you pay $25 each month by the due date, you will pay a total of $161.89 and pay off your obligation in 7 months.
The exquisite fine jewelry earrings are set in 14K white gold and fastened with secure snap-lock backs.
Each fine jewelry earring is set in 14K white gold and fastened with a secure snap-lock back. The total amount paid may be lower if the interest rate in your state is lower or a promotion applies. The total amount paid may be higher if you make a late payment or do not pay the full minimum payment required.

If you make only a lower minimum payment, the total amount that you will pay and the amount of months required to pay off the balance will likely be higher. Your required minimum monthly payment and total amount paid will be higher if there are existing balances on your account or if you make additional purchases using your card.

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