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Laughing Buddha’s body piercing specialists are some of the most experienced professional piercers in the Seattle, WA area. Laughing Buddha also features an extensive selection of high-quality, distinctive body jewelry.
To maintain our exceptional level of cleanliness we do NOT allow returns or exchanges on body jewelry. We do body piercing, tattoos and we sell jewelry in our store in Seattle, WA and we sell jewelry on our website right here! Laughing Buddha Tattoo and Body Piercing and the Laughing Buddha image are registered trademarks of Nelumbo LLC. One of the most surprising things about the black colored pair of eyes is that true black eyes are very rare. Hazel is a beautiful mixture of brown and green and this eye color looks breath-takingly good.
I feel as though this article was written by someone with blue eyes, very biased and opinionated.
Mine are the same way, but when people ask me what color they are I just say blue since that’s what they called them when I was born.
No actually for me only being light brown color dreamed having black eyes.I always try to find someone who has black eyes but no luck. I have just seen your post and I never knew it was possible for someone to want blonde hair and blue eyes as much as this. Don’t you like having blonde hair and blue eyes I mean like ever since I was little I imagined my self have blonde hair and blue eyes don’t people compliment you I think those two pigments are totally awesome!
In science we learned darker colors attract the sun, so black hair is the shiniest and blonde is the least. Hey amy I am blonde and hazel that turn brown shut up don’t put others dwn to make you seem glorious just say positive comment unlike comparing it could hurt feelings. Well, I can tell you from my own personal experience that when I dyed my hair blonde I was noticed more. I have light blue eyes and dark brown hair with fair skin (I was toe-head blonde all growing up though which is weird).
I remember I wanted as a kid to have blue hair but not sure the eyes I wanted was blue but rather violet or red or rainbow. And, everyone has different preferences when it comes to which eye colours they find most attractive. And BTW, I am a redhead ( kinda black cherry colored with green eyes) And I mean NO disrespect to anyone. I agree with you, but for some reason people with blue eyes have always made their way into my life. I have blue eyes and there really is nothing special about them except for the fact that people ALWAYS compliment you about them or say they want blue eyes or some shit like that.
I am willing to believe Grey eyes are unhealthy Blue eyes, which is another way of saying Grey is not a true eye colour.
The types of ear piercings that location on cartilage can be on tragus, helix and can be on other part of ear. We’re very proud to offer premium boutique body jewelry from Glasswear Studios, ¬†Anatometal, Neometal, Body Vision LA, Glassheart Studios and much more! Take a look into a person’s eyes and you can gaze deep into their feelings emotions and mood.

There is something about the blue color that is so fresh and lively that people always desire this color and are instantly attracted towards it.
I have blonde hair and blue eyes but I have never really seen the massive fascination by it all.
Colors are caused by pigment molecules (in this case, melanin) that absorb a certain wavelength of light in the visible part of the light spectrum.
My eyesight is terrible, I mean negative 8.5 in both eyes, and they are EXTREMELY sensitive to light. I thought it was a rude, selfish and biased opinion on some one who is full of themselves and i would certainly not want that blue-eyed person in my life.
Read the other post above it shows why black eyes are actually THE MOST ATTRACTIVE EYE COLOR and blue is THE LEAST. But its only a cultural view, well what i knew that there is nothing to do with eye color being spiritual, anybody who are with wisdom and empathy always show spirituality no matter what color it is. The eyes of a person can be warm and bright or cold and stray and we can know it all by just looking at them.
The dark brown or black, as we may call it for own usage is often associated with night, mystery and intuition. They always have a room of mystery and enigma around them and a look into someone’s green eyes can make you get lost in them within seconds. I’ve seen some extremely hideous blue eyes out there, accompanied by personalities usually matching. Dark eyes are actually more attractive because the black dot in the middle of your eye appears super huge, which is an attractive trait. Without going into details which might confuse, dark colors often absorb a greater variety of wavelengths of light. Especially on social media when all people from every where than so many hurt feelings come. Brown eyed people usually prove more trustworthy (although this is a wide-sweeping generalization) in my experience. What people desire in eye colours is personal preference and in some cases a cultural thing. To get the safer ear cartilage piercing, you will need the help of the professional piercer. Each and every person in the world is blessed with eyes and each pair of eyes are brilliant in their own sweet ways.
It is a strong and rich color and it is associated with earth and thus, things like simplicity, creativity and positivism are some things that you can always find in people who have such brown eyes. Strong in nature, wise and gentle are some of the most important attributes that they possess. Intelligent and always curious, green eyed people are always the first to take interest in something new. Peaceful, smart, kind and full of youth and life, blue eyed people have long-lasting relationships and are  very energetic. We often see some people who have really great eyes and wish we could have eyes like them but one must always remember that the very fact that you have an eyesight is a great gift of nature and we must be ever-so-grateful about it.
They are independent, polite, caring and love making new friends and they are always up for trying new things in life.
They are brave and courageous people who encourage diversity and they tend to get bored of monotony very easily.

But the most prominent feature among them is their inherent desire to make other people happy. Don’t get me wrong, light eyes and hair are still beautiful but the truth is darker eyes and hair are better.
Shiny is not a way to characterize color (think about a shiny white car and a matte black car). My eyes are green (sometimes slightly hazel) and I have light red-blonde hair which also changes colors. They are also practical but when it comes to the people they care about, practicality tends to take a back-seat as love and care overtakes it.
Blue eyed people will go the extra mile just to make sure that you are happy with utmost kindness and sincerity. My point is, people are unique and I think we all have things that shape our perceptions of what we desire, which is subject to change and might not match what other people perceive as desirable. But did you know that the color of a person’s eyes add more than just a beauty factor in the life of that person? They are usually the happy-go-lucky people who don’t care much for earthly possessions and are close to all things nature. Their beauty often attracts many people to people with hazel eyes but the relationships of hazel eyed person may not last very long unless you are THE ONE for them. And of course, with an eye color so enchanting, they tend to be very attractive and beautiful as well. This one feature is very rare and that is what makes the blue-eyed person so appealing to us. They are extremely hardworking and practical and will always give their best shot at whatever it is that they are doing.
Even though they are self-confident and determined, sometimes, they can have a hard time trying to express themselves to people.
They take love and romance very seriously and these are not the kind of people whom you will see fooling around. Great lovers and mighty trust-worthy, these people are the ones who you can go to for any help and they will go out of their way to make sure you are happy and satisfied.
They are creative and imaginative, and flexible in their attitude – the 3 qualities that every great leader possesses. A person with blue eyes wants a long-lasting and a full-commitment and a no-bullshit relationship. Their inner strength, analytic thinking and rationality given them an upper hand in taking a leading rose in any situation. Youthfulness oozes out of them and the compassion and vibrancy that they bring along wherever they go is contagious.
Once they have that, they will do everything under the sun to make their better-halves happy. These are great people to be around and their company will surely have a posiive effect on you as well.

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