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This item will be sent through the Global Shipping Programme and includes international tracking. Clicking the a€?Buy nowa€? or a€?Offera€? button on the item pages still does not result in binding contractual declarations. Before submitting the order, you have the option to verify or change (even using the a€?backa€? of the Internet browser) all your details once again or to cancel the purchase. By clicking the a€?Kaufen und zahlena€? (a€?Purchase and paya€?) button, you declare the acceptance of the offer in a legally binding way, because of which the purchase contract is executed. We reserve the right to refuse, on the basis of the result of the credit assessment, to allow you to use this particular payment method.
The technical steps associated with the conclusion of the contract, the contract conclusion itself and the correction options are executed in accordance with A§ 2 of our standard business terms (part I.). 5.1 The prices mentioned in the respective offers represent total prices, as do the shipping costs. 5.3 The payment methods that are available to you are specified under a correspondingly-named button on our website, or in the respective product description. 5.4 Unless otherwise specified for the respective payment methods, the payment claims arising from the contract that has been concluded become payable immediately. 6.1 The delivery conditions, the delivery date and any potential delivery restrictions can be found under a correspondingly-named button on our website, or in the respective product description. Unless a different period is specified in the item description or our delivery conditions, the goods are delivered within 3-5 days after the conclusion of the contract (in case an advance payment has been agreed upon, after the payment authorisation). These SBTs and customer details were created by the lawyers specialising in IT law who work for the HA¤ndlerbund, and are constantly checked for legal conformity. We collect personal data (particulars of personal or objective relationships of a particular or definable natural person) only within the scope provided by you. Your personal data is processed and used for completing and processing your order and also for processing your requests. After the contract is processed completely, all the personal data is first saved taking into account the retention periods under fiscal and commercial law and then deleted after the expiry of the deadline, if you have not approved of the further processing and use. We use your email address irrespective of the order processing, solely for our advertising purposes for sending the newsletter, provided you have explicitly approved of this. In order to carry out an independent credit assessment, PayPal provides data to credit reporting agencies (credit agencies), which in turn provide PayPal with advice and solvency-related information that is based on mathematical-statistical processes (probability values or score-values). By selecting the specified payment method, you declare that you have no objection to the said data being transferred to PayPal, and that you have no objection to credit assessments being carried out by credit agencies that are to be chosen by PayPal.
At all times, you have the right to free information about your saved data as well as the right to correction, deletion and blocking of the same. You have the right to revoke this contract within one month without specifying any reasons.
In order to safeguard the revocation period, it is sufficient that you send the notification about the exercise of the revocation right before the expiry of the revocation period.. If you revoke this contract, we shall repay all the payments, which we received from you, including the delivery costs (with the exception of additional costs, which arise from that fact that you selected a form of delivery other than the most reasonable standard delivery offered by us), immediately and at the latest within fourteen days from the day on which we received the notification about the revocation of this contract from you. We can refuse the repayment until the products are returned to us or until you have furnished evidence that you have sent the products back to us, depending on whichever is earlier.

You must return or transfer the products to us immediately and, in any case, at the latest within fourteen days with effect from the day on which you inform us of the revocation of this contract. You must pay for any depreciation of the products only if this depreciation can be attributed to any handling with you that was not necessary for checking the condition, features and functionality of the products.
The Specimen-revocation form can be found in the appendix to our Standard Business Terms and customer information. Most purchases from business sellers are protected by the Consumer Contract Regulations 2013 which give you the right to cancel the purchase within 14 days after the day you receive the item.
Unless otherwise agreed upon, the inclusion, if necessary, of your own conditions is ruled out. In case of fixed price items, the buyer accepts the offer by clicking the a€?Buy nowa€? button and subsequently confirming the same.
In case of premature termination of the offer by the seller, a contract is concluded between it and the highest bidder, unless the seller was authorised to withdraw the offer and cancel the existing bids.
Rather, you also then have the option to check your entries and rectify them using the a€?Backa€? button of the Internet browser or cancel the purchase transaction. After a successful login at PayPal, you will be forwarded to the order overview page on eBay. Consequently, you have to ensure that the e-mail address that you have deposited with us is the correct one, and that the receipt of the respective e-mails is guaranteed. You shall be notified to that effect within the framework of the eBay purchase transaction.
Furthermore, we provide liability without limitation in all cases of intent and gross negligence, if a defect is fraudulently concealed, in case of assumption of guarantee for the procurement of the object of purchase and in all other legally regulated cases. The term a€?important contractual obligationsa€™ refers to important obligations that follow from the nature of the contract and whose violation would jeopardise the fulfilment of the purpose of the contract. In this respect, we cannot vouch for the constant and uninterrupted availability of the website and the service offered on the website. This choice of law only applies to customers if it does not result in the revocation of the protection guaranteed by the mandatory provisions of the law of the country in which the respective customera€™s usual place of residence is located (benefit-of-the-doubt principle).
The same condition applies to situations in which you are not associated with a general place of jurisdiction in Germany or the EU, as well as situations in which the place of residence or the usual place of residence is not known at the time of commencement of proceedings.
Before the order is sent, the contract data can be printed out or electronically saved using the browsera€™s print function. They can be called up via the relevant button on our website or in the relevant item description, are separately specified during the ordering process and must be borne by you separately, unless a free delivery has been agreed upon. This condition does not apply if you have independently commissioned a transport company that has not been specified by us or a person who has otherwise been appointed to execute the shipping operation. HA¤ndlerbund Management AG guarantees the legal security of the texts and assumes liability in case warnings are issued. Therefore, we provide information below regarding collection and use of personal data while using our eBay sites. At the same time, we indicate that you give your consent for receiving our newsletter with the approval, that eBay analyses your usage behaviour as regards the newsletter and provides us this data for improving the newsletter. Only our service partners, which we require for handling the contractual relationship, are excluded from this.

Among other things, the calculations associated with these processes make use of address data. We use the same means of payment, which you had originally used during the original transaction, for this repayment unless expressly agreed otherwise with you; you will not be charged any fees owing to this repayment. The deadline is maintained if you send the products before the expiry of the fourteen-day deadline. Find out more about your rights as a buyer - opens in a new window or tab and exceptions - opens in a new window or tab. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. This can be exercised by a buyer as long as there was no bidding on the item or a minimum price was not yet reached.
In case of fixed price items for which the seller has selected the a€?Immediate paymenta€? option, the buyer accepts the offer by clicking the a€?Buy nowa€? button and completing the immediate payment transaction. The acceptance is done under the suspensive condition that the buyer is the highest bidder at the end of the bidding period. After an authorised bid withdrawal, no contract is concluded between the user, who is again the highest bidder at the end of the auction owing to the bid withdrawal and the seller.
This option is no longer available only with the issue of the binding contractual declaration. Furthermore, you can call the a€?Warenkorba€? (a€?Shopping carta€?) via the corresponding button in the navigation bar and make changes to it at any point in time.
In particular, you have to ensure that the respective e-mails are not blocked by a SPAM filter. It also covers obligations that the contents of the contract impose on us in order to facilitate the fulfilment of the purpose of the contract and whose fulfilment makes it possible for the contract to be executed in an orderly manner, and compliance with which may regularly be taken for granted by you. This has no bearing on the capacity to call upon the court associated with another place of jurisdiction.
After the order is received by us, the order data, the legally-mandated details related to distance selling contracts and the standard business terms are re-sent to you via e-mail.
In these cases, we strictly adhere to the specifications of the Federal Data Protection Act.
The data that is necessary for the implementation of the payment transaction is transferred to PayPal by eBay. You can use the enclosed specimen revocation form for this, which however is not mandatory.
The buyer can also accept offers for several items by placing the items in the shopping cart (if available) and completing the immediate payment transaction.
The menu navigation for eBay that is associated with the execution of a purchase operation specifies the declaration through which you enter into an obligation and the action through which the contract is concluded.
After calling the a€?Weiter zur Kaufabwicklunga€? (a€?Proceed to purchase transactiona€?) and the selection or entry of delivery address and the mode of payment, all order data will once again be displayed on the order overview page.

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