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A five-year-old boy from Queensland, Australia was left with a large, intricately detailed, dragon-shaped scar after a henna tattoo he received in Bali left him with a chemical burn. Cannon Cribb received the henna tattoo while he was holidaying with his parents in Bali, Indonesia. The scar is being treated as a chemical burn, requiring dressing several times a day and application of a topical steroid. For the latest odd,weird and unique news, subscribe to our full news feed or have it delivered to your inbox. I would take his dragon shaped scare, just cause then I would have something to distinguish me from the masses that doesn’t include swearing. Right, so would you consider people like me to be trash because I got a dragon tattoo for my 18th birthday, even though I’m finishing up my senior year of college with a 3.8 GPA and hold a steady job?
Sorry to say Pat, but it’s people like you who stereotype and start rumors about people with tattoos!
Just because someone has tattoos don’t make them a bad person or make them in a gang or even trash. With one look at the picture of when the henna had just been done, I know what the problem was.
That was the message from a 5-year-old boy to a 911 dispatcher in Chattanooga, Tennessee, after he witnessed someone shoot both of his parents, Lakita Hicks and George Dillard, reports television station WTVC. The boy went on to describe the shooting to the dispatcher, then tells the dispatcher he’s going to watch TV until police arrive. Minutes later, police could be heard coming into the home to begin their 13-hour murder investigation. One really cool lego set for 5 year old boys is the Batman: Defend the batcave featured above. There are lots of fantasic outdoor toys for 5 year old boys.Our best outdoor toy purchases include the stomp rocket.

My 5 year old boy currently loves lots of different kinds of superhero and action figure toys.
That kid is going to have a story to tell for the rest of his life and something to show off. Be the cup half full kind of person and you’ve got yourself an amazing story to tell.
If it’s the boy who wants the tattoo then it’s no bloody good testing it on anyone else first! Not the case if he opted for a Barney the Purple Dinosuar, SpongeBob or a Backyardigan Tattoo!!!
When that kid gets older, that scar will be responsible for 70% of any tail he manages to get. Not only his is name Cannon Cribb, and he’s a cutie, but he has this intense dragon scar on his arm? He loves building little creations with lego and Knex from his own imagination and he spends ages playing with them afterwards. My son received his marble run before he was 5 but it wasn't until around his 5th birthday that he was able to build proper marble runs without much help. He loves drawing, sticking and making and really enjoys craft kits with things to make and decorate in them. He currently resides in the Japanese countryside approximately two hours from Tokyo - where he has spent the better part of a decade testing his hypothesis that Japan is neither as quirky nor as interesting as others would have you believe.
Imagine the pick up line- “Yeah, see this scar right here, mmm, hmm, I got that when I was five, when I was in Bali, and some crazy chick bleached a dragon on my arm. Do you know how many parents are gonna come home to find their grade schoolers sporting Dragon tattoos? Ear Hustle 411 is an informative, Entertainment blog where we keep our ears to the streets for all the latest trends in fashion, new music, gadgets, celeb gossip, entertainment, and breaking news.

This website gives lots of ideas for toys and gifts for 5 year old boys based on what my son and his friends like to play with. He builds monsters, rockets, aliens and then spends ages flying them around and making them into characters. Stomp on the pump at the bottom of the rockets and see how high you can shoot it into the air.
He doesn't seem too fussy if they're for boys or girls at the moment although I'm sure this will change.
One toy that I bought my nephew for Christmas that he loved is the spider force web blaster opposite. I think they are great for helping concentration, finishing a project and if you work on one with somebody else for social skills too. I have nearly 30+ hours of tattoo work, yes I said hours, because they cover my entire arm, half of my other arm, most of my chest, leg and shoulder. There are also lego collections where 5 year olds are able to follow simple instructions to make things. So perhaps you could use the smart watch to make chores fun by timing how long it takes them to tidy their toys away. There are countless EMT’s, Police Officers, Firefighters, Doctors, Nurses and Soldiers that are heavily tattooed.
And maybe that child is really into dragons which is why he chose to get a dragon design for his henna tattoo. If the child grows up and decides he wants a real dragon tattoo and he still has the scar at least he’ll already have the template on his arm for it.

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