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When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Asthma affects every person differently, so different symptoms are best treated by different types of therapy. Within only a few minutes of taking honey, the asthma attack symptoms will subside and breathing will normalize.
This remedy is typically prescribed for people who complain of weakness or a faint feeling during an asthma attack. Honey with tussle leaves, caraway seeds, and carbo vegetabilis are among the best homeopathic treatments for asthma available. Some people believe the effects of honey treatment are improved by mixing it with ground paste from the leaves of the tulsi plant, also known as holy basil or ocimum sanctum.

Sit in a comfortable position and cover the back of the head with a towel, creating a sort of tent over the boiling water so that most of the steam doesn't escape.
It also helps asthma sufferers who tend to have coughing fits that cause gagging, which further debilitates breathing. This treatment is used on asthma sufferers who have coughing spasms that often lead to retching or vomiting. A mixture of 13 milliliters of honey and 20 milliliters of tulsi leave paste is the dosage recommended to relieve asthma symptoms. Make sure to keep the face a safe distance from the boiling water and hot steam to avoid burns. This treatment is effective when asthma causes a hollow feeling in the chest and when symptoms are made worse in the evening while lying down or after talking or eating.

This remedy can also bring relief to people who feel like their lungs or bronchial tubes are filled with phlegm, or mucus, but find it extremely difficult to cough out and clear the phlegm. Before deciding on a homeopathic remedy, be sure to consult a homeopathic practitioner about specific symptoms and decide on the best treatment plan together. Inhaling this steam slowly can provide great relief to agitated lungs from an asthma attack.
Chamomilla can help people whose asthma is triggered by exposure to moving, fresh air or by emotional excitement, such as anger.

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