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All levels of hearing loss deprive the auditory centers in the brain of acoustic information.
Humans have a dominant ear to focus on nearby voices – the opposite ear monitors ambient noise around us. These recordings present sounds that are simple and relaxing, for those times when you just want to disengage and drift on some lovely natural sounds. Atmospheres - Distant OceanSoftened by distance, surf is heard from afar, rolling in on a sandy beach.

Atmospheres - Evening BreezesEvening falls, and a steady breeze moves through a pine woodland. Left untreated, hearing loss sufferers increasingly continue to lose their ability to understand speech, and results in a severe communication breakdown, along with difficulty communicating with others. Hearing loss sufferers lack this natural relationship; thus the mixing of signals and increased difficulty communicating in background noise. Low-frequencies (base tones) make up the background noise around us, where high-frequencies (treble tones) are critical for voice clarity.

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