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Here, TOA’s Data Library equipped with a search engine offers its CAD drawings made out in pdf and dwg forms, EASE data, specification sheets, brochures, instruction and installation manuals, and a wealth of other product data for your downloading. The BG-2120 is a 120 W 5-input mixer amplifier for background music and general announcement. I think back in 2009 or 2010, the Sony Vaio Z laptop had an external dock with a discreete GPU via Light Peak . I think the idea is that you can set this up at work, or home with a keyboard, mouse, monitor.
If Alienware keeps up support for the graphics amplifier, then ideally, you can spend less on the laptop itself, upgrade it every 3-4 years (what are the chances that you’ll reach bottlenecks with your RAM and CPU before then?) and upgrade the GPU whenever the heck you feel like it.
So now you’re looking at $350 for a GPU and $1,800 for a laptop every 3-4 years, with a one-time purchase of a $200-$300 amplifier.
I have often wondered why graphics process units manufacturing companies have not pushed external graphics units in the past and now I know why, that thing is huge! Then again, a laptop can still function just fine as a laptop while away from the power grid. Hackers have had a version of this for a while using Expresscard (1x PCIe) and some external building.
I can see your use case scenario, I suppose I just look at a laptop hooked to a bunch of non-portable peripherals akin to how I view a taco pizza – not as good as a regular taco, not as good as a regular pizza, not sure why it exists. But this is just the start of a new wave of external graphics cards, and I can’t wait till I can add one of these to any old PC. I wouldn’t say this is the first time an OEM has provided something like this, but probably the first time specifically for graphics. If you think about it this is the only way Oculus Rift is going to get Rid of that cable it uses. This is the first time that I know of that a product has been targeted at consumers instead of business and pro markets. I remember having a lenovo docking station with the ability to add a secondary desktop graphics card to it although I remember that it was only compatible with specific graphics cards, along the same lines and lots of potential though.. I like this solution, cause then when you’re home you have two computers side by side.
The fact that it’s taken this long to bring something like this out is actually quite shocking.
Doesn’t ViDock do the same thing except it does it for all the laptop with PCI card slot? Whilst this might not suit everyone who has a need a for an external graphics card setup (eg. You probably already know this by now, but no, it will not work with any 14″ Alienware laptops.

This only works with the newer-model Alienware 13, 15, and 17s that were produced after this article was written. The amplifier uses a proprietary port, so you should definitely look at the specs for your particular laptop to make sure that you have that port. Yea, it’s all marketing that you need the Graphics Amplifier installed in order to overclock the CPU beyond regular turboboost. As far as we’re aware, though, this is the first time that an OEM has attempted to bring external laptop graphics to the masses. It would be very interesting if Alienware could push this port out to PC vendors and get it standardized. I could use it to push my macbook air but also when i am editing graphics on my desktop I would connected there and bust my desktop.
Imagine if you pulled out your video card, ran a separate power supply to the video card, and connected the card to your motherboard via a cable.
They were proprietary though, and very expensive — and so they never gained widespread adoption, I guess.
This will allow you to have the power of a more powerful desktop when docked and the mobility (with less power) when undocked.
It’s a year later now, and Alienware still seems to be the only company invested in this. If I can only use the box near an outlet, and then price the Alienware, the GA, and a upper echelon GPU and compare that against a mini-ITX build, then more umph for less money would go towards the mini build.
If you want to get desktop level graphics on your laptop…hook it to a giant peripheral.
If not, you might as well be using your laptop as your desktop second screen for as much good as this is going to do for you.
For example, I only want max gaming ability when I am sitting on my couch in front of my 60″ TV.
In the early and mid 90’s several companies offered docking solutions for their laptops (compaq comes to mind).
Useful for many kinds of things, but the laptop doubles as a second screen too, so if you want to web browse while you game, you can do that pretty easy. I rather just try to boost my laptop as far as i can than spend more $$$$ on a good rig for now. OPEN SOURCE THE DESIGN SPEC, SELL THE HARDWARE U STILL MAKE MONIES JUST NOT AS MUCH GREEDY BASTARDS. If you only have the standard assortment of USB, HDMI, miniDisplay Port, and gigabit Ethernet ports, your Alienware does not support the graphics amplifier.
Read the thread from a couple years ppl attempting this same thing, this goes with its limitations like using the internal vs external display about the 16x vs 8x.

This allows you to have a computer that can double as a gaming PC when you are at home and a laptop when you are not without having to use two different computers. I built a custom rig about a year ago, (Core i7-4790k, 16 GB RAM, R9 290X that I custom-installed a liquid cooler onto to keep temps below 60 C at full load), but it’s never really enough until you feel like you have the best of everything. Then, God forbid you have to travel for work and may require some GPU horsepower on a slow evening.
I game, I do digital art, can do all my desktop could, yet I can carry it around and hook it to whatever, while excercising a low carbon low heat signature package.
On first read I thought much like you comment but a lot of ppl have demanding processes and don’t always want to rip the project to a drive after using their desktop to finish it.
But it and a small laptop are still more portable than a full ATX desktop, so that’s good.
I think it could be only a matter of time before we see a Home Graphics streamer to all your devices in your home. Come home and put your phone in the docking station, get a full desktop experience with keyboard and big monitors.
What it does is allow you to turn a laptop into a desktop, forcing you to disable a very expensive GPU to do so.
Laptops are certainly okay for most tasks, but in some scenarios they just can’t keep up with desktops.
The connector is apparently some combination of USB and PCIe — which, as long as Dell has stuck to the standards, should be easy enough for other companies to implement. Maybe Dell just added a DVI switch to overcome this but still it is pretty retarded to go with this solution as costs are similar to a ITX system.
With the souped up GPU you could do higher quality gaming (or whatever), then when you’re done you pick up your phone and leave.
It allows you to plug in a large monitor, thus making your laptop screen, also an expensive item, moot. I’m a portability guy, my cars 3000w battery makes me able to project a movie on a mountain side with my led projector while I aux the sound and lay in the hatch back.
The black box, which is about 7 inches (18 cm) square and 16 inches (40 cm) long, connects to an Alienware laptop via a proprietary cable (which we believe is a combination of PCIe and USB). Our sister site PC Mag has a few more details of the Alienware Graphics Amplifier, but it seems no one has had proper hands-on time to review the device yet.
With the exception of CPU-limited games (which are rare), the Amplifier really should give you desktop-like performance.

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