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There are currently no product reviews, Write your own review and you could win a ?100 Consoles and Gadgets Gift Voucher!! The larva of this monster beetle develops in rotting wood and I’ve read that they prefer the rotting wood of sycamore trees. They are really no concern for a home owner and there is no pest control method recommended but i thought he was impressive enough to share with everyone.
We get many questions every year about what is swarming in the Verde Valley and Prescott quad cities.
These guys are active year round, like to hunt at night, and can run very quickly if they feel threatened.
This particular Centipede is called the Multicolored Centipede and can reach sizes of about 4.5 inches. They will eat just about anything they can catch and can stay very still just waiting to ambush their prey. Bed bugs can be found anywhere in the room but the highest concentrations tend to congregate by the headboard.
People always ask what to look for around the house to tell if they have a termite infestation. We have supplied a couple of pictures to show what they look like in actual size and zoomed in on. We’ve had a great monsoon season this year in the high desert and the rain is greatly appreciated. If left unattended, the decomposing plant matter can become home to lots of little critters.
I don’t find Southwestern Hercules Beetles very often and located this one on a routine pest control job in Lake Montezuma, which is an area that happens to have sycamore trees. You will often find them under things when out working in the flower beds so be aware of their presence. As I said before, I do not recommend handling this insect because it will it will give you a painful sting with venom ducts that are located by the head in modified legs called prehensors.
Even though their function in life is basically the same as a spider, most people don’t have a phobia about them like they do arachnids.

If there is a lack of food the praying mantis will even dine on each other and the female often does eat the male after mating.
They seem to be found primarily in hotels, motels, and resorts but we have been treating them in single and multi-family housing as well. Check around the mattress and box springs, paying special attention to the plastic corner protectors on the box spring. If you start to notice itchy welts on your skin and think you have a Bed Bug infestation call a pest professional, Trying to control these pests on your own generally results in frustration. I was driving all over Yavapai County yesterday and couldn’t get over how green everything is.
He is very impressive and at first glance you would think he could pinch you very hard with his claw looking apparatus. The one on the left is a Drywood Termite Swarmer and the one on the right is a Harvester Ant Swarmer. They are a predator insect and feed primarily on other bugs but will occasionally feed on a small lizard, snake, or rodent. If you have a problem with this insect call your local pest control professional for assistance in getting rid of them. They have a unique look with their prayer-like forelegs that gives them the ever popular name praying mantis. This bug becomes most common in the high desert around mid August and can often be found on the side of our houses near a light source at night, hunting insects. Bed bugs are very hard to treat since they are very elusive and can live for a long time with no food source.
Many times if you have a colony inside the home you will notice swarmers climbing in the windows trying to get out of the house.
It made me think it would be a good time to remind folks to take care of the extra weed growth around the home because it can be a home for pests like insects, snakes, and rodents.
This bug likes to feed on a high desert weed plant called the London Rocket, which is in the mustard family. He uses this horn to joust with other males when he competes for a mate, and to scrape away the bark of the tree to produce sap for the female to come feed on.

This unique insect also has the ability to turn its head – a characteristic not found on other insects. Supplied are a couple of pictures, the first one is a picture of a praying mantis camouflaged on a pomegranate it was taken by my daughter Skylar at age 6 and the other is of their egg case.
The best thing you can do when traveling to help reduce the risk of bringing them home with you is to keep your luggage away from the bed. When you get home, launder your clothing before putting it in your room and dry it on high heat. Drywood termites live in the wood they infest and do not return to the soil like a subterranean termite. On their abdomen just like a bee or wasp they have a stinger and they are not afraid to use it. The larva of this noisy fella feeds on the sap in the roots of trees until it becomes an adult then it comes out of the ground climbs a tree and starts its love call.
These bugs have a single ear located on their thorax that helps them avoid birds and other predators but it doesn’t develop until they mature into adulthood.
Some folks make the mistake of bringing their suitcase in the house after vacation and throwing it on the bed to unpack, giving the bugs a chance to get into and and hide in your bed.
Please see the picture of the stinger – I know its a little blurry but gives you an up-close look at the business end of this ant.
When the plant starts to dry up and we get hot and dry in the desert, these bugs start to look for higher humidity and cooler shelter. So after you’ve been traveling, keep items coming into the house away from your bed until they have been gone through to help reduce your risk of them living with you.
These colonies can actually live up to 20 years and have around 10,000 ants in the colony – that’s a lot of stings! As far as being a pest they are just a nuisance and not much else, but a little prevention by cleaning up the weeds early can keep their population down.

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