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It has become common nowadays to have multiple ear piercings done to keep updated with the fashion. Infection on the pierced site occurs mainly while using unsterilized instruments for piercing. Don’t change the posts at least for 6 weeks since removing it can cause the piercing to close. For mild infection you can try several home remedies like rubbing alcohol, using saline water or applying warm compression over the area. The mystical medicinal properties of silver — widely used by ancient civilizations — are back in the headlines, as a new study reveals that tiny amounts of the element added to common antibiotics make the medications up to 1,000 times more effective in fighting infections. The lustrous fashion-forward precious metal could be the medical community’s silver bullet in its battle against drug-resistant “superbugs” — bacteria that has grown immune to standard drugs. Since the days of ancient Greece, silver has been cherished on so many levels — from fine jewelry and ornaments to currency and utensils.
Privileged families in the Middle Ages benefited health-wise from using silver eating utensils even though the side effect was often a bluish-grey discoloration of the skin. Silver’s place in the medical community continued all the way until the 1940s, when newly developed antibiotics were favored to fight sickness and infections.
In a study published in Science Translational Medicine, researchers at Boston University found that by adding trace amounts of silver to common antibiotics, the medications became up to 1,000 times more effective in fighting infections in mice. The silver attacks bacterial cells in two main ways: It makes the unusually tough cell membrane of superbugs more permeable, and it interferes with the cell’s metabolism.

Although the experiments have yet to be performed on humans, initial findings are more than promising. David and Douglas Meadows, third-generation jewelers, have been helping Atlanta-area customers select quality diamonds since the early 1980's. David Douglas Diamonds & Jewelry is intentional about Honoring and Blessing all who God brings our way.We look forward to serving you in the near future. And according to the statistics available, 35 out of 100 people with pierced ear would develop infection or some complication. And many people prefer to have high piercing on their cartilages rather than on the ear which may lead to complications like perichondritis and abscess formation. Piercing done in dirty environment and touching the piercing site with dirty hands while piercing can cause infection.
Some doctors have feared that superbugs, left unchecked, could make the most common surgeries extremely risky because the arsenal of effective antibiotics is nearly tapped out.
The ancients also discovered that silver had unique healing properties, such as protecting wounds from infection and preserving food and water.
Both mechanisms could potentially be harnessed to make today’s antibiotics more effective against resistant bacteria, Collins said. David Douglas Diamonds & Jewelry provides a friendly atmosphere where you can shop with confidence that you are buying from a reputable, family jeweler with a tradition of fine craftsmanship and service. Many of them would have a minor infection and some would develop an allergic reaction after ear piercing.

Some of the symptoms of ear piercing infection are swelling of ear, warmth and reddened ear with pain and discomfort.
Wearing tight jewelry can interfere with the normal blood flow making the ear vulnerable to infection. A very small percentage of people would develop keloid as part of ear piercing infection and in rare cases it can lead to tearing of ear lobes. Similarly wearing incompatible jewelry and cheap jewelry having rough posts can cause scratching leading to infection.
For severe case of infection with bumps and pain your doctor would prescribe suitable antibiotics.
In some cases it can cause fluid discharge from the pierced ear with foul smell indicating presence of bacteria. Cartilage piercing can be done on any part of the ear like the helix that runs from the main lobe to the middle part of the ear, or on the conch which is nothing but inner part of the visible ear and on the tragus which is the region that separates the ear canal from the face.

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