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One is that there is a negative pressure created in the ears by the circulation of the smoke from the burning candle. We will attempt another similar test in the future and add the information to this article.
When you burn an ear candle in someone’s ear there is often a mass or residue in the bottom of the cone. A third possibility is that a neurological mechanism is engaged by the burning of the ear candle and the circulation of the smoke in the ear canal. Although we freely discuss our experiments (posting it on our web site is an example), we encourage people to use ear candles if they find benefit in their use.

Our perspective was and is that if people find benefit in an alternative health practice like ear candling, and it does no harm, and then let them have the freedom to make up their own minds. Most users believe this is wax being pulled out of the ear mixed in with systemic Candida albicans. Observation by an assistant holding the ear candle in a subject’s ear shows that smoke is indeed circulating in the ear canal. It is known that surgery and physical therapy are notoriously ineffective for certain conditions, and yet doctors recommend procedures and patients ask for them. Even if ear candles had no therapeutic benefit, what or who would be hurt by someone choosing to use them?

Would you personally prefer someone not pray for you, or, rather, send a prayer your way if you thought it increased the odds of success?

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