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Oftentimes deaf children are not able to speak effectively due to their disability to listen normally. This device works wonders in combining kid’s language learning with their cognition towards objects, which in turn encourages deaf children to expand their knowledge and speak independently. Munivo Gives Walking Direction For Visually Impaired People Through Their Hand Oftentimes we would have seen a blind people crossing the street with just a stick in his hand. Although the education system for the deaf has improved considerably, still these children are finding it difficult to communicate fluently or learn things faster.
This device works in such a manner that it impersonates the actions of the speech, allowing the deaf children to learn via the vibration of body parts while we are talking. Although it lets them identify any obstacle in their way, they need to calculate their own […]Flip Photo Frame Gives Energy Education By Enabling Keeping A Balanced Room Heating The photo disappearing idea may seem copied from the movie “Back to the Future” but it certainly can produce some effective environmental awareness among people.

In order to help such children overcome their problem of listening, a new device has been unveiled. Teachers and parents can now make best use of this device by downloading various learning diagrams and integrating the same into the device. The Flip Photo Frame has […]EAZ Disabled Mobility Device Is An Innovative Mobility Solution For Physically Disabled Person EAZ Disabled Mobility Device concept eliminates the discomfort and disregard of riding a wheelchair that usually physically disabled person experiences. VV-Talker is an electronic device designed specifically for those hearing impaired children.
The innovative mobility device […]Under The Sea Floatation Device with Periscope for Children Children will definitely enjoy swimming in the sea with “Under The Sea” floatation device with periscope. It is exclusively designed for children who would want to go swimming but feel a […]Be2 Visual Communication Device by Mads Hindhede Svanegaard Be2 Visual Communication Device makes it possible for you to see and talk to other people who live in another city as if they are in the same room with you.

Provides five display modes for viewing braille and shows all screens in Grade Two braille for refreshable braille displays.
Children who find it daunting to learn faster can use this device, which makes the process of learning faster and accurate.

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