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Making Sense of Sensory Processing Disorders in Children Every time you touch, smell, hear, taste, or see something, that’s your sensory-processing system in action.
Achieve Hearing & Rehabilitation offers a complete CAPD (Central Auditory Processing Disorder) evaluation with an audiologist and a speech-language pathologist. The diagnosis of CAPD must be determined by an Audiologist and provide information about both developmental and acquired disorders of the central auditory system. Signs of CAPD are not exclusive to the disorder, but if your child exhibits some of the following signs or symptoms, they may be at risk of a central auditory processing disorder (CAPD) and benefit from specialized auditory testing.
At Achieve Hearing & Rehabilitation, CAPD testing is individualized based on each person. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) states that CAPD needs to be assessed and diagnosed by an Audiologist (ASHA Technical Report "Central Auditory Processing Disorders" January 2005). The speech-language pathologist will meet with the parent to learn how the child's ability to process auditory information has impacted the child's life at school, home and social situations. Following CAPD testing, the audiologist and speech-language pathologist with will meet with the parent to discuss results. Speech and language skills are developed most efficiently through hearing, which means it is not unusual to observe speech and language problems, as well as academic problems in children with CAPD. Although there is no medical cure (medicine, surgery, etc.) there are many treatment options available through a variety of techniques that incorporate speech-language therapy. Every person receives a comprehensive evaluation - strengths and growth areas are identified - treatment plans are developed to specifically target the person's needs.

Helping patient's communicate better and overcome hearing, speech and language challenges - Achieve a balanced life. We recommend that you contact any of our training centres for trained and personal care as well as proper advice about your hearing health or improvement in general. LACE works with hearing centres across the UK including Edinburgh, Oxford, Manchester, Eastbourne and Sevenoaks among dozens of locations, you’re always close enough to visit a Certfied LACE Training Centre for more information or to purchase LACE.
Sensory processing is a term that refers to the way your nervous system collects messages from the senses and turns them into appropriate physical and behavioral responses. AudigyCertified™ expertise is measured by commitment to patient satisfaction, continuing education, and the expert application of current technology. Achieve offers comprehensive treatment for CAPD with speech-language pathologists who are knowledgeable about how CAPD affects learning and language. Children and adults who have CAPD often struggle to understand the meaning of what is being said to them. If your child exhibits some of these signs call Achieve Hearing & Rehabilitation today.
The selection of tests will depend upon a number of factors, including the age of the person, the signs or symptoms the person exhibits, the person's native language, cognitive status, and other determining factors. If treatment is indicated, therapy can be scheduled with one of the speech-language pathologists at Achieve Hearing.
If a child experiences difficulty in processing the brief and rapidly changing acoustics of spoken communication, they are likely to have problems recognizing the important intricacies of language.

Achieve's speech-language pathologists are licensed and specifically trained about how CAPD affects learning and language. Other professionals that may be included in the treatment process: the child's teacher(s), reading specialist (RSP), psychologist, and neurologist. Our Plano location is located 1 block East of the Dallas Tollway in the Parkwood Crossings Medical Complex.
The speech-language pathologist will partner with you to develop a treatment plan to meet your child's specific needs. We can discuss the auditory testing options Achieve uses to assess central auditory function and help your child strive toward a more balanced life.
Specialized hearing tests and processing tests must be administered to diagnose a person with CAPD. Speech language pathologists and psychological tests can identify CAPD characteristics; however, an audiologist must complete the testing to diagnose CAPD.

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