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Car window tinted shades are used not just to enhance the look of your car, but to also act as a protection from harmful UV rays.
When choosing the car film type and shade, several factors such as colour of the vehicle, interior colour and the levels of privacy needed, have to be taken into consideration.
Usually tinted films come in five different shades – dark, midnight, medium, light and very light. Another type of film which has been developed in concurrence with the medical profession is called Dermagard. By using tinted window shades for your car, additional benefits of safety and sun protection can be achieved.
Welcome to our website, we are a custom car accessory shop specializing in car audio, automotive security, window tinting, lambo doors and more.
Miami Custom Car Stereo System Design and Installation, Custom Subwoofer Boxes, Fiber Glass work, Plexiglas amp racks and anything for Car Audio Competition. Pro Auto Sound of Miami is a 3M window tint dealer in Miami specializing in high performance window film & OEM Color match for all types of vehicles and show cars. In dash iPad integration, reverse camera, headrest monitors and satellite TV are just some of the of the video upgrades we are known for!
Your satisfaction is the top priority at A Plus Auto Tinting - where you can expect the very best in prices, products and service.
In addition to tinting your business vehicle, A Plus Auto Tinting has a wide variety of commercial services available. Car window tinting is one of the best ways to improve the look and comfort of your vehicle. Get the window tinting brands you love installed by professionally trained technicians that you can trust.
Tint World® Ultimate window films provide maximum quality, performance and protection with next generation technology for high-end vehicle applications. Today’s auto films can provide up to 78% heat reduction versus untreated automotive glass. Exposure to UV rays from the sun is known to pose potential health risks for your eyes and skin. There’s a variety of auto film products for windows to suit any type of car, truck or SUV. The Starlite Starliner's glass gives me chills, in a good way of course, and totally changed my mind about window tints. No idea on application, or material, but my opinion window tinting is walking on a fine line. I wonder about the tint on the Starlite car, is it tint or tinted lexan like drag cars used?
The rear window in my Olds actually looks like it has blue tint, but I'm pretty sure its just the reflection off the interior.
I guess the sticker ones have to be alipplied b4 you mount the glass to be done right, but is there any other way than a sticker?
In the very early 70's my grandpa and my uncle experimented with some tint on my uncle's 65.
If someone has to ask whether or not they should do something to their car then it probably means that they're not mentally and spiritually equipped to pull it off.

Quality comes first at Sound Performance and we aspire for perfection at the first shot to protect your investment. LLumar tinting films are known for their quality, color stability, and patented scratch-resistant coating, durability and are virtually maintenance free with a lifetime-nation wide warranty against bubbling, cracking, peeling, and fading. At Sound Performance, we put in a lot of effort so that the films are in cut to exact specifications.We exclusively have  and use a  “Computer Cut Program and Hardware” where an automated machine cuts the films to exact specification or your year, make, and model of your vehicle for a perfect cut on all windows.
Although the laws in different countries have certain rules and restrictions on the percentage of use of tinted shades for vehicles, clear security film can always be applied to the front glass and the passenger windows. These provide an invisible but effective protection having a tough coating which is scratch resistant too. This is a clear film filtering UV rays and cuts out hundred percent of the harmful rays while allowing visible light to pass through unimpeded. Regarded as one of the top car stereo shops in South Florida, Unlike many Miami Car Audio shops we are all about custom work. We are your authorized dealer and installation center for Vertical Door a leader in Lamborghini Door Kits for all types of vehicles.
Car window tinting your vehicle not only provides added comfort and security, but it also increases the value of your vehicle. Auto manufacturers produce cars with high-grade leather and suede interiors, making it increasingly crucial to protect these interiors from fading and cracking.
The “Skin Cancer Foundation” reminds you that time spent in the car puts both drivers and passengers at risk of skin cancer and other health conditions such as melanoma, cataracts, extra light sensitive eyes, and migraine headaches.
A cooler interior provides more comfort and can significantly reduce air conditioning usage thus extending the life of AC systems and improving gas mileage. Reducing these two primary causes of fading helps to protect and extend the life of all of your vehicle’s interior including seats, carpets, wood trim and dashboard.
This dangerous condition can be greatly helped by tinting your vehicle’s side and rear windows. From virtually invisible films to darker colors, there’s a range of shades to give you the look you want. They actually still sell NOS ones for my car, they have green, blue and brown, but its not always avilable front and back and would set me back about 600 euros.
Builders of the cars that set the standards don't ask for permission or approval for the decisions they make.
When it comes to Automotive Window Tinting, we opt for top quality window films like LLumar Window Film. Not only do they render style to your vehicle, but they also offer complete privacy and protection from interior fading, harmful UV rays, heat and glare anywhere, anytime for your car or home windows. Whether you want colored, mirrored or plain black films on your car window, we have it all for you.
Not only will you be receiving quality Automotive Window Tinting services, but also quality lifetime warranty on your film and install. While plain glass will merely block UVB rays that cause sun burn, tinted glass block the more harmful UV rays from passing through. For comfort especially with kids and pets around, a medium or midnight shade will be a right choice. The best advantage of security films is they can hold glass fragments together if broken, so they do not get scattered.

It is especially useful in sensitive skin conditions that occur as a result of exposure to UV rays. From in dash iPad integration to custom fiberglass kick panels, Plexiglas subwoofer boxes, and amp ranks! Quality car window tinting and expert installation is essential for a professional tint job and maintaining a factory showroom look. Window tinting your car will keep the interior cooler, and help protect your dashboard, seats, carpets, floor mats, vinyl, and leather. The sun’s UV rays can easily penetrate car windows, but since UV-protective car window tints and films block up to 99% of the suns cancer-causing damaging rays, car window tinting is a reliable way to reduce your cancer risk. Our car window tint colors are available in red, blue, green, yellow, smoke, bronze, and chrome. Our car window tinting brand is Suntek, which provides excellent optical clarity, aesthetics, and high heat protection capabilities. Obviously there's the exception, starlights starliner, or the brown lincoln up here in nor cal.
And if you want to go for more exclusive designs, let our creative window tinter and software program give your car  a custom tint job of your choice with designs that are unique and appealing. Thus applying tinted films to the windows of your car assures that your skin is protected from the sun.
If privacy is what you are looking at or if your car is equipped with a TV screen in the back, dark shades will be the ideal choice. The films will be compatible with factory tints and they will be highly durable and have a scratch resistant surface. They also strengthen glass, so the risk of breaking on impact owing to accidents or some spiteful intentions is reduced.
We are dedicated to achieving 100% customer satisfaction and give the best value on the widest selection of Car stereo, Car Alarms, Car Accessories and Window Tinting products in the South Florida market! Plus, your air conditioner won’t need to work as hard, so you’ll save fuel and help extend the life of your vehicle’s air conditioning system. Additionally, car window tinting cuts down potentially dangerous glare from the road, reflective surfaces, and other vehicles’ headlights at night. If you are unsure which tint is right for you, let one of our knowledgeable, friendly staff members help you decide on the car window tint that fits your style and budget. Whatever you drive, car window tinting can give your vehicle that sleek, custom, cool look – it’s the investment that improves your driving experience, and your vehicle’s value!
Checking for all these features and then investing in the car tinting shades will ensure long lasting life and a hassle free maintenance. Security films can be tinted too so the benefits of both the film types can be availed in one.

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