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So, it is three days before Christmas and before  your entire family comes over for Christmas dinner. You’re running around like a madwoman on your lunch hour, getting the last-minute stocking stuffers and making sure that you have a healthy supply of cashews for your snack-mad stepfather.
Your beloved texts you reminding you that you should really have some antacid in the house, just in case. In the words of the Manolo, “Ayyyyyyyy!”  There is just too much to do, and too little time in which to do it!
What better way to soothe the frazzled nerves than with the lovely bit of fun indulgence for oneself, especially when that indulgence is available at 43% off? Happy holidays to all of you, and may you get plenty of time to sit in your pajamas and eat buttered toast!
When putting my earrings in today, I realized anew that I have had these holes in my ears since before I even knew what ears were.
Personally, I tend to stick by the rule of not making any permanent body modifications to my child unless medically necessary.
On the other end of the spectrum is your boyfriend’s sad office party, where you are forced to make small talk with Troy, the unctuous middle manager who insists on talking with his mouth full (of spinach dip, no less) and who has already dropped every single name with whom he has even the most tenuous connection. Buying a new outfit for a party that promises to be fun is a delight, but also comes with a certain amount of pressure.
Mind you, if you want to utterly knock the socks off of Muffy, Kiki, Babs and Myra, Tiffany’s version of an owl pin will probably delight them enough that their faces may break free of the constrains of their latest Botox injections and actually register a facial expression. I featured a nifty bracelet from Monserat De Lucca in a previous post, and I can tell you now that I had a HARD time figuring out which piece of theirs to feature in that post, because there was just so much stuff that I loved. December babies get a bit of a raw deal — especially the ones who were born near or on Christmas.
So that means that you can ask for some blue topaz jewelry for your birthday, and turquoise for the holidays! Maybe I’m weird, but I prefer the look of turquoise with gold over the look of turquoise with silver. And if all else fails, you could always consider a piece that incorporates both blue topaz AND turquoise!
It’s sweet and subtle for every day, and the symbolism of the love knot is rather fitting, no? And, before you completely write off eternity bands, there ARE some really nice designs out there, like this antiquey-looking one from Morris & David. This one might accent your wedding set rather nicely, but still looks different from the other eternity bands out there, no? And lastly, if you’re willing to look beyond diamonds, and are looking for something meaningful, why not consider sapphires? So which is it, a harmless cultural tradition and a matter of personal taste, or a painful, unnecessary ordeal inflicted by mean parents? When her daughter was born six years ago, it was tough for Soto to find someone who would pierce her newborn’s ears in Denver.
Gina Crosley-Corcoran, feminist blogger, doula, and mother of three, recounts how family and friends started asking her when she was going to get her baby Jolene’s ears pierced.
The way she sees it, there are certain decisions that people should make for themselves once they reach the age of consent.
The American Academy of Pediatrics’ website says ear piercing is safe for cosmetic reasons at any age.
That said, she explains that she rarely sees infections in the baby’s she pierces, since moms are careful to apply rubbing alcohol or an antibiotic ointment to their ears twice a day during the healing process. But, since we ended up having two girls, I was able to dodge the whole circumcision situation and instead had to deal with the earring thing. My sister never had her ears pierced as a child and, perhaps in retaliation, when she was a teen she numbed her lobes with ice and pierced several holes in her ears and wore multiple earrings. When we brought our daughter home from the hospital, the first thing everyone seemed to notice was her lack of earrings! The rationale is that since they are newborns, they cannot pull and tug at their earlobes like they do when they are older, so the risk of infection is much lower at birth. Finally, when she was eight months old and with her father’s consent (I guess he got tired of having to defend himself), I went to a pharmacy in Seville and asked for my daughter’s ears to be pierced. When I got pregnant with my second child and knew she was a girl, I vowed I would simply get her ears pierced at the hospital, as it’s always been done in Spain, and save us all a lot of angst.
A couple of months after that picture was taken, we unexpectedly moved to Florida for my husband’s work.
As my kids grew older, however, they started asking to change their earrings, or just not wear them, to the dismay of both my Argentine suegra and me. The long and the short of it is that while I continue to wear four earrings at once, neither of my girls, now 11 and 8, wear theirs. Besides, unlike a circumcision, which is done by a doctor, I see a lot of problem with ear piercings.
Best piece on this controversial subject, and thank you for not neglecting to tie in circumcision.
We can debate about this for days–I remember my ears being pierced the old fashioned way with the needle and thread. First, some say moms shouldn’t pierced their baby girls ears ears because it is cruel.
Second, I grew up too with a “white bread ”WASPY” mother who didn’t pierce her ears until she was well into her 30s, having been told by my grandmother that only gypsies had pierced ears. Found this article interesting, and no, I’m not a Latina (but I am American Armenian if that means anything). An online petition seeks to ban ear piercing for babies and toddlers in the UK, citing the practice as “a form of child cruelty.” So far, the campaign—addressed to Edward Timpson, the UK’s Minister for Children—has garnered more than 40,000 signatures. The debate over infant ear piercing was back in the news last year, when there was a public outcry after celebrity parents Kim Kardashian and Kanye West added some sparkle to daughter North’s ears for her first birthday.
Here in Canada, the Canadian Paediatric Society doesn’t have an official position on an appropriate age for piercing a child’s ears. UK Labour MP Mike Tami has taken up Ingram’s cause, stating that he is going to bring up the issue in the House of Commons.
The whole debate on ear piercing is a trifle compared to the bigger issues facing parents today. Body beautiful: Celebrating the postpartum bodyChoosing the right toddler shoesAre "natural" childbirth and attachment parenting bad for moms?
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The piercing of a newborn baby’s ears has been quite the debate among parents, and though every parent has their own opinion on this matter, it’s not a bad thing become familiar with both sides of the argument.
Whether inspired by a cultural or family tradition—or cosmetic preference—some people do pierce their child’s ears soon after birth.
On the other hand, many parents choose to wait to get their daughter’s ears pierced so that the event will create a special memory between the parent and child to share.
An anonymous commenter on a parenting website said, “We had our daughter’s ears pierced shortly after she turned 2 months old. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that parents wait until their child is old enough to care for the ear piercing on their own and does not recommend piercing a baby’s ears since there is a higher risk of the infant accidentally swallowing the tiny earrings if they come loose. The APP adds that, if the parent is set on piercing their child’s ears, they should wait until two weeks after the baby has their first tetanus shot—usually around two months old. Incidentally, some pediatricians advise parents to wait until all rounds of the tetanus shot are given—the regular vaccination schedule for tetanus shots is usually at 2, 4, 6, and 15 months old.
For parents looking to get their baby’s ears pierced, make sure that you research businesses that are trained in working with babies and young children.
Some pediatricians will pierce a baby’s ears at their own office with a sterilized needle or recommend a business they trust. Additionally, if you choose to pierce your baby’s ears, make sure that real gold round earrings are inserted—the gold will lower the baby’s risk of having an allergic reaction or inflammation.
How on Earth are you going to remember all of the things that you must check off of your list before the big day? It’s much easier to clean and disinfect the piercings of an infant than of a squirming toddler or rebellious school-age child. When your baby becomes mobile, there is the risk of her getting the earring caught on something and ripping it out. If she DOES manage to get her earring out, or if it falls out, there is the risk of aspiration. Get yourself a workhorse stunner of a dress and make that bad boy earn its keep by pairing it with a gamut of accessories. The rich colour and flattering draping of this dress remind me a bit of the saris that my best friend’s mom used to wear, so why not go with a bit of Indian influence? Yes, the diamonds do seem to be a bit of a case of gilding the lily, but I suppose when you’re already wearing pearls like these, go big or go home, right?
Clooney, if you wish to bestow these upon me this holiday season, I’m sure I could find it within my heart to wear them.
And I no longer have any feelings whatsoever for the ex, not even the idle curiousity of wondering what he’s up to these days. I’m married now, and adore my husband (who, by the way, has given me some stunning and thoughtfully selected jewelry over the years).
And I do intend to get around to that at some point, when my fiduciary responsibilities are not quite so daunting. Or do you immediately perform a symbolic exorcism on all of your jewelry the moment the door closes behind an ex? Because of the wire wrapping, you would definitely have to clean it often, as I can see the spaces between the wires getting all gunked up with the detritus of life. They stand for truth, sincerity and fidelity — three components that are rather necessary for a long and happy marriage like your own. That’s the question kicking up dust in the parenting blogosphere, with moms on either side debating what, for some, is a cultural tradition while others simply like how it looks. To pierce or not to pierce a baby’s ears — like so many other aesthetic decisions — is firmly a parent’s prerogative. After four months of calling pediatricians’ office and “getting nowhere,” she brought her baby to a “kiddie salon” that specializes in child and tween ear piercing.
Jolene’s father is Mexican, and Crosely-Corcoran had her own ears done before she was old enough to remember it.
For her, ear piercing is an issue of bodily integrity, and not something a parent should choose for her daughter before she can choose for herself. Tanya Altmann, a pediatrician in West Lake Village, Calif., and spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics, routinely pierces babies’ ears in her office. This is probably because there are more and more little Latina girls running around with earrings adorning their cute little earlobes. Being bicultural, not only did I have to think of names that would sound similar in both English and Spanish, but I also wondered whether I would pierce their ears.
So when I moved to Spain at 5 years old, I was one of the few girls who did not wear cute earrings. We had to go to some lady’s dark and dreary house—I guess she was considered an ear-piercing expert? To make matters worse for me, most Latin countries are still very traditional in how they dress their babies. And I was anxious all over again, knowing I’d have to deal with judgment from other moms, as ear piercing in babies wasn’t the norm here. But I honored their wishes, the same way I let them choose their clothes from an early age.
They look adorable…i am a africian american woman that has had her ears pierced since child birth by my aunt which used a needle and thread. Cerebrally, as mothers of girls of all ages, we know it celebrates their femaleness and femininity.
However, I’d say you’re thinking about it while pregnant or soon after giving birth, then your mommy intuition is telling earlier is better. Personally, though I my 1 baby was a boy, I think if I had had a baby girl, I would have had her ears pierced.
Strange, but hey, my son is 22yrs old and this is a different generation of moms & Americans. Newborns are not supposed to feel anything when their ears are pierced, or so we are told.. I figured if I didn’t do it, they would want earings when they grew older and it would be much more painful Of course, if they had their ears pierced, they probably wouldn?t like earrings, to go against their mother! Critics of ear piercing believe that parents should wait and allow children to decide for themselves if they want to pierce their ears. At the age of nine, my daughter’s ears are still jewellery-free, and I had planned to wait until she was 12. In comparison, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that parents wait until a child can clean and disinfect her ears on her own.
He is pushing for a minimum age for piercings, saying “The question is, what age is appropriate?

If people want to get up in arms over something and petition the government, then affordable daycare, cheaper diapers and proper postpartum care would top my list. Many parents want to get the task of ear-piercing over with at a young age so that their children don’t have to go through the pain of it when they’re older, and the baby will quickly forget the incident. Getting one’s ears pierced can also be seen as a rite of passage for many young girls and will want to make the decision for themselves when they’re old enough. Roxana Soto, co-founder of Spanglish Baby, said to TODAY Moms: “For Latina moms, piercing their baby girls’ ears has nothing to do with vanity.
She only cried while I was holding her tight against me so the girl could make sure and get them even. This way, the infant’s immune system may be strong enough to handle mild infections that may occur. Many ear-piecing establishments use ear-piercing guns, which are not recommended for use on babies’ ears since they cannot be sterilized and there is a higher risk of contracting hepatitis or other infections.
However, some pediatricians are against piercing a baby’s ears so the advice you ask for can go either way. These earrings and this bracelet fit the bill quite beautifully without being at all costumey. 10 years of love, laughter, the odd moment where you just itch to throw a solid object at his head, and more love…well, that is definitely an accomplishment of which one should be proud! But she does prefer to wait until her patients are at least four months old, so they’ve had two rounds of vaccinations, and have been given a clean bill of health.
I argued about it with my then-husband, who while also bicultural, thought the practice was barbaric. Her cats circled around my legs as I waited patiently, but a little frightened, as I watched her sterilize a sewing needle by burning it in alcohol. I wonder if it was a way of expressing my anger that I hadn’t had my ears pierced at birth “just like everyone else” in my culture. But my eldest—a tomboy from birth—would cry if I dressed her in frilly dresses, so people would assume she was a boy.
I guess my only problem with it is that I never had the choice, and I see it as having gender norms forced upon children at a young age, ie, girls are for decoration.
My grandmother, God bless her soul, tried piercing my ears with ice, a long red thread and a sterilized needle.
Some pediatricians do it in their office or have a trained nurse perform the procedure for mom.
I think it just depends on your own personal choice whether or not you wish your baby or little girl to have pierced ears. But the constant nagging has convinced me that this isn’t the parenting sword I want to die on and I told her she only had to wait until she was 10.
Unlike what Ingram writes, it may have nothing to do with the parents’ “vanity.” There is something totalitarian and vaguely racist about a government passing a law that has to do with ear piercing.
In addition, a baby’s ears are not completely grown yet and, as they mature, the piercing may look lopsided or off-center, which makes many parents choose to wait. Latina moms accuse Anglos of cultural insensitivity in the same breath that Anglo moms compare earlobe piercing to genital mutilation.
When I was 7 and about to have my first communion, I asked my grandmother to please get me some earrings to go with my miniature bride’s dress.
Because in Spain, the custom has always been for your baby to leave the hospital wearing her first bling. Whether they  never wear earrings to rebel against having their ears pierced as babies or get more holes than a colander in their lobes, it will be their choice.
Also little babies can grab their ears, so unlike a penis in a diaper, how do you prevent a baby from irritating the hole in their ear when it’s pierced? Growing up in south Florida with such a large Hispanic population I guess that’s the norm. While the left earlobe went well, the right earlobe piercing went a little too high – so it took a second piercing to even out the look. Growing up I remember many of my little girlfriends were not allowed to get their ears pierced. She gave me some info how to find the right person, place, type of earrings and post care instructions. Those who signed the petition should worry less about whether a baby has pierced lobes and more about whether new parents and their babies are happy and healthy. Please check your email, click the link to verify your address, and then submit your comment. I thought this was insane, because in Spain nobody cuts a little piece of skin off their baby?s cute little penis! Truth be told, it didn’t hurt me, and I suppose it didn’t hurt her, because she didn’t cry. Then the thread was replaced with a little piece of this wood (how tribal!) and then sweet baby studs.
If you can't find this email, access your profile editor to re-send the confirmation email. These earrings and this watch are classic and basic, while this adorable owl brooch adds just enough of a touch of whimsy that you won’t blend in TOO much with Muffy, Kiki, Babs and Myra. At first my Spanish father wouldn’t hear of it, but he finally let my grandmother have her way. Many said it was painful, but all cried having a great deal of angst leading up to and including the actual ear piercing. We wld uses alcohol each day and vaseline to keep the thread from sticking and make sure you can turn the thread through the hole each day easily from using the vaseline.. All good, no regrets, would do it all over again and would have no issue having a pediatrician pierce my daughter’s ears.
She tied the ends of the threads into two small loops and I was sent home with instructions for my abuela on how to take care of my lobes until they healed. Or she would take a piece of the higher piece of straw from the broom that was bundled high that never touch the floor break a piece off clean with alcohol burn on both sides and use until the ears healed with same care as the thread..

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