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A-Z Index of Birth Defects, Blood Disorders & DisabilitiesA— Intervention ServicesIntervention services are types of services available for children and their families. Now, with the eldest of the boomers this year turning 67, they are among the millions who need help hearing. Although people with hearing difficulties may be uncomfortable socially, the affects are more widespread. An audiologist also can assess the way a patient processes sound, which can differ from patient to patient.
But despite the fact that ours is a rapidly aging society, reveals that the prognosis for the measure getting out of committee is slim and that the chance of it being enacted is even slimmer.
Just as with all other aspects of human biology, there is a broad range of Eustachian tube function in children- some children get lots of ear infections, some get none. Allergies are common in children, but there is not much evidence to suggest that they are a cause of either ear infections or middle ear fluid.
Ear infections are not contagious, but are often associated with upper respiratory tract infections (such as colds).
Acute otitis media (middle ear infection) means that the space behind the eardrum - the middle ear - is full of infected fluid (pus). Any time the ear is filled with fluid (infected or clean), there will be a temporary hearing loss.
The poor ventilation of the middle ear by the immature Eustachian tube can cause fluid to accumulate behind the eardrum, as described above. Ear wax (cerumen) is a normal bodily secretion, which protects the ear canal skin from infections like swimmer's ear.
Ear wax rarely causes hearing loss by itself, especially if it has not been packed in with a cotton tipped applicator. In the past, one approach to recurrent ear infections was prophylactic (preventative) antibiotics. For children who have more than 5 or 6 ear infections in a year, many ENT doctors recommend placement of ear tubes (see below) to reduce the need for antibiotics, and prevent the temporary hearing loss and ear pain that goes along with infections. For children who have persistent middle ear fluid for more than a few months, most ENT doctors will recommend ear tubes (see below). It is important to remember that the tube does not "fix" the underlying problem (immature Eustachian tube function and poor ear ventilation). Adenoidectomy adds a small amount of time and risk to the surgery, and like all operations, should not be done unless there is a good reason. In this case, though, the ventilation tube serves to drain the infected fluid out of the ear. The most common problem after tube placement is persistent drainage of liquid from the ear. In rare cases, the hole in the eardrum will not close as expected after the tube comes out (persistent perforation).
I see my patients with tubes around 3 weeks after surgery, and then every three months until the tubes fall out and the ears are fully healed and healthy.
If a child has a draining ear for more than 3-4 days, I ask that he or she be brought into the office for an examination. Once the tube is out and the hole in the eardrum has closed, the child is once again dependant on his or her own natural ear ventilation to prevent ear infections and the accumulation of fluid. About 10-15% of children will need a second set of tubes, and a smaller number will need a third set. Children who have ear tubes in place and who swim more than a foot or so under water should wear ear plugs.

Deep diving (more than 3-4 feet underwater) should not be done even with ear plugs while pressure equalizing tubes are in place.
An audiogram is a graph that shows the softest sounds a person can hear at different pitches or frequencies. The pitches shown on the audiogram are those most important for hearing and understanding conversation. If air conduction testing shows a hearing loss, another device called a bone vibrator is placed behind the ear to send sounds directly to the inner ear. When something stops sounds from moving through the eardrum and middle ear, bone conduction hearing levels will be better than air conduction levels. Wearing hearing aids has been such a positive experience for Marie Redfern, she wants to encourage others with hearing loss to try them, too.
Your experience can provide helpful information to someone looking for a great hearing care provider, reward a clinic for taking good care of their patients and create a sense of community where you live. The findings are surprising, since outer hair cells are very delicate and most hearing loss in people is due to dysfunction, damage, and death of these sensory cells, in comparison to inner hair cells, which are much more resistant to damage. The findings help explain why other researchers have observed a higher incidence of auditory neuropathy in pre-term babies and suggest that the underlying pathology in auditory neuropathy is not actually due to loss of neurons, as the name implies, but to loss of the inner ear sensory cells that drive them. Monroe Hearing Aids is a digital hearing aid, hearing loss, and hearing evaluation resource and blog sponsored by CornerStone Ear, Nose & Throat.
Thanks to recent technological advances, digital hearing aids offer greater comfort and audio quality than ever before.
In order to deliver the highest level of audiology services, CornerStone Ear, Nose & Throat, has only certified audiologists on our staff.
By the time Caitlin Echave was a high school sophomore, she and her family were resigned to the fact that her hearing loss, which began when she was 11 years old, would never get better. High frequency hearing loss, which results in difficulty hearing in the presence of background noise, was not easily treatable in the past. Hearing loss is one of the most frequently occurring congenital disabilities, affecting approximately three in 1,000 people. And whether playing music too loudly in their younger years has anything to do with their hearing loss now is not as much of an issue as how hearing loss affects one’s lifestyle and the cost of hearing aids. While that is gradual, reports state that more than a third of those from 65 and 75 have some loss of hearing. That can make it tough for consumers whose insurance plans do not pay for the devices, which can cost thousands of dollars. She said that anymore, aids are digital; the newer wireless ones connect to blue tooth technology. Audiologists also weigh patients’ lifestyles to determine the best type of hearing aid. A child with this hearing loss may only hear very loud speech or loud environmental sounds, such as a fire truck siren or a door slamming.
A child with this hearing loss will have difficulty hearing regular speech, even at close distances. A child with this hearing loss will have trouble hearing and understanding soft speech, speech from a distance or speech in a background of noise.
Conversely, in the 23 full-term NICU babies, only one ear out of 46 ears showed this selective inner hair cell loss.
When inner hair cells are destroyed, the hearing signal never reaches the brain, even if the outer hair cells are still functioning normally. They are available in both high-end and entry-level models based on their features and capabilities.

That’s because when it comes to hearing exams and hearing aids, there is a dramatic differences in training and skill level between certified audiologists and so-called hearing instrument specialists. She had reluctantly started wearing hearing aids, but still hid that fact from everyone except for close friends. Analog hearing aid technology amplifies the overall sound in an area, and doesn’t help a person differentiate speech from surrounding noise.
Without early detection and intervention, hearing impairment in infants and young children can negatively impact speech and language acquisition, academic achievement, and cognitive and social development. National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, some research suggests hearing loss may increase the risk of falling. It would be offered to the 55-plus group and to parents of a deaf or hard of hearing dependent child. If a comment violates these standards or our privacy statement or visitor's agreement, click the "X" in the upper right corner of the comment box to report abuse.
For some patients, however, the increased options have made the process of choosing a digital hearing aid very confusing.
After moving to Charlotte, Caitlin never imagined that a trip to yet another otolaryngologist would change her life forever. With the progression of hearing aid technology from analog to digital, there are new solutions for high frequency hearing loss.
It is a potential source of liability for the patients’ physicians if the problem is not caught and addressed in a timely fashion.
One child's hearing loss may be very different from another child's hearing loss.Research studies show that about 30% of all children with hearing loss may have one or more special needs that have nothing to do with the ear or hearing. Moreover, a Johns Hopkins School of Medicine finding reveals that the loss may add to decreasing mental abilities. At CornerStone Ear, Nose & Throat, our certified audiologists have the training and experience to help your patient choose the hearing aid and options that best suit his or her individual lifestyle, environment, dexterity and financial considerations. Audiologists Have Significantly More Education Our certified audiologists each have a Master’s degree and have passed a standardized national competency exam.
Most major hearing aid manufacturers have a line of digital hearing aids specifically for high frequency sensorineural hearing loss or noise induced hearing loss. If detected and treated, however, these negative impacts can be greatly diminished and even eliminated through early intervention. There has been debate as to whether it was connected to his taking prescription pain medication. Unlike most retail hearing aid providers, our audiologists are not paid commission based on hearing aid sales or technology sold. Much of their training was focused on the medical and diagnostic aspects of hearing and hearing loss.
In 1993, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) recommended that all infants be screened for hearing impairment at birth, preferably prior to hospital discharge.
You will want to discuss these other conditions with your child's doctor or professional team.All of these factors are important while you are deciding which intervention program best meets the strengths and needs of your child.

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