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The HS-330 built-in control with ergonomic button design gives your greater control over features such as Mic, Play, Stop and Volume. Most of the previous offerings from Betron have been exceptional value for money – on the other side of the fence, some of them have been pretty nasty as well. We would have to say that its probably a good idea not to even try them as the foam tip will come off in your ear. As mentioned above, we found the grey silicone eartips to be the best choice for both comfort and sound.
Given the price – they have a good level of detail and the stereo image is pretty accurate. Betron have done themselves proud with the D-NZ500, they higher quality across the board than their previous RK300. DISCLAIMER: All wallpapers and backgrounds found here are believed to be in the "public domain". If you are looking for the best earphones or earbuds for your MP3 player or any audio equipment, we are going to guide you through the maze of earphone reviews to the best earphone for you.
With so many earphones on the market it becomes extremely difficult to know which earphone is really the best.
You may even have wondered if it really makes any difference which one you pick, they should all sound more or less the same.
Earphones reviews reveal that there are great differences in sound quality and if you have been accustomed listening with a pair of $1 earphones at dollar stores or even with a more expensive brand, you would be amazed at the difference in the quality of the sound after you use a pair of high quality earphones. You will hear sound you have never heard before and you realized how much you have missed all that time. It is therefore important to get the best earphones even if it means, paying a little more. For picky audiophiles who want only the best of the best, we will show you which one that is.
For most of you who are not insanely rich but still want to enjoy great sound, we will advise you which earphones are best for you. The Shure SE535 Triple High Definition MicroDrivers earphone is the top-of-the-line Shures earphones.
The earphones have a triple set of high definition micro drivers, namely 2 woofers and a tweeter, resulting in an amazing crisp exceptional sound with a profound tight bass. Its sound isolating sleeves block the surrounding ambient sound allowing you to enjoy the music in its purest form without any interference. This is probably one of the most fragile part in an earphone as it is constantly been bent. Due to its detachable Kevlar-reinforced cable, which is also formable in the area around the ear, the Shure SE535 earphones will last a very long time.
So if you can afford it, the Shure SE535 Triple High Definition MicroDrivers earphone would be an excellent choice with its remarkable amazing sound reproduction.
Less expensive than the Shure SE535, the Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 is also highly rated by CNET. The earphone also has 3 speakers and an integrated passive crossover which directs low-end frequencies to a dedicated bass speaker. Logitech claimed that over 75% of the world’s top performing artists use Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 earphones because of its superb sound reproduction. So if you are looking for an excellent earphone, you might want to consider the Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10. According to Macworld the Klipsch Image X10 produces excellent texture and detail in the upper frequencies and accurate, natural-sounding voices.
If that doesn’t bother you, then Klipsch Image X10 or Klipsch Image X10i would impress you. These earphones are under $100 and although they may not be as good as those over $300, they received very good reviews for their excellent sound quality. According to CNET, the Klipsch Image S4 earphones offer up sound quality on par with and better than sets that cost many times as much. Consumer Reports rated it as the 3rd best earphone with 76 points, just below the Klipsch Image X1 with 80 points and is a Recommended product. If you want to enjoy spectacular sound without spending too much money, the Klipsch Image S4 earphones will not disappoint you. If you think the $25 earphones you have, sound great, wait till you hear the Klipsch Image S4. We do not normally recommend low priced earphones but we think the JVC HAFX67B Air Cushion earphones might be an exception. This earphone is very comfortable to wear and the sound rivals much more expensive earphones. The blocking of ambient surrounding noise is so effective that you can listen with a lower volume.

So the JVC HAFX67B Air Cushion earphones would be a good choice if you cannot afford the more expensive earphones.
You will only find models and brands that have the highest satisfaction rate among thousands of customers.
If you are looking for something warmer and more laid back, take a very close look at Westone's new Made in USA UM PRO 50 with 5 drivers and a 3-way crossover, these have our favorite cables, comfort and fit.The older Shure SE535 maintains its strong position when what you really love is a female vocal with an acoustic guitar. With its Dual Speaker, the HS-330 delivers optimal sound for all occasions‡ whether you’re watching a movie, listening to music or taking a call, you’ll love its deep, rich bass and well-balanced High-definition sound. The 8mm-tweeter and the 10mm-woofer provide a rich, high-fidelity sound in all registers supported by a deep bass tone.
Easier to use and far more robust, this tangle-free design means the cable is instantly ready for trouble-free use every time, and has long-term durability too.
Most of us play the songs in our smartphones while others listen on their laptops, PC’s or even music players or ipods while downloading the songs from internet. These earphones deliver great sound quality and do not come out of the ear even if the user is moving a lot. These earphones weigh 36 grams and come with a tangle free cable while the hybrid silicone ear buds come in four different sizes and the user can choose the ear bud according to his comfort.
The highlight is that these earphones eliminate the noise interference from the surroundings. Their latest releases look to show a notable increase in quality and eye for detail – but is the DNZ500 a winner?
Normally, foam tips have an internal plastic tube lining the central hole – this is the part that makes them fit onto the earpieces. Our previous favorite Betron earphones were the RK300 – having done a direct comparison, the DNZ500 sound better (more controlled and balanced) and also feel higher quality.
You can make White Earphones Macro Wallpaper Best For your Desktop Background, Tablet, and Smartphone device for free.
Once the wiring is broken, the earphones become useless unless it is possible to replace it. The sound from the Klipsch S4 is well balanced with exceptional clarity and detail throughout the high-end. The mid-range on the SE535 are simply beautiful specially with songs with an "empty" background and soulful vocals. Even better, the slit and the air holes minimises air pressure to ensure a perfectly balanced sound. In addition to the perfect fit, the improved design also provides perfect insulation from outside noise.
Moreover, these days, we can see that app developers are trying to capitalise on the vast online music market which has tremendous potential. These are most suitable for fitness enthusiasts who like listening to music while working out in their gyms. They come with 1.2 m long symmetric cable and sport features like Active Noise Cancellation and Attenuation of Ambient Noise.
These earphones feature a 1.20 m long cable while the in-canal design of these earphones offer a comfortable fir over long periods of time. With mere 5 grams of weight, these are ultra light weight and can be carried anywhere easily. Inside all the accessories are precision cut into the dense foam liner (see photo in the slider below). The cable exit is re-enforced with a tough silicone tube that will protect the cable from rough handling. The Betron DNZ500 make an excellent choice for anyone looking at the sub ?20 price bracket and really quite hard to beat – they are a winner! This wallpaper background has 1386 Kb filesize and archived in Macro Wallpaper, Music Wallpaper category.
We do not intend to infringe any legitimate intellectual right, artistic rights or copyright.
This wallpaper background has 569 Kb filesize and archived in Macro Wallpaper, Music Wallpaper category. In spite of this flaw, those who have tried it prefered to stay with it instead of switching to another earphone. This is our opinion of what the BEST HEADPHONES for the iPod, iPhone and other MP3 players are. The soft rubber earbuds provide superior comfort while directing the sound straight into your ear so you get the highest possible sound quality with minimum noise leakage.
The launch of Gaana app and its following tv advertisement manifest the depth of online music industry.
The rubber ear caps deliver an outstanding music experience to the users and these earphones weigh 23 grams.

It you are looking for value for money headphones then this is a good option which you can consider. The presentation is truly amazing for the price and really sets a high expectation for the earphones themselves.
The cable itself is a slightly unusual matt silicone with yellow cross hatch – its a little stiffer than most silicone cable, but it feels tough and hard wearing.
You can look for other high definition hd wallpapers desktop background by clicking a category archive in the sidebar, or search with the search form above.
To set White Earphones Macro Wallpaper Best as wallpaper background on your desktop, click on the 'Download' button.
So, after much testing, jogging, listening at home, on the airplane, at the subway station, we decided to list here the best in-ear earphones available today in the market. Enjoy the "The Best Earphones" ranking! Integrated into the headset is an in-line key and microphone that lets you control your music and answer your calls without having to touch your phone. For easy movement of the user, it comes with long 1.2 m cable which does not get tangled up. The cable split and jack plug are fairly simple units that match with the earpieces and cable nicely. The Westone W40 is a great option for iPod owners as the drivers are more elastic and accepting of EQ changes. This headset comes with a gold plated 4-pole jack which ensures the highest quality of playback and lets your phone interpret the signals from the in-line remote.
Both also have a silicone re-enforced cable exit, again helping them survive rough handling.
For comfort we do prefer the UM series (UM PRO 10, UM PRO 20, UM PRO 30 and UM PRO 50) because of its slightly elongated nozzle.
Lightweight and comfortable, this Samsung handsfree kit enables you to carry on conversations while you continue to do other things. But quality earphones  manufacturers like JBL, Sony and Sennheiser etc are making concentrated efforts to tap this growing industry and trying to fill the void due to absence of quality earphones being provided by smart phone manufacturers.
Silicon caps in three different sizes are provided with these earphones from which the user can choose the most suitable one.
These Quad-Driver earphones have a new revolutionary low pass filter, a 3-way crossover and removable cables. The Westone W40 however is simply amazing for cello, violins and classic masterpieces.These models are our overall best ear canal headphones, combining the best fit, comfort and sound, along with the best fitting cables. In this post we have provided a list of best earphones for pleasurable music experience with your smartphones.
In second comes the Westone's new W60 with 6 drivers per earpiece and a 3-way crossover with deep bass, clear vocals and great soundstage. We tested them with an iPhone 5 to maintain a good constant during our tests.We strive to be the best at what we do and all of the in-ear earphones (also known as ear canal headphones) you find on Earphone Solutions are special and of the highest quality, but the ones you see rated here are, well, extra-special. We understand that this choice is a very personal matter, however we have found along these years that, the great majority of our customers that had the chance to try more than one model, are in agreement with our findings. Our staff, contributors and friends simply listen to all the earphones and then we vote the best earphones for the iPod and other portables. Each earpiece has four drivers: one "tweeter", one mid-range and two "woofers" in a 3-way crossover configuration.
We do not get hung on headphone technical specifications.If you would like to spend less, we love the sound of the Shure SE425 specially for Rock and Classical music. The comfort and fit are great and the earpieces offer a negative profile (as in recessed in the ear design) making it a perfect earphone to listen to music while falling asleep.The Shure SE425 have excellent bass due to the new passive dual crossover and dual driver. Shure packed the passive crossover plus 2 drivers inside each earpiece of the SE425.The UM PRO 20 has dual drivers with awesome sound quality and excellent bass. It comes with a no hassle 2 year warranty by Westone when purchased from Earphone Solutions.
A great option for stage monitoring (professional musicians) and for those iPod owners that like strong bass and highs.With the same new desing of SE425 and SE535, the SE315 has a single armature driver on each earpiece and beats almost everything under $200. It's actually a more affordable version of all the best principles in construction, driver, comfort and fit acquired by Shure on their $500 model: SE535 but on a single driver configuration.
Lots of crispiness on the highs and mids but if you are a bass lover, the SE315 is not for you.The Shure SE215 Earphones was the first high-end earphones under $100 with removable cables. The dynamic drivers on the SE215 deliver lots of bass, giving you more definition on the low end of the frequency range.

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