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You may now consider getting the Sony MDR-ZX110NC Over-ear headphone at Snapdeal at affordable prices, if you have been looking for a considerable pair of headphones. This Sony MDR-ZX110NC Over-ear headphone has a gold plated L-shaped stereo mini plug at the end of its 120 cm long tangle-free cord.
This pair of headphones projects crystal clear sound and has a sturdy make and is each audiophile’s fantasy.
This means the earphone is compatible with any gadget or device which is equipped with a stereo mini audio device port.

The audio dynamics and projection from the headphone is crystal clear and free of any interference or distortion.
The headphone cancels ambient noise by a large degree thereby resulting in a better audio listening experience. This makes sure that no audio is lost while listening, thereby escalating the listening experience by a couple of notches. The cushioned ear pads facilitate a more stable and comfortable wearing experience and a comfortable over-ear fit.

This headphone is equipped to make the low frequencies well recognisable from mid and high frequency sounds and results in a fuller, thicker and complete audio experience.

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