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The Sennheiser Urbanite, now only $99.99 has been around for a little over a year now, but with that in mind, just how has it aged? Find Out Which Sennheiser Headphones Are Right for you With The URABNITE Quiz at The Bottom Of This Page!
The headphone’s design is somewhat reminiscent of the momentum, but with a much more box like appearance.
Unfortunately, the Urbanite doesn’t come with as big of an accessories bundle as the momentum on-ear. Sennheiser URBANITE combines a modern design similar to the Momentum on-ear, but with a relaxing sound signature like the Momentum over-ear. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
With hard lines and right angles, it reminds me of a piece of modern architecture when set against the backdrop of an urban skyline.
It comes with a single, flat cable that has a IOS remote and a proprietary 3.5mm locking connector.

While the bass is very strong and impactful, the Urbanites have a warmer sound compared to the Momentum on-ears, which has a very aggressive V-shaped sound signature, which means the lows and highs are the emphasized parts of the sound. Sennheiser has told us they were intentionally going after those seeking loads of bass with this newest release. Someone who is looking for a small portable headphone like the Momentum on-ear, but likes a more warmer sound, should definitely take a look at the Sennheiser Urbanite. Recently, the price of the Urbanite has hit all-time lows, allowing easier access to this lifestyle headphone, and making it the perfect time to pick one up. Unlike the Momentum on-ear which features alcantara earpads, the Sennheiser Urbanite has velour earpads, which are about equally as comfortable and offer hours of wear time with out ear fatigue or discomfort. With the Urbanites you get a more warmer and relaxed sound, closer to the Momentum over-ears but with a good amount more bass than the Momentum.
I love Rob, I want to smash the mugs of those who joke at his expensei»?doctor345678: The PSP version rocks even harder.
However, unlike the Momentum on-ear, the Urbanite is chunkier but still folds into a more compact shape. The momentum on-ear comes with 2 cables and 2 carrying cases as well as a quarter inch adapter.

And while this does admittedly introduce an extra point of friction, Sennheiser has built these headphones rock solid with all metal hinges, so you can count on them lasting for a good while and not breaking like their competition (Beats). The headband is extremely flexible and durable, similar to that of the Sol Republic headband. A The Beats do look good, but I agree with you with the Bose being a much better headphone. A Also, I think that the Bose are more of a grown up headphones, and the Beats are more for the younger generation. The only complaint I have with this review is the assessment that the QC 15 is not so suitable for jazz.
If the music from beats actually sounded good wouldn't you see them more on peoples ears then on thier necks. Beats are crap and look horribleSchools: Learn how to get phlebotomy training in California!

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