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What’s the funniest or strangest situation you’ve been in when you’ve craved Bose noise cancelling headphones? Don’t worry, we’ll keep it simple by sending you a basic list of questions to build your write-up. The QuietComfort 20i buds fit cosily in your ear, staying put thanks to squishy little ‘stability fins’ Bose calls StayHear+ tips. JoannaLEarlier this year I was on a plane from Thailand to the UK – so a longish flight. SandeepWWhen my parents organise Bollywood karaoke singing parties and all these uncles and aunties sing out loud in a group! LachlanKI was a subject in a scientific study simulating long haul flights so had to sit in a room, in an economy bus seat with a motor running at 50+ decibels next to me for a full 24 hours… and then I had to do it again a few months later! KimM“An unexpected network fault puts me next to a station platform and I am on the mobile speaking to a Help Desk. Next, a boisterous pack of 50 kids runs up waiting for the next train whilst a truck pauses nearby operating a noisy sewer pump. My situation involved a friend, lets call him Dave, who decided to take a nap on the train after work in a crammed carriage. Train Nodding: Where the person sits upright and the head, sometimes, violently snaps to an alert position. I’m not sure what woke him from his slumber, if it was the passengers surrounding him chuckling or me trying to wake him up.
KallanF“The strangest situation occurred when my dad decided to discuss all his conquests from his teenage years. Being able to cradle some acoustic cancelling headphones in my ears could have been my salvation. AdamF“A friend and I shared rooms together as we traveled across Europe and our next destination on our agenda was Ibiza. One particular drunken night I stumbled home early while my friend continued on till the early hours of the morning with a british girl he’d met that night.
Shortly before the sun was due to rise, he came blumbering in with said girl, guiding her to his bed through the pitch blackness.
I woke up to the sounds of strange porno, where an out of breath dog was gyrating ontop of a high pitched fog horn. OricEWhen i decided to stay over my mothers house, Long story short, her boyfriend makes animal noises in bed. SuzanneRWhile I travelling through Malaysia I stayed in budget accommodation filled with a few other young backpackers like myself, but most several local families on vacation.
SuzanneVWhile I travelling through Malaysia I stayed in budget accommodation filled with a few other young backpackers like myself, but most several local families on vacation. JoshLWhen I was woken up at 4am on a Saturday morning by the sound of 2 intoxicated backpackers having loud and enthusiastic… relations outside mt Bondi apartment.
My only respite has been from the ear plugs that I borrowed (stole) from the onsite workshop.
TimAWhen I get home from working at a school with noisy kids all day and walk in the door to my own screaming kids. ArthurHI imagine sitting down in a park, watching world goes in slow motion with O Fortuna on the background playing thru QuietComfort 20i. JacobII work at a bank and their are a few customers that come in just to have a chat, and by that I mean they wont leave because they think I want to talk to them lol. MatthewB“When I was kidnapped in South Africa and shoved into the boot of a Toyota Camry. Also, I could hear the kidnappers in the front discussing ways to torture and dismember me for ransom. ChrisCTrying to listen to audiobooks whilst running next to very busy & noisy CBD roads also carrying trams. BarnabeMMy cousin decided to get married in Thailand and my whole family attended the event, as did my girlfriend. CalvinAOn a recent trip, two couples in the same house were competing who can have the loudest sex.
Dom“About 4-5 times every night I crave Bose noise cancelling headphones when my two small children wake up and start screaming the house down.
DavidMBeing on a 8 hours flight with surround sound provided by 3 babies crying in the surrounding seats (2 in front and 1 behind).
ThivankaFDrunk girl behind me on the plan abusing her husband for 3 hours and pushing an air hostess because her wine wasn’t cold enough.
StephenLAs we took off from Bali to Sydney on a full plane the guy across the aisle started to feel the effects of the dodgy satay salmon he had for lunch. KatherineB“Just this last weekend I was woken from a sound sleep by a neighbor having a knock down drag out screaming domestic fight.
Or if at dinner, the stressful and unavoidable pondering late into the evening the chemical reaction said lung-glob is having on the serviette and dinner table, upon which it has been left for all to admire!
SunnySFunniest situations I come across are every other weekend when my neurotic, obsessive housemate ends up getting high on MDMA and starts off his trip watching the Batman movies at ear-shattering levels with me trapped in one corner forced to see them with him. MatthewKI guess the time i most need a pair of bose noise cancelling head phones would have been in the summer of 2009, I was staying at my Grandparents house . AshKStrangest situation was when having my last set of earphones which i believe were the seinheissers. Charlesw“Once when flatmates from the share house I was living in disappeared around me a friend offered up the attic in an old church for a few months.
JulieanneM“My friend and I walked into a hostel room in Barcelona and were hit by this incredible stench. But upon re-entering the room we were disappointed to find that the smell had not left, and what’s more, there was now a large mass with an abominable snore on one of the beds.
LukeKThere are many circumstances that come to mind, however being in a 20 person shared hostel room in switzerland with what must have been the international snorers convention takes the cake.
BenBI was in a plan returning home and ended up sitting behind a screaming kid they guy sitting next to me and I both reached into our bags and pulled out headphones to block it out. AudricDAfter owning a sub-par pair of in-ear earphones, I once took them out, only to have the small bud remain in my ear.
RobMI have been lying in a hospital bed, forced to endure, daytime television, an obnoxious person in the next bed and over a dozen visitors for the person in the bed opposite, boy did I need those Bose noise cancelling headphones.
VirginiaSThose wrenching scratches etched across the violin by zealous little orchestral minions at the school’s annual musical showcase would have to be the one prize moment in life when only Bose noise cancelling headphones could anesthetize the pain. I used to have a pair of QC2s that worked an absolute treat, they died and now I either sleep with earplugs or a pillow over my head to drown out the fan noise. BenjaminKThe funniest situation, where I could have used pair of nosie cancelling headphones was, I was at the airport waiting for my flight, when I heard a very old lady in the same age as my grandmother talking on her cell phone to her husband maybe boyfriend about the wild night of sex they had just and and that would have been fine but it was rather sexual explicit. JoshL“Sitting on a train home after a night out with some mates and realizing it was a Friday night during the Footy season and Collingwood had lost. NelsonA“There I was sitting on a public toilet in Westfield parramatta on a Saturday afternoon after spending 5 mins laying out little square toilet paper patches to cover the toilet seat to ensure I have zero body contact with the toilet seat. Having spent the last 30 mins checking out every toilet in the whole shopping center to find the quietest and cleanest cubicle with an upset stomach from my lactose intolerance reaction. I stood in my corner cubicle eagerly waiting for the last person to leave the bathroom so I could finally sit and do my business. I could hear what sounds like a football team come marching in and they were calling out names to each other. To this day the thought of a public toilet will bring me back to my shock encounter of what noise can be produced from the human body. AnthonyL“I have noisy neighbors upstairs, and when they decide to get dirty, There is a rhythm to all the action. PatrickI was on a flight to Dubai and the guy across the aisle was farting constantly – thankfully they were loud but not smelly!

LachlanBI’m not sure of any situation when I have ever carved Bose noise cancelling headphones, but one time a was playing my xbox and had the noise turned on my turtle beach head phones. GrahamI“Our house sits on top of a hill, the bedroom window faces the strong winds and keeps me awake unless I wear ear-plugs or my over the head headphones. BeauDOften when I’m sleeping, possums like to be aggressive and hump in the tree outside my window. NeilBRecently moved back into rental property I lived in 8 years ago and the next door neighbor with the amazingly loud and disgusting hacking cough is still there!
LeeMI live in a unit above a elderly couple and every morning the gentleman comes out onto the balcony and does a Tarzan yawn which wakes me up!!!
AnthonyOForgetting to board my train, whilst I looking through the different types of Bose headphones on my iphone .. RayyanMA woman telling me how she is cheating on her husband while he is on a fishing trip. KanthanBSitting on a train heading into town, a very elderly gentleman was sitting behind with an old school radio.
BenSI was on the bus today, everyone was soooooo loud, I was very tired and just wanted to quietly listen to my music however, with my $10 earphones that wasn’t possible. NigelVMy mother, her family friends and the 17 and 19 year old nieces discussing potential partners for me at the dinner table. I live with four people and this story involved one of my house mates, let’s call him Dick and his girlfriend. It turns out Dick had been trying a new position in the bedroom; standing and holding her up (the carry). It’s a vision I will never get out of my head, and I no longer live in that town house or with that house mate, who by the way was fine from the fall, just a bruise or two.
Had I owned a set of Bose noise cancelling headphones, I would never had heard the noise and ran out to witness such a horrible site. JamieSA few years back (as a teen) I was privy to a conversation between my mother and her elderly friend. AllenM“After an all-nighter in Tokyo, I found myself in Akihabara during the early-morning. I ended up getting one of the remaining tickets for the day, and was ushered into this cramped, window-less room on the top floor of a department store. Bose’s newest headphones are the QuietComfort 20i Noise Cancelling Headphones (they retail for $299), which are actually in ear. Anyone have a pair of these, or know of any comparable quality in ear noise cancelling headphones? Do you know if there is a plug-in adopter available to recharge the headphones from an electric outlet? Rather than these sorts of active NC ‘phones I find that in-ear type that have a good seal are perfectly fine at blocking out unwanted noise.
I have custom earbud molds fitted to Apple earphones that cannot transfer to use on these, otherwise I would purchase for sure! I’ve had the original Bose, Bose 2, QC15, and now the QC20, and I have to say I love the QC20. I tried other noise cancelling headphones but over ear gave me a headache and some had so much noise cancelling sound pressure they were torture (despite supposedly high ratings) – all were returned or ended up in a drawer. Somebody asked about the charger — it is a standard micro usb so nothing special is needed, I just use the same cable I use for my Android phone. I used the QC15 for several years but changed to the QC20i after trying my wife’s pair.
In addition, when I went from iPad2 to iPad Air, my laptop bag lost so much bulk & weight with the two device improvements… quite pleased! Is it just me or does anyone feel it is much weaker in bass than its non-NC equivalent possibly because the NC feature cancels out some of the bass line? My only complaints (which are minimal) is that I do not recommend using the QC20s to workout – the headphones kept slipping out of my ears.
As a footnote, I used the Bose QC20i on UA, LH, LX, OZ, and DL and they worked perfectly fine without an adapter of any kind. 5 – There are no comparisons with the QC15 in terms of lower frequency responses, and there details aren’t there at low volume.
The lithium-ion battery (located inside the module) charges in just 2 hours with the included USB cable, and delivers up to 16 hours playing time per charge.
The company had to re-engineer its acoustic noise cancelling technology to shrink things down. It was time to sleep but instead of being able to do that in peace, I was instead kept up by this couple behind me, who I assume were a new couple as the man was telling terrible jokes and the woman was shrieking like a banshee.
Finally erupting in Dave declaring his love for Pikachu (Dave is a 32 year old man) and asking why he had to die. I just wanted to shrink and hide into the corner, it was extremely embarrassing because my girlfriend of the time was in the same room.
Trying to be a good wingman I let them do their thing uninterrupted while I turned the other way and tried to get back to sleep. Every morning I awoke to the less than lovely sound of expectoration; the cultural ritual of clearing ones throat and nasal passage through what sounds like a guttural explosion of phlegm and saliva.
We were on vacation at my parents house and had a big morning the next day so we all went to bed early. Now don’t misunderstand me, Rick is a stand-up guy who works hard while maintaining an approachable demeanor. These plugs while effective make it feel like I have been re-situated to a library or recording booth.
They seem to be coming from a few seats ahead of me, where one of the passengers is bent over a tablet. The time I was absolutely craving Bose noise cancelling headphones was when a tram driver got on the loud speaker and started abusing any driver that happened to be in front of him.
One day I over heard him having a round table meeting with HR of who to offer up for the next round of redundancy. This, in combination with tight sleeping quarters (drivers seat), lead to the loudest, most consistent snoring I have ever heard from him (or any living creature).
A woman who had lost her voice from repeated drug use was trying to buy sun glasses at the counter……because this is what you do at 10pm at night. He slowly progresses to dressing up in his Bat-suit and pretends to be Batman for 2-3 hours on a stretch complete with dialogues from the movies, and the fight scenes. When I was in high school a girl in my class was asking for some advice from couple other girls. Had them in my ear but needed to get them out to understand what the ticket inspector was saying to me. However because we were so close to the screaming kid neither of our headphones were good enough to block it completely, but we looked at each other and without saying a word understood what the other was thinking, and that was we needed QuietComfort 20i Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones. I did not have a tweezer in my vicinity to remove it, so I tried to violently shake my head, which resulted in it embedding itself deeper into my ear. There are things one does?t need to hear in life one of which is hearing a that is the same age and your grandmother talking about sex. Three drunk as all hell Collingwood supporters get on the train and started fighting over who’s player badges were whose. As I dropped my pants and awkwardly sat down with my now shaking knees, my worst nightmare happened…. I was disgustingly sick on the way home from Vietnam, with fluids of various sorts coming out of all my orifices. The sort of thing that once you have heard it, no matter how hard you try, you hear it again and again!
Really plays havoc with trying to use the app on my ipod to have a calming meditation when I’m home in the middle of my split work shift.

For the entire trip (over 1hr), he sat there scrolling through the dial from one end of the frequency to the other. He has this stomach churning habit of SLUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRPPPPP IIIIIINNNNNNGGGGG up his food regardless of what it is. He fell asleep while the train was moving and the noise of his snoring sound is so loud that the whole carriage can hear it. The huge selling point of these for me is that they’re tiny, so they hardly take up any carry-on space. This is a moot point now since electronics are allowed in all stages of flight, but I found it frustrating in the past that you couldn’t use Bose headphones without the noise cancelling feature being turned on. I had the headphones in my ears long enough to watch a movie and still felt comfortable afterwards. He travels about 400,000 miles a year, primarily using miles and points to fund his first class experiences. I couldn’t stand the QC15s because I could not rest normally with them on (turn to the side). I much prefer the QC20i because they are just as good, if not better, sound-wise and they take up much less space in my bag and I can lay sideways with them on. I’ve always used Sennheisers or Skullcandy earbuds in the $40-$60 range, usually models with good bass response (thumping bass at a reasonable volume is my top priority). Proprietary StayHear®+ tips create a soft, secure fit with no need to force them into your ears.
Two measurements are used — one from a microphone outside the buds, another from a mic inside. My mates had other plans, involving drinking games, a girlfriend in the bathroom, and drunken singing. So it seems for now my options are limited to dead silence or mind numbing natter… Please, only a set of Bose QuietComfort 20i’s could possibly put an end to my plight.
Bad as listening to them at night, or first thing in the morning could be, it was the slightly awkward encounter in the kitchen later that was the worst part. Despite jamming my cheapie buds deep into my ear canals I could still hear him crying ruth as I contemplated with quiet dread my own lunch choice of Oysters Seminyak. Ends up having an imaginary Interrogation scene with the Joker, all the while he is trying to put on his hoarsest imitation and most times forgets he only has the top half of the Bat-suit on.
So i accidentally pulled it out and didn’t notice that the head of the earphone with the in-ear clip was still in my ear.
We held our breathes, leaped to open a window, stuffed our bags into lockers and ran out, praying that the stench would clear in the hours before bed. I rolled over, focused my eyes and saw the source of my discomfort opening it’s locker. As he was finishing his sentence, I could hear and see the cubicles beside me being filled up from the gap on the bottom of the cubicle dividers. Luckily most of my sounds were drowned out by the Airbus engines, but I feel we could have used some Bose noise cancelling headphones.
In addition my sex life should improve as my partner finds the over-the-head setup very off-putting during love-making. I decided to pick up a pair recently through Amazon, since I had quite a bit of credit with them thanks to the recent Amazon & American Express Sync promotion. But if you only need them for listening then there are lots of microphone-free options out there. What I especially liked was being able to sleep sideways and had no issues keeping the earbuds on for noise canceling.
In my opinion, the QC20 noise cancellation works better than the QC15 – I compared the two during a regional flight. I was told that these headphones are okay to workout with by one Bose rep, but not okay by a different Bose rep. The NC function is fantastic, but I’m quite concerned that this set may be faulty and have caused soem serious damage to my hearing. The QuietComfort® 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones let you enjoy better sound every day, everywhere you go.
Our TriPort® technology and Active EQ combine to give your music a depth and balance that keep your daily soundtrack fresh and alive. The cone shape spreads contact evenly across the ear for maximum comfort, and forms a gentle seal that contributes to the headphones' full-spectrum noise reduction. And, even if the battery dies your music still plays with performance equal to that of our regular in-ear headphones. That data is beamed down to the little control stick that sits in line, right before the jack that plugs into your phone, computer, etc. Everybody are pretty much quite, with their noses stuck in a book or some electrical device. In such moments you realize how used you are to the silence of those morning buses, the noise was much unexpected. In steps an elderly woman to the rescue who thought she would be able to resolve the situation.
It was hilarious and strangely nightmarish the first couple of times, but now it’s just disturbing and depressing and an auditory hell.
What happened next was the event that will forever scar my audio experience of a public toilet FOREVER!! A few hours later both of my flat mates were carrying a large box through our house and I noticed it getting carried pass my room.
I didn’t know a word of Japanese, but with nothing else to do, I decided to wait in line too. The silicon earbuds are very very soft and pliable and not hard plastic which make them uber comfy in your ears (2 different sizes are included to get a good fit). The reduced size is great for traveling, didn’t mess up my hair and I anticipate them being more conducive to sleeping. The 4-button remote, provides volume and music control plus access to voice-recognition apps, like Siri® or Google search. As we get close to our final destination, I pull the plug out of my iPad, intending to plug my earphones into my phone and switch to a podcast for the rest of my way.
I can never, ever un-see, un-smell or un-hear the sensory assault committed that night, but at least Bose noise cancelling headphones could save me from any future auditory insults.
I followed them into the kitchen and it turned out I agreed to a keg fridge and I owned them $500… not a bad thing, but expensive. Or, at the touch of a button, activate Aware mode to hear what’s happening around you. We’re searching for three Gizmodo readers to win a pair of QC 20i premium in-ear headphones (worth $399) and review your experience for the Giz community.
As soon as you accommodated to a certain rhythm and frequency, and began to drift off to sleep, it changed. The inline microphone and remote let you switch easily to calls and control of certain functions. Somehow my laughter didn’t wake her up but that was definitely a night where i needed some noise cancelling headphones and calming music. I just tried to enjoy my flight via the planes infotainment the headphones didn’t do anything tho.

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