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I just wanted to drop you a note on how professional you and your staff were with our purchase. Who of us doesn’t like to sit out beside a water feature on a gorgeous summer evening and listen to the relaxing, rhythmic sound of water bubbling over rocks and splashing into the pond below? Do you love the idea of having a water feature in your backyard but feel that you have no room for such a piece? I just thought I’d show you all some pictures of a little landscape project we have going on at our place. The bubbling rocks is a collage of 4 different rocks grouped together to form a little pool in the middle. One hot afternoon, Landon was staying cool by sitting by the bubbling rocks with his feet sticking in the water! Flaming Geyser State Park has 3 miles of Green River access where the river is actually a river, at least compared to the routes we see through Kent, Auburn and Renton.

Flaming Geyser boasts about 10 miles of hiking trails, but most won’t want to do every last one. So in my writeup of Korean hot pots a couple weeks ago, there was one restaurant I mentioned but didn't get to. Three of the rocks are drilled with water bubbling out of them, and splashing into the pool, making a beautiful, soothing sound.
I’ll keep you posted on how the project is coming along with more pictures and updates in the near future!
Two readers wrote in to tell me about Green Garden, located not far from the Central Market in Shoreline. On its sign out front, Green Garden advertises nothing of its housemade soondae, but when you look at the menu and the wall specials, the blood sausage is clearly the restaurant's specialty. From our Bubbling Boulder collection to full scale Ponds to Pondless Waterfalls, we can come up with a water feature to fit your needs.

Last week we put in some bubbling rocks, now this week, we want to fill in the rest of the area with some natural flagstone, along with some flower beds in the one corner.
Green Garden's junggol section lists tripe junggol and budae jjigae, but we settled on the soondae bokum, sauteed blood sausage, liver, and two kinds of noodles in a deep red sauce that sizzled away at the table.Soondae's one of those foods I haven't yet fallen for, but it's not because it's blood sausage.
To see our full line of the Create-a-Pond Series, CLICK HERE. We look forward to helping you plan a water feature that will create a big splash for your enjoyment!

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