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Next time you go to an outdoor concert or event use these awesome covers to keep your shoes from getting dirty.
For all those times you just can’t leave your Legos at home, bring them along with Lego Sunglasses. For those times you need to sneak in some liquor, this comes in a set of five and has a leak-proof cap. This makes hot dog-shaped hamburgers for those times when you can’t eat a regular shaped hamburger. Buzzing solenoids are usually caused by insufficient voltage reaching the valve solenoid.?Unfortunately there are many things that can cause insufficient voltage.
General suggestion: Purchase new valves and controllers from a store that will allow them to be returned.
If all the valves buzz when they are turned on, it may just be that the valves you have normally buzz. To check the controller without a tester, disconnect the common wire and one of the valve wires from the controller, connect them to your valve activator, and turn the valve on using the activator.

Sometimes there is just a loose or incomplete wire splice or connection causing the buzzing. If messing with the splices doesn't work, disconnect the wires completely from the valve (you may have to cut the wires.) Strip some insulation off the end of the valve's wires. If you do not have a tester (or if the tester indicted a good solenoid) connect the valve activator to the wires.
If the valve does not buzz when activated the problem is either that the wires from the controller to the valve are bad, or possibly the irrigation controller itself is bad. If the valve still buzzes when turned on with the activator, the solenoid on the valve is dirty or bad.
With the solenoid removed turn on the water for a few seconds to blow out the passages in the valve.
Go to the controller and disconnect the common wire and the valve wire for the valve that buzzes from the controller. If the valve is still buzzing, you likely have a bad wire or wires between the controller and the valve.

If you have bad wires that you don't want to replace there are a number of products made to provide a solution using the wires you have. Jess & Julie Stryker's HomepagePrimarily meant for my family and friends, but you're welcome to take a look!
The customers feedback can engage you a great of the value and uppercase satisfaction of the product.
If the buzzing isn't soft or normal, the problem is probably a bad controller or a bad common wire. If it doesn't buzz anymore, it means the controller circuit that the valve was previously connected to is bad.

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