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Manage your email preferences and tell us which topics interest you so that we can prioritize the information you receive. En espanol l The Academy Award winner and cohost of The View, Goldberg, 60, wears hearing aids.
At 46, Mexican superstar singer Luis Miguel has tinnitus, which he blames on 30 years of performing live music.
Best known as TV’s Incredible Hulk, actor and former bodybuilder Ferrigno, 64, lost 75 percent of his hearing at the age of 3 due to an ear infection. Mexican actress, comedian and singer Maria Antonieta de las Nieves, 65, best known for her role as La Chilindrina on the hugely popular 1970s Mexican sitcom El Chavo del Ocho, wears hearing aids. Like many boomers, Clinton ignored his hearing difficulties for years until doctors diagnosed him with high-frequency hearing deficiency, the most common form of hearing loss.

A victim of domestic violence some 20 years ago, Oscar winner Halle Berry lost 80 percent of her hearing in her left ear when an abusive boyfriend struck her repeatedly. The political satirist and Emmy-winning talk show host was in elementary school when doctors discovered a tumor in his right ear. Waardenburg syndrome is a group of genetic conditions that can cause hearing loss and changes in coloring (pigmentation) of the hair, skin, and eyes.
She attributes her hearing loss to years of listening to loud music and warns others about hearing loss: “Stop it in its tracks because not being able to hear is a bit of a b--ch.
The ringing in his ears led him to put his career on hold in late 2015 to undergo treatment. Described as an inability to distinguish sounds in noisy, crowded situations with a lot of background chatter (such as restaurants, theaters or political rallies), it’s linked to aging and exposure to loud noise.

She often speaks about her hearing loss to raise awareness and help other women break the cycle of violence. In order to safely remove it, they also had to remove Colbert’s eardrum, leaving him deaf in that ear.
In March 2016, she announced that she would no longer give telephone interviews, preferring to meet journalists in person.
But according to CBS News and other news sources, his use of opioid painkillers may have contributed to his hearing loss.

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