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A Chanel must-have, these stunning earrings feature rows of round-cut crystals centered upon the classic CC logo.
Vivienne Westwood presents a dazzling set of classic earrings that add a touch of glamour to any outfit.
Under the creative leadership of Karl Lagerfeld since 1983, the House of Chanel continues to set the standard for designer quality and desirability. A silver imitation rhodium asymmetric heart is fully embellished with clear Swarovski crystals and features a silver Vivienne Westwood Orb at the centre.

Featuring engraved logo detail on circular stud with crystal stud detail, pave center and post closure. The gold frame features rope stamp pattern that circles around a large red gripoix glass at the center. Stone has natural embodiment of gold hue minerals that go so well with the round frame of this vintage piece. An avant-garde silhouette defined with sharp, edgy shimmer, of trillion crystal radiating from behind a solitaire post and upon a setting of silverplated brass.

These earrings are featured in gold-tone hardware with a baroque-like edge and green poured gripoix glass at the center.

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