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Whereas western medicine uses modern drugs to treat diseases, traditional Chinese medicine uses herbal medicines to cure illness. The Chinese pharmacy is a large chest of drawers, mostly wooden, containing hundreds of herbs.
Nowadays, traditional Chinese medicine is regaining its former importance, both in China and abroad. The vast majority of Oriental medicine practitioners active today are graduates of modern TCM colleges, and the few remaining classically-trained practitioners tend to pass on their art one on one through the master-apprentice relationship over many years, not in three or four year University seminars.
TCM from its inception was a political creation.  A full academic discussion of this process is beyond the scope of this article, but those interested in a more scholarly treatment are heartily encouraged to peruse Professor Heiner Freuhauf’s outstanding essay here. It is important to keep in mind that the initial plan, as espoused by representatives of both the Nationalist government of Sun Yatsen (himself a doctor of Western medicine) and subsequently by the Mao Zedong’s Communist government, was to abolish the classical medicine altogether.
Notwithstanding a few flip-flops on the issue by Chairman Mao, such as when he contrived the idea encourage traditional forms of healthcare amongst the general populace in order to lessen the country’s dependence on Western medical supplies and equipment from the Soviet Union, or the famous occasion when he became ill himself and called for two classically trained Chinese doctors, it was during his “Cultural Revolution” that the practice of classical Chinese medicine reached perhaps the lowest point in its two millennia history. The result was the highly modified and often internally inconsistent system upon which was bestowed the name “traditional Chinese medicine” or “TCM”, a system in which classical therapies are often prescribed not in response to classically-recognized patterns of disharmony, but in response to the diagnosis of conventional medical pathologies.  Much of the theoretical framework within which the classical medicine had been practiced for thousands of years was replaced with formulaic “cookbook” lists of prescriptions – for appendicitis take this herb, for high blood pressure stick needles here, etc. Traditional chinese herbal medicine with mandarin calligraphy on rice paper over papyrus background. Today, the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine was awarded to three scientists who discovered new drugs for parasitic diseases that affect the world’s poorest population. Youyou Tu of China identified Artemisinin, an active agent from Artemisia annua, which can rapidly kill the malaria parasites at an early stage of their development.
When working on malaria in the 1960s, she sifted through some 2,000 Chinese herbal preparations, identifying 640 with possible pharmacological properties. Over and over again, traditional medicine has proven a treasure box for discovering new therapies. A more recent example is arsenic trioxide for the treatment of acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL).
Personally, I have found traditional Chinese medicine an inexhaustible resource for ideas and therapies for modern diseases in my clinical practice. There have been numerous times in my experience that a seemingly complicated and difficult case in conventional medicine turns out to be simple in Chinese medicine. After a comprehensive evaluation, I was optimistic in his full recovery, based on his young age (40 years old), physical fitness and strong willpower. Looking back now, 3 months of treatment for 12 sessions were not slow for recovery of traumatic nerve damage. The acupuncture points I used for this patient include Ashi points near the fracture site, points along the San Jiao and Large Intestine meridians, and motor points in the extensor muscles for the wrist and fingers. The herbal formula I used was a modified version of Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang (Promote Yang to Restore Five Decoction, ?????), with the addition of Gui Sui Bu (Drynaria Rhizome), Xu Duan (Dipsacus Root) and Shui Zhi (Leech). Recovery time for radial nerve palsy varies greatly, depending on the severity of nerve damage.
I think the key to his recovery is the comprehensive treatments he received, including surgery, physical therapy, splints, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.
There are four acupuncture points on the Large Intestine Meridian that harmonize stomach and intestines. In my clinic, I combine acupuncture and Chinese herbs to support cancer patients during and following their surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Mayo Clinic researchers conducted a multicenter, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial that involved 341 cancer patients who complained of fatigue.
After 4 weeks, ginseng patients reported less fatigue than placebo patients; after 8 weeks, this difference reached both statistical and clinical significance. For patients experiencing diarrhea and poor appetite related to chemotherapy, a four-herb combination works very well to reduce these side effects. In Chinese medicine diagnosis, her migraine is caused by Qi and Blood failing to rise to nourish the brain, due to lack of sleep, food and drink. First, she works to finish homework earlier so that she can go to sleep at her normal time.
I custom designed two Chinese herbal formulas for her.  The Energizing herbs are taken in the daytime to boost her energy and nourish the body.
A 31-year old man has had headaches and migraines since the age of 7 due primarily to traumatic head injuries sustained in multiple auto accidents. Although his headaches are chronic and severe, for Chinese medicine this is a relatively clear-cut case. Prior to acupuncture, I performed blood-letting on UB67 and the C4 cervical area to release blood stagnation and open the Urinary Bladder channel which corresponded to the location of his headache. He reported great improvement following three acupuncture sessions and a 2-week herbal regimen. Based on her age and health conditions, I used mainly ear acupuncture with needles and ear seeds.
With this treatment, the frequency of her migraines decreased from 2-3 times each week to once every 3-5 weeks. In Chinese medicine diagnosis, this is a typical case of Liver Qi Stagnation and Blood Stasis.
It is worth noting that Chinese herbs are very effective for treating gynecological disorders. This formula contains over 62 chemicals that work together to counteract the side-effects of chemotherapy without compromising its effectiveness! I have routinely used acupuncture and the four herbs in this formula to treat diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome and food allergy.
For patients experiencing cancer-related fatigue, American ginseng can reduce the fatigue without any interaction with radiation or chemotherapy.
Acupuncture is a way to balance the flow of energy or life force — known as Qi — through pathways (meridians) in our body by inserting and stimulating needles in strategic points along these meridians. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a complete medical system which includes diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disease to improve an individual’s well-being.
The aim is to balance the harmony in your body, putting everything back in tune and restoring the natural equilibrium of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual functions. Tui-na massage involves a variety of techniques and manipulations, which uses the therapist’s hands and elbows to stimulate acupuncture points and channels and bring about a more harmonious flow of qi and healing in the body. During cupping, suction cups are placed over points or muscles to invigorate the tissues and promote healing. During moxibustion the herb Artemesia is heated and held just above the surface of the skin to gently warm acupuncture points.
Chinese patent herbs are classic herbal formulae which are manufactured according to the highest standards into tablet form.

These traditional formulas are developed from substances that are not synthesized or artificially manufactured; they closely resemble the original plants they were taken from.
At your request, dietary advice may be given according to the elements of your body and the energetic properties of food to support your healing process and optimize your performance.
Wholistic Health Works provides Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine natural therapy treatments to clients throughout the greater Wellington region. Totally different from the principle of western medicine, theories of tradition Chinese medicine are concerned with an emphasis on balance throughout the whole body. Hundreds of ancient herbal medicines, including iron for anemia, mercury for syphilis, arsenic for skin disease, and opium, are still used in traditional Chinese medicine.
Both western medical care and traditional Chinese style care exist in China, although the western medicine system seems dominant.
Jiang Feng spent primarily in traveling outside of mainland China treating foreign patients.
Translation describes the medicinal functions to maintain body and spirit health and balance energy.
This discovery has saved millions of people, most of them being children that would have otherwise died from malaria in the third-world countries.
Its derivatives have radically lowered the incidence of River Blindness and Lymphatic Filariasis caused by parasitic worms.
Of note, most prescriptions recorded in the Handbook of Prescriptions by Ge Hong utilized materials like this that were accessible, affordable, and at the same time, effective. For instance, the medicinal properties of the cinchona tree were originally discovered by the Quechua people indigenous to Peru and Bolivia; later, quinine extracted from its bark became the anti-malarial drug of choice until 1940s. The lead scientists, Zhu Chen and Zhenyi Wang, initially got their idea from the traditional Chinese medicine documents reporting the use of arsenic in curing leukemia.
For example, many patients present irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) with recurrent diarrhea and abdominal cramps, often 30 minutes following meals. The rash comes and goes, manifest as slightly elevated red bumps that cause itchy discomfort. She and her boyfriend developed skin rash in May, and have since seen their family doctor, dermatologist and endocrinologist. My colleague Tim Blee, LAc, has been an active contributor to the Guatemala Acupuncture and Medical Aid Project (GUAMAP).
It results from compression or injury to radial nerve, causing pain, wrist drop and loss of sensation in hands. A large dosage (30-50 grams of raw herb, or 6-10 grams of 5:1 concentrated granules per day) is required to be effective.
In mild cases, no treatment is needed and spontaneous recovery occurs within weeks to months. His young age, physical fitness and determination to get better also played an important role. The natural ingredients in the tea can increase metabolism, burn fat and neutralize toxins and oxidative stress.
Many patients reported better energy, fewer side effects and more optimistic outlook.  One of the herbs I routinely use for these patients is American ginseng, because of its anti-inflammatory, adaptogen-like activity and safety profile. The 83 ginseng patients who were receiving radiation or chemotherapy during the study showed more dramatic improvement.
Wisconsin ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) to improve cancer-related fatigue: A randomized, double-blind trial, N07C2. Here I will discuss four cases of migraine headaches that I have treated successfully using Chinese medicine. Her migraines have an interesting timing, usually occurring on Monday afternoons while she is in school. He has a sharp occipital headache every day, and wakes up with a migraine once or twice a week. Her migraines are always preceded by aura, and when the pain is severe, she experiences increased light sensitivity.
In other words, her migraines result from emotional stress combined with hormonal changes before menstruation. For this patient, I used a modified version of a famous herbal formula, Free & Easy Wanderer Plus (Jia Wei Xiao Yao San). If Yin and Yang are balanced, Qi and Blood are abundant, and our emotional and physical bodies are harmonized, there would be no disease.
Scientists have found that Huang Qin Tang (Scutellaria Decoction), a 4-herb combination discovered some 1,800 years ago by Chinese herbalists, enhances the effectiveness of chemotherapy in patients with colon cancer. I am very excited to see that modern science begins to show their effectiveness in bolstering chemotherapy for cancer patients.
Although acupuncture is the most accepted form of Chinese medicine outside China, herbal therapy is more widely used in China. They work not only to help alleviate symptoms; they also address the condition that is causing the symptoms. Therefore, they address health problems without subjecting the body to side effects such as organ damage and depletion of important nutrients that you can find with synthesized formulas. To enhance and integrate your treatment, exercise plans may also be offered according to your personal needs and wishes. Throughout ages, people seeking healing have often turned to herbal medicine that include the use of plants and plant products. Large public hospitals in cities across the country offer both traditional Chinese and Western approaches to medical treatment. It was first used to treat malaria 1700 years ago by Ge Hong ??, a fourth-century Taoist, physician, alchemist and herbalist. When reading a key passage in the Handbook of Prescriptions “?????” written by Ge Hong, Professor Tu realized that heating the sweet wormwood preparation would destroy its potency. In order to help more people living in an era of wars and famines 1700 years ago, Ge Hong had no choice. Some of them had food allergy tests that showed positive results for allergy or sensitivity to dozens of foods.
In Chinese medicine, this is caused by heat in the summer of Tucson combined with lack of hydration. Blood tests ruled out a number of possibilities, including contact dermatitis and autoimmune diseases. Use of arsenic trioxide (As2O3) in the treatment of acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL): II.
Arsenic trioxide controls the fate of the PML-RARalpha oncoprotein by directly binding PML.
Four months prior, he had a humerus fracture, which led to prolonged entrapment of the radial nerve.

The treatment included acupuncture on his arm, auricular acupuncture, scalp acupuncture, electro-stimulation and low level laser therapy.
In the first round, Hua Tuo Jia Ji points (?????) on C5-C7 cervical spine were connected to LI 12-10. For 200 years, this formula has been used for treating cerebrovascular stroke and traumatic injury. Recent scientific studies have shown that Huang Qi can stimulate nerve regeneration and increase muscle strength. Chinese medicine always aims to stimulate the patient’s own healing power to overcome diseases. Chang, this 2-minute exercise can speed up a sluggish digestive system and burn off excess fat. When this is not possible, while on the school bus she eats something simple like a protein bar or fruit and drinks water.
This can be addressed by acupuncture and Chinese herbs that invigorate blood and improve circulation to the head.
She had a hemorrhagic stroke 2 years ago and so is hesitant to take any herbs or supplements.
She took the herbs from the 14th day of her menstrual cycle until the 3rd day of her next period.
The 5 branches are food therapy, exercise, Tui-Na massage, acupuncture and herbal medicine. Instead, the goal is to build good strength, flexibility and coordination, and to cultivate internal peace. The World Health Organization lists 28 diseases or conditions that acupuncture can treat effectively, proven by controlled clinical trials. When I did my internship in China two years ago, the patients seeking herbal medicine far outnumbered those seeking acupuncture. In the process of a treatment, the diagnose procedure involves four steps: observing, listening, and smelling, inquiring, and palpating. Before the advent of industrial prepared medicines, herbal remedies were commonly prescribed and their effectiveness is now being rediscovered by many practitioners. But Chinese physicians claim that herbal medicines do not have side effects and can be used as dietary supplement.
Those whose medical condition is less serious or urgent, are more likely to seek a doctor who practices traditional methods, and who can better restore long-term harmony to their body.
However, extracts from the fresh herb without heating turned out surprisingly effective in killing the malaria parasites.  This has led her and her team to the discovery of a purification procedure that rendered useful quantities of Artemisinin, the active compound with an unprecedented potency in the treatment of severe malaria. Steroid cream provided temporary relief to existing rash, but could not prevent new rash from appearing. I also prescribed Chinese herbs to improve blood circulation and stimulate nerve regeneration.
In the second round, points in the wounded area on the upper arm were connected to the motor points of the extensor muscles on the forearm.
Other herbs in this formula have a combined effect of improving blood circulation and promoting the healing of bones and soft tissues. But the trade-off for the holiday over eating is that we gain weight, feel bloated and more constipated. Put one hand on your belly button; start to rub clockwise, first in small circles, then in larger circles that eventually cover the whole abdomen. The headache is typically unilateral (affecting one half of the head), pulsating in nature, and lasting from 2 to 72 hours.
These include many types of pain, gastrointestinal disorders, emotional issues, cardiovascular diseases and gynecological diseases. Therefore, they continued to suffer from IBS, resulting into malnutrition and emotional stress. Then the heat trapped in the Blood needs to find a vent out, thus leading to rashes on the skin. If you plan to travel to areas where there is a high risk of exposure to malaria, giardiasis, contaminated food and water, take a bottle of Artestatin with you.
This can explain why he had almost no improvement for four months despite surgery and physical therapy. You may be surprised that these points are tender and achy, which means they need attention. Associated symptoms may include nausea, vomiting, and increased sensitivity to light and sound.
The special methods of treatment also include acupuncture and moxibustion, breathing therapy and medical massage.
In the midst of ever-increasing healthcare cost in America, people often question: does effective medicine have to be expensive? I have found Tong Xie Yao Fang ????, a four-ingredient Chinese herbal formula widely used since the 1600s, extremely effective in helping these patients. So the treatment strategy is to nourish body fluid, clear heat from the Blood, and disperse heat out of surface.
Therefore, it is extremely important for the practitioner to help the patient understand that the healing process is never a linear ascent, and it requires faith, patience and persistence. I also did blood-letting on the fingers once a week or every two weeks in the later sessions. With its unique theoretical frame work, diagnostic methods and abundance of historical literary materials, traditional Chinese medicine claims its place as an integral part of the medical sciences of the world.
So I designed a formula of four ingredients, Dang Gui (Angelica sinensis), Shi Gao (Gypsum), Ku Shen (Sophora flavescens), Lu Lu Tong (Fructus Liquidambaris), to implement this strategy. The practitioner needs to hold the vision for the patients so that they will stay on the course in order to achieve complete recovery. After the second week of herbal therapy, their symptoms further diminished, if not entirely gone.
For best results, do this routine twice a day for 2 minutes – first thing in the morning and before your bedtime at night. When I ran into him a year later, he proudly showed me his hand and gave me a strong handshake.

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