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A recent review of the literature by Friedlander et al 2011 concluded Frank's Sign to be a valuable physical sign able to distinguish some patients at risk of atheroma of the coronary arteries. Over the years numerous follow up studies have been undertaken with the majority concurring with Frank’s original observation and a minority finding no such correlation. There exists an interesting historic connection with Emperor Hadrian and Frank’s sign. Your Audiologist can assist you to determine the most appropriate style (how the device looks) and the colour from our range of our palette of demonstration devices. In-the-ear devices range from the invisible completely in the canal up to a full in-the-ear style.
At ACE Audiology, we are specialised in providing completely in the canal fittings that only you and your audiologist need know you are wearing them.

If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Within each of these two style groupings exist a range of further options which your Audiologist can advise as to the most appropriate given your loss, personal preferences and for features to match your specific listening needs. The latter is less cosmetically appealing but fulfils a useful purpose when higher power is required or if manipulation may be difficult with anything smaller.
As the receiver is close to the eardrum a smoother acoustic response can be obtained, less power is used and the devices are usually smaller. Other studies using ultrasound have associated DELC with atherosclerosis of the carotid arteries a known risk factor for stroke. Given that Hadrian was considered to have expired from congestive heart failure we are somewhat indebted to those masterful Greek sculptors for giving us a look back in time to wonder if Frank’s sign has indeed been with us for millennia.

In selecting a style of device it is important that you are comfortable with its cosmetics and functionality. The receiver power can be exchanged for different power requirements making it adaptable to future changes in hearing levels.
The colour is usually chosen to match hair although there exist a range of funky colours should this be a personal preference.

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